Ten Tips For More Trout

Try These Tips And Get More Bites

  1. Fish with light line. The biggest mistake we see anglers make is to fish with line that is too heavy. For most trout fishing, light line in the 2- to 4-pound-test class will produce much more action. We'll get you spooled up with the right line.
  2. Match the tackle. To go along with your light line, you'll want to have the right size reel and the right length and action rod. We have and extensive selection of ultralight rods and reels and our experts will put the right rig in your hands.
  3. Scents are common sense. Trout have an incredible sense of smell. Use scented baits wherever regulations allow and you will catch a lot more fish. We can help you make scents a part of your trout game plan.
  4. Keep it flashy. Trout also have good eyesight and react to bright colors, flash and motion. Let us help you lock into the right colors and actions of baits and lures that will push trout into a feeding frenzy.
  5. Troll 'em up. Trolling covers more water and that means a better chance of finding the trout. We have the hottest new lures and the proven classics that will get you hooked up when you run across hungry fish.
  6. Stay on the move. There's a reason trolling is so productive. You go to the fish and they don't have to come to you. Keep this in mind when you fish from shore or a boat. Let the fish tell you where to fish. If you don't get bit, move! Have you considered a float tube, waders or a kayak to increase your mobility and access? Let us show you some options.
  7. Action brings action. They call soaking a bait "still fishing" but even then a live bait like a nightcrawler or a bait that floats up off the bottom will work better. When you are fishing from a single spot like an anchored boat or the shore, at times just a little motion will change a tough bite into action. Let us show you the lures that have both action and scent built in.
  8. Find the trout highway. Trout like edges and current, which is why putting the sneak on a mountain stream is a good way to connect. In lakes, use your polarized glasses and/or depthfinder to locate dropoffs and old streambeds. We have the latest in fishing optics and sonar and our experts can help you acquire the tools to find more fish on your own.
  9. Alpine trout lakes are the perfect place to enjoy lots of great fishing on your ultralight tackle.Be a stealthy trouter. Trout have evolved through the millenia with an abundance of predators from above. If they see you, it's game over. Always approach a stream or lake edge with a low profile and try a cast or two to edge waters. Big trout can be in water that's only inches deep. We have the specialty lures that will add stealth to your arsenal.
  10. Fish early and late. The magic hours that surround the rising and setting of the sun are the best time to fish trout. Low light and insect hatches move the trout into feeding lanes in the currents of rivers and streams, while the same conditions bring trout to the surface and close to shore in stillwater venues such as reservoirs and alpine lakes. We can show you techniques such as the fly-and-bubble method that will make the fishing as magical as the time of day. Tight lines!