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Having the right calls and knowing how to use them brings more duck and geese to the blind.


As the waterfowl season goes on, the birds get warier and it's even more important to play the right tune on your duck and goose calls. Check out our complete selection of the latest calls and instructional recordings.

Need some customized training, don't hesitate to call our on staff expert Marco @ 530-458-4868 or email us your questions.

filthy fowl cleander

Filthy Fowl has introduced a new and innovative way to cut down on the countless hours spent on scrubbing and cleaning your decoys. Filthy Fowl E-Z Decoy Cleaner is a blend of biodegradable chemicals, which breaks down dirt and organic build up that adheres to the decoy throughout the season. Filthy Fowl E-Z Decoy Cleaner is a spray-on, wash-off method which eliminates almost all of hte physical labor of scrubbing dirt, scum and organic material off of your decoys. You can literally clean up to 8 dozen standard decoys in less than an hour, by spaying the chemical on the decoys, waiting 2-3 minutes to allow chemicals to work, before rinsing and bagging for your next hunt. 
Click here for our Filthy Fowl E-Z Decoy Cleaner products. 


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Mule deer bucks have gone from velvet to the prime of the rut as fall hunting progresses.
Are you ready for the next adventure? As fall hunting opportunities continue to unfold, you'll find our store and online catalog have everything hunters need to succeed in the field or marsh, including rifles, scopes, tree stands, game loads, shotguns, waterfowl shells, duck & goose callscamo clothing , ladies hunting gear and more.

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Federal Premium® Gold Medal® Sierra Matchking
Hevi-Shot Hevi-metal® Waterfowl
Hornady Custom? Handgun Ammunition
Federal Premium® Gold Medal® Sierra Matchking
$33.99 - $119.99

Sierra's MatchKing product line sets the standard for match-grade accuracy and… [more]

Hevi-Shot Hevi-metal® Waterfowl
$31.99 - $54.99

HEVI-Metal?. Waterfowl Load using just-released Pattern Density Technology. These… [more]

Hornady Custom? Handgun Ammunition
$17.99 - $72.99

All Hornady Custom pistol ammo is loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP (Extreme… [more]

PMC Bronze Line Pistol & Revolver Ammunition
Remington Golden Saber® High Performance Handgun Ammunition
PMC Bronze Line Pistol & Revolver Ammunition
$14.99 - $25.99

The same quality and dependability built into our Starfire ammunition is incorporated… [more]

Remington Golden Saber® High Performance Handgun Ammunition
$24.99 - $38.99

Combines 4 critical elements of handgun bullet performance: match-type accuracy, deep… [more]

Fiocchi Canned Ammo
$83.99 - $115.99

12FLE00B- This Fiocchi Low Recoil ammunition, packed in a Free Plano Plastic Ammo Can, is… [more]


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