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Decoys-Turkey & Accessories

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A-Way Turkey Decoy Wraps

Make your existing decoys come to life with Turkey Decoy Wraps?. Made of real turkey feathers perfectly layered for realism, Decoy Wraps? fits on virtually any existing decoy, hen or Jake. with the exception of full strut varieties. It attaches in seconds and is weather tolerable. Decoy Wraps?… [more]

Avian-X LCD Breeder Turkey Decoy

Years of studying body postures, moods and behaviors of wild turkeys go into the design of these three relaxed, welcoming hen decoys. High-exposed rump and dropped wings tell incoming gobblers this hen is receptive to courtship. High head and upright position drives other dominant hens crazy.… [more]

Avian-X LCD Feeder Turkey Decoy

At 15% smaller than the originals, the next generation of Avian-X LCD decoys are lighter, easier to pack and less aggressive to real hens. Add the increased texture and detailed feather lines and they look even more realistic. Years of studying body postures, moods and behaviors of wild turkeys go… [more]

Avian-X LCD Lookout Turkey Decoy

The Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) series from Zink Avian X are some of the most realistic and most effective turkey decoys on the market. These decoys feature incredible feather detail, and a realistic paint scheme that is truly unmatched. These decoys quickly deflate and fold down for easy… [more]

Avian-X LCD Squatting Hen Decoy

From the detailed feather lines and feather positions, to the correct, relaxed wing position with each body pose and head position, Avian-X® Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) decoys are designed to be completely collapsible with an advanced dura-rubber material, and come with a drawstring carrying… [more]

Avian-X LCD Jake Quarter Strut Decoy

Featuring a true-to-life body posture, incredible feather detailing, and a revolutionary no-flake paint scheme, the Jake Quarter Strut is hard to tell apart from the real thing. The jake's nonaggressive pose makes the decoy attractive to both dominant and subdominant gobblers, while its size 15%… [more]

Avian-X LCD Stutter Decoy

Kick aside the old decoys, and get ready to put the Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Strutter in your turkey hunting gear. If your heart starts racing just thinking about in-your-face action of gobblers challenging your decoys, you'll love the Avian-X® Strutter. Incredible detail and superior… [more]

Featherflex Three Position Hen

Standing, Feeding or Breeding positions allow you to match the mood and mating habits of turkeys in any given area. Unique grommet system allows one decoy to take the place of three regular turkey decoys. Constructed with unsurpassed attention to detail, from realistic feather patterns to true to… [more]

Featherflex Turkey Decoys Signature Series

The Aggressive Jake Turkey Decoy from Feather Flex is perfect for attracting mature gobblers. The decoy is made of lightweight foam and features realistic feather patterns with lifelike color which provides high visibility from long distances. The Aggressive Jake Decoy includes a stake. The Tommy… [more]

Featherflex Love Triangle

The Love Triangle flock will attract even the most wary Toms to your decoys. By incorporating "AJ" the Aggressive Jake decoys, and "PJ", our New Passive Jake decoy and our New Three Position Hen decoy, you can match the mood and mating habits of turkeys in any given area. [more]

Flambeau Universal Turkey Stakes

Can be used with virtually any brand of turkey decoy. One piece design means no small parts to lose. Folding design for easy transport and noiseless setup in the field. Tallest turkey stake available. [more]

Flambeau Master Series?

Flambeau's proprietary, patented head designs yield a tough rubber head painted to exactly replicate hen and jake turkeys. These heads are mounted to a double thick foam body which yields a durable yet easily packable decoy. Each decoy is shipped with a 4 piece stake to support the turkey and… [more]

Flambeau Master Series?

Patented, rubberized head and paint scheme exactly imitate nature. Made from durable "double thick" foam. Unique inverted seams allow for a life-like body outline. Finished edge around stake access opening provides durability and tear resistance. New and improved ultra-realistic paint scheme. [more]

Flambeau Master Series?

Patented, rubberized head and paint scheme exactly imitate nature. Made from durable "double thick" foam. Unique inverted seams allow for a life-like body outline. Realistic Beard! Finished edge around stake access opening provides durability and tear resistance. Ultra-realistic paint scheme. [more]

Flextone Funky Chicken

Trigger aggressive behavior in ALL gobblers during the spring mating season to bring them in with the flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy. This revolutionary decoy design uses a unique body shape and appearance to fire up territorial aggressiveness in both gobblers and jakes. The Funky Chicken's… [more]

Flextone Thunder Chick ( Feeding Hen )

Add more variety to your Thunder Chicken? spread with the flextone® Thunder Feeding Hen Turkey Decoy. A smart choice for run 'n' gun hunting fans, this 1-piece, blow molded decoy packs easily. Feeding hen features a true to life body posture that tells gobblers everything's calm and welcoming.… [more]

Flextone Thunder Creeper ( Strutter Decoy )

Set up the Thunder Creeper? Strutting Turkey Decoy for a decoy that will challenge dominant turkeys without threatening smaller gobblers. All types of gobblers will approach the area when they see the realistic Thunder Creeper? nearby. You can even customize this decoy with the folding fan that's… [more]

Flextone Thunder Jake

When realism meets affordability- that's where the rubber meets the road with the new line of Thunder Series turkey Decoys from Flextone. The easy-to-pack Thunder decoys feature true-to-life body postures, realistic paint and feather schemes and fold away stake system. With his Highly visible… [more]

Green Head Gear Jekyll and Hyde - 2017

The Jekyll and Hyde of the decoy world! Aggressive head on one side, passive head on the other, the turkeys don’t know what it is. They just can’t stand it; this is the decoy that will revolutionize turkey hunting. [more]


This collapsible decoy stake is designed to fit most decoys. Choose breeding or upright position. Allows lifelike movements in a slight breeze. Includes 2 press-fit tips. [more]

Hunters Specialties All Terrain Decoy Stand

This bungie corded decoy stake is designed to fit most decoys. Great for rough and / or hard ground. Unique tip allows decoy to swivel for lifelike movement. Folds for easy transportation. [more]

Hunters Specialties Turkey Decoy Bag

Protect your decoys during storage or transport with the HS STRUT? Turkey Decoy Bag. Durable with a nylon carrying strap and deployable safety orange flag. Holds 3 - 4 decoys. [more]

Hunters Specialties THE "SNOODS" TURKEY DECOYS

The lightweight Snood decoys are incredibly lifelike with highly realistic head and feather detail. They are painted with specially formulated no-flake paint for lasting durability season after season. The built-in air valve allows the decoys to be quickly inflated and set up. They are constructed… [more]

Lucky Duck LUCKY FAN

The Lucky Fan Kit is an easy to transport collapsible turkey fan to be used in turkey reaping, mounting to a full strut decoy or even on a wall as a memory of a successful hunt. The fan opens and closes in a matter of seconds. The fan kit uses real feathers and can be completed in just a few… [more]

MAD Shady Baby Breeding Hen

Extreme realism. Lightweight, compact design. Collapsible, yet retains shape. [more]

Mojo Shake-n-jake

Any good turkey hunter knows how well turkeys see motion, use that for you instead of against you. MOJO is famous for motion decoys that not only attract game, but also divert attention AWAY from the hunter. This is a specially designed, realistic full body decoy that has real turkey motion, not… [more]

Primos Mobile? Series Ground Breaker?

All Metal Stake. Foot Press. Lightweight and Durable. [more]


Get closer to aggressive Toms than ever before! Strutting Jake posture drives Gobblers crazy. Perfect for decoying in stubborn field turkeys. Specially designed two-piece stake withintegrated gun rest and action camera mount. Light-weight, collapsible design for easy carry. No decoy assortment… [more]


Lighter weight and Easier to carry than other premium decoys. Can be used in three positions, Upright, contented & submissive. [more]


Submissive, strut Jake posture makes Toms aggressive. Excellent detail and High Definition paint that rivals more expensive decoys. Light-weight, collapsible design for easy carry. Included two-piece stake. [more]

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