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Game Feeder Accessories

American Hunter Rechargeable Batteries
$7.59 - $20.99
Rechargeable batteries for decoys, alarms, game feeders, flashlights and more.
American Hunter Economy Solar Chargers
$14.99 - $22.99
Great for keeping batteries charged in deer feeders, camping lanterns and flashlights. Constant trickle charges your feeder batteries. Will not overcharge. Includes convenient mounting brackets. Alligator clips attach directly to any spring top or F tab battery.
American Hunter 6/12V Battery Charger
Using a switch, you select 6 volt or 12 Volt charge. Output is 500 ma DC. This charger will charge most 6 and 12 volt rechargeable feeder batteries.
American Hunter 6V Solar Charger for R-KIT & RD-KIT
Converts sunlight into electric power for charging 6 volt rechargeable batteries. Weatherproof, rust proof and corrosive resistant. For R-Kits, RD-Kits and Pro Series Kits.
American Hunter Hog Light
LED hog light weather-resistant. Hunting accessories trapping supplies. Made of the highest quality materials.
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With a color and texture resembling dirt, UV enhancement and the aroma of dried molasses, Dirt Bag? is appealing to deer's eyes and nose. Looks like dirt, attracts like crazy. 5 lb Bag.
Moultrie 6 Volt Rechargable Safety Battery
Safely ensure the effective and ongoing operation of your automatic deer feeder. These rechargeable 6-volt safety batteries will keep your feeders up and running. Buying a pair allows you to use one in the feeder while the other charges, eliminating feeder downtime due to batteries.
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The Moultrie Triple Feeder Legs are ideal for replacing damaged feeder legs or extending the height of your current tripod feeder. The 3 square heavy-duty steel leg sections each offer 12 of height and are compatible with all Moultrie tripod feeders with square legs.
Moultrie Metal Spin Plate & Funnel Kit
Upgrade from plastic or replace the metal parts in your Moultrie deer feeder. Also compatible with most competing makes, this kit ensures more efficient feeder operation with fewer clogs, thanks to a 4-outlet design, while powder-coated metal resists the corrosion some mineral-enhanced feed can cause. A spin plate with raised edges protects feed from both varmints and the wind.
Moultrie Metal Feeder Feet
Ensure your game feeder stays upright and exactly where you want it to with these sturdy metal feeder feet, featuring half-inch holes that allow rebar or stakes to be put through the feet for added stability.
Moultrie Feeder Power Solar Panel
Perfect for feeders in inconvenient areas. Trickle charge guarantees a maintained battery life and will never overcharge battery.
Moultrie Varmint Guard
A simple, cost-effective and reliable way to protect your feed from pests and unwanted visitors, this larger all-metal guard fits Moultrie Easy-Lock and Pro-Lock feeders. Keeps raccoons, squirrels and birds out of your feeder kit. Mounts easily to the bottom of any bucket or drum. Durable all-metal construction. 14" x 13" x 5". 1.2 lb.
Moultrie Feeder Hog Light
The Feeder Hog Light is the ideal feeder accessory for night hog hunting. This motion, photocell and manually activated light feature high-powered LED lights with adjustable brightness, illuminates game in an area up to 30-feet in size. Moultrie's Feeder Hog Light easily mounts to the bottom of most Moultrie feeders as well as other feeder makes. Hog hunting is a growing in popularity; it is fun, challenging and helps control a population that is out of control. With the Feeder Hog Light, you can continue the pursuit of hogs at night. Hunt Hogs at night Illuminates game within a 30-ft. radius. Easily mounts to most Moultrie Feeders.
Moultrie 6 Volt Deluxe Solar Panel
Ensure a continued source of power for your wildlife feeders and trail cameras with Moultrie's solar panel. Redesigned connections allow you to plug solar panel into game feeder or digital trail camera (compatible with cameras powered by 6-volt batteries only). Retro fitted with alligator clips for feeders and cameras purchased before June 2007. Trickle charge maintains battery life and will never overcharge 6-volt batteries.
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This feeder kit is designed to cast feed in one direction. Features advanced anti-clog technology that busts clogs as soon as they are sensed. Digital timer allows for programming of feed times. Uses Moultrie's versatile Quick-Lock system.
Moultrie Hanging Feeder Hoist
Hoist heavy, hard-to-lift items and secure them without having to tie knots. Hang deer feeders in the field, skin game with ease or raise any load up to 300 pounds using this hoist that attaches to any tree or pole. Locking in place as you pull the rope using an included chain and turn winchno tying off requiredMoultrie's hanging feeder hoist releases just as easily. A gambrel is not included with the Feeder Hoist.
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If you like your feeder kits built like a tank, then consider the durable all-metal Moultrie Wildlife Directional Feeder Kit. Its not just tough it also performs. Theres a clump-busting cage, unique hinged spinner plate design, and patented vibrating agitator all created to destroy clogs. Slick powder-coated surfaces also help with reliability. Just as the name implies, this feeder kit has an adjustable throwing pitch that casts feed in one direction up to 45 feet. The feed chute has been designed to deter even the most determined varmint. Digital timer on cord extends for easy programming. Requires 12-volt battery, not included.
On Time Digital Program Key
This programmer allows you to program up to 4-feedings per day with a run time of 1-20 seconds. On Time Timer application is the Ultra hunt and the C-74. This single programmer will operate all of your timers so there is no need for additional units. This product operates on the existing feeder battery so there is no additional battery required.
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