Kittle's Outdoor & Sport Co. Kittle's Outdoor and Sport is located in Colusa, CA. We carry an immense selection of waterfowl supplies, fishing, hunting and camping gear. Kittle's also stocks live bait, as well as a full selection of ammunition and shooting supplies. Call us for the latest fishing report or shoot times during the season.
Kittle's Outdoor & Sport Company
Address: 888 Market Street, Colusa, CA 95932

Phone: (530) 458-4868 (HUNT)

 Hours: Monday - Saturday | 5am - 6pm  

Sunday | 5am - 1pm | NO GUN ROOM TRANSACTIONS  


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Feature Items

Weaver Kaspa?
$134.99 - $259.99

From up-close to long range, these quality hunting scopes provide ballistic precision at bargain prices, plus they come complete with Weaver's limited lifetime guarantee. All Kaspa scopes feature one-piece tube construction; fully multi-coated lenses; nitrogen-purged, fog-free viewing; and crisp… [more]

Kittles Outdoor Snap Back Hats

Kittle's Outdoor Snap Back Hats with multiple different logo and color options. [more]

Kent Fasteel®
$11.99 - $26.99

Kent’s Fasteel® Precision Steel™ shotshells have proven themselves year after year as the choice for duck and goose hunters across the US, Canada and beyond. Fasteel® delivers superior quality and performance at a great value, making it an easy choice for your next hunt. Non-toxic shotshells.… [more]

Kysek Kittles Outdoor Extreme Cold Cooler
$250.00 - $649.00

We sell coolers that work the way you wish they would. Our goal was to have our partners build The Ultimate Ice Chest cooler. The "Extreme Cold Series" ice chest was born out of necessity and high demand. We wanted a product that would withstand whatever customers could throw at it, hold ice… [more]

Kittles Outdoor Wigeon Sponsor

Wigeon Level Sponsorship Includes: Small size logo on event signs & website Small size logo on distributed event marketing materials Lunch for two provided both days at event Two tickets to Friday night's judges dinner (Location TBA) 10' booth for two-day expo [more]

Airforce Airguns Swivel Stud Kit

Allows the shooter to quickly mount a sling to the top or bottom of the rifle. [more]

Basin Waterfowl Calls Double Take Double Reed Duck Call

This call is a Mallard Hens worst nightmare. Ultra realistic and ducky. Unlike a lot of doubles, you can lean on this call and it wont get muddy sounding, or squeal out on the top end. It is pure duck. Like its name says, this is the call to make ole Mr. Greenhead do a "Double Take". Acrylic… [more]

$14.99 - $23.99

.The first all-steel shotshell from HEVI-Shot®, HEVI-Steel® brings you more speed for increased knockdown power, with straight kills and fewer crippled birds. If our founders had steel shotshells this good, we might not be here. [more]

Blackhawk Tactical Rifle Case
$45.99 - $49.99

Constructed of abrasion and mildew resistant denier nylon. 42.5" x 12.5" x 3". [more]

Kittles Outdoor Panther Vision LED Beanie

POWERCAP® LED Lighted Beanie Hats combine Patented Ultra Bright LED technology with a premium Compression Fleece beanie style hat to provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight. The soft, moisture wicking lining will pull moisture away from your head and keep you warm and dry. The 4 LEDs… [more]

Riceland Custom Calls Acrylic 5/8 Speck Call

Easy to blow, all around great call. 5/8 barrel size Arguably one of the best calls on the market. Call store to inquire about color options. [more]

Calcutta Powder Coated Traveler
$19.99 - $31.99

Adding to the Traveler line up are custom color powder coated Calcutta Stainless Steel mugs. The Calcutta Traveler Insulated mugs are built for stalking the flats, chasing fish offshore, tagging along to work or just relaxing on the beach. Even in the heat of summer, your Calcutta Traveler won't… [more]

Deadly Decoys Sentry Head Pintail

Contains 1 Dozen Features Include: - Patented No-Break Backbone Support - Powder Coated Stainless Steel Stake - Tyvek Body: Waterproof - Rot Proof - Detailed Color Print - 3-D Molded Plastic Head -Space Saving: 48 replace 2 Full Bodies -Motion Decoy [more]

Uncle Bob's Widgeon Blaster

In the late 70's and 80's Uncle Bob an avid duck hunter from South Louisiana traveled to many states hunting waterfowl. Choosing the right sounding duck call in his opinion is key to a successful hunt. There are many good sounding duck calls on the market except for one in particular, the widgeon… [more]

J.J. Lares Professional Duck & Goose Calls Hybrid

Hybrid Acrylic with T-1 type low end, with higher pitch at the high end including volume comparable to the A-5. [more]

Kittles Outdoor 2017 Greenhead Sponsor

The Top Level Greenhead Sponsorship Includes: Radio Advertising Website Logo with html link to your website Prime location on all marketing materials Large logo on event signs, & STAGE AREA Company announced over live radio broadcast and loud speaker during the contest Lunch for four provided both… [more]

Riceland Custom Calls Acrylic 3/4 Gut Speck Call

Easy to blow 3/4 size barrel Multiple color variations available - call for details. [more]

Airforce Airguns Talon SS .25cal

The Talon SS has become a very popular part of the product line thanks to the innovative muzzle cap that strips away air turbulence and reduces discharge sound levels. Adjust the power down for quiet backyard target practice or up for small game hunting or pest control. •Lightweight •Recoiless… [more]

Kysek Kysek Outdoor Extreme Rover Soft Sided Bag

Flip Back Top: allows for easy access to your goods inside. Extra-Cushioned Strap: adds a layer of comfort making the Rover easier to carry. Top-side Flex Rope: stretches to secure light gear Rawhide Skin: high-frequency welded, virtually impenetrable, full-immersion protected…these features… [more]

J.J. Lares Professional Duck & Goose Calls T1 Timber Call

Very raspy Complete low-end control Excellent top-end Easy squeals Minimal air necessary Will outperform any other timber call Polished Aluminum Band [more]

Wingsetter Raspy Hen Duck Call

The Wingsetter Raspy Hen Duck Call should set the wings on those ducks- with a double reed it has been used in many areas overwhelming success. Manufactured by 25-time Pacific Flyway Calling Champ Mickey Saso, this sweet-blowing call will have ducks turning your way. It's a double-reed mallard call… [more]

Banded Gear RedZone Breathable Insulated Wader
$299.99 - $319.99

HARS insulation technology SHEDS waterproof breathable technology 100% waterproof fully taped seams 1600 gram Thinsulate insulated boot 900D reinforced knee and seat for maximum durability Side zip chest adjustment Bib-fit styling Integrated over the boot gaiter Removable webbing belt Upper chest… [more]

Winduk Decoys Drake Mallard

Introducing our new mallard drake. Thanks to a new high-definition photographic process, we have developed the most deadly looking hassle-free spinning-wing decoy on the market. Period. No more dead batteries. Add motion to your spread at a fraction of cost compared to battery-operated models.… [more]

Cupped Up Muskrat Float Tube Duck Blind

Amazing Float Tube Duck Blind designed to conceal the avid waterfowl hunter! The Muskrat Hut float tube duck blind includes the following; Float Tube w/ Camo Cover Stabilizer Bar and Apron Retractable Duck Blind Canopy Multiple Accessory Pockets Large Front Viewing Window Small Rear Viewing Portals… [more]

Riceland Custom Calls Acrylic Snow Call

Easy to blow. 5/8 Barrel Size Great sounding call Call Store to inquire about color options. [more]

Kysek Trekker Backpack Cooler

Wide Mouth Top: allows for easy access to your goods inside Waterproof Zipper: Keeps melted ice water contained Extra-Cushioned Straps: adds a layer of comfort making the Trekker easier to carry Top-side Flex Rope: stretches to secure light gear Rawhide Skin: high-frequency welded, virtually… [more]

Duck Commander Miss Priss Duck Call

Built for the hard-core hunter, the Duck Commander Miss Priss Duck Call sounds exactly like a mallard hen. This affordable, reliable and good-looking call features Duck Commander's double-reed, friction-fit system housed inside an ultradurable polycarbonate body. [more]

Deadly Decoys Feeder Head Pintail

Contains 1 dozen decoys Features Include: - Patented No-Break Backbone™ Support - Powder Coated Stainless Steel Stake - Tyvek® Body: Waterproof - Rot Proof - Detailed Color Print - 3-D Molded Plastic Head -Space Saving: 48 replace 2 Full Bodies -Motion Decoy [more]

Kittles Outdoor 2017 Pintail Sponsor

Pintail Sponsorship Includes: Medium size logo on event signs & website with html link Medium size logo on distributed event marketing materials Company announced over loud speaker during the contest Lunch for two provided both days at event Two tickets to Friday night's appreciation dinner… [more]

Basin Waterfowl Calls Hot Shot Single Reed Duck Call

The HotShot is a creation of good friend and crew member Dan Mallia. Dan extensively hunts the high pressure refuges of Northern California. He created this call to fool the call shy greenheads that winter there. Not a true single reed, but more of a reed and a stub, this easy to blow duck killing… [more]


Kittle's Outdoor & Sport Company Inc. 888 Market St. Colusa, CA  95932 . 530-458-4868 .

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