It's A Whitetail World

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Whitetail deer are the leading motivator species when it's time to buy gear and go hunting as many shooting sports industry research projects have confirmed. Given that whitetails are found in most states, are plentiful and present a hunting challenge, it's easy to see hunter's interest in these crafty animals. Whitetails are also stunning animals to observe.

Filling a deer tag means more than making an accurate shot, though. It also means making a careful cartridge selection. What are some things hunters should look at when selecting a cartridge?

"When selecting a specific cartridge, there are several things to consider," reports Jonathan Harling, a Winchester Ammunition spokesperson. "Once you've decided on the caliber you want to shoot, you need to consider the terrain you'll be hunting in, the size of the game, the range you'll be shooting, and the most ideal bullet for the hunt."

Whitetail world

"If possible, it's best to test a variety of bullet types and weights to get the most accurate performing ammunition/gun combination," continued Harling. "Winchester Ammunition provides a great selection of bullets that can be researched on and by using the Winchester Ballistics Calculator."

To aid with the selection process, each box of Winchester Ammunition provides customers with key details including easy-to-understand icons showing the best load for each game species. Visit and select the species ranging from quail to hippos.

One other thing that leads to hunting success is practice. How important is practice before hunting even when the hunter has had the rifle a few years?

"Before going out in the field to hunt, it's extremely important for every hunter to have confidence in their firearm, scope and ammunition," noted Harling. "Even if you've been shooting the same gun for years, it's important to spend time at the shooting range practicing shots from different positions and distances to assure that you're still shooting tight groups. Range time can help ensure that you and your gear are ready for the hunt.

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