Loin Steaks With Raspberry Sauce

Loin Steaks With Raspberry Sauce

By Jim Casada

Sadly, only a small portion of the meat from a whitetail (or other ungulates for that matter) comes in the form of backstrap and tenderloin. By the same token though, not all of a beef is ribeye steaks or filet mignon. For that small portion of a deer which is the ultimate in “prime” cuts, proper attention and loving care in the kitchen is a must. Venison marries quite nicely with fruits and berries, especially those with a hint of tart taste, and this linkage between loin and raspberries is delectable and quite easy to prepare.

1 pound venison loin steaks
1/3 cup Dale’s steak seasoning
1/3 cup water
½ stick margarine
1 garlic clove, minced
½ cup raspberry jam

Marinate loin in Dale’s steak seasoning and water for at least two hours. Drain. Melt the margarine and add garlic. Sauté briefly. Add loin and cook to desired doneness. Remove loin and de-glaze pan with jam. Serve as a sauce for dipping loin.

TIP:  A common mistake is overcooking the finer cuts of venison. If it isn’t pink in the middle when served you’ve overcooked, and keep in mind that the cooking process continues for a short time even after venison is removed from the pan, grill, or oven.

—Jim Casada is the author of Field to Feast: The Remington Cookbook. JimCasadaOutdoors.com.