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Hunting and Shooting DVD's

E.L.K. Elk Tactics Book
"Elk Tactics" takes you step-by-step through what you need to know and what you need to learn, to become a better elk hunter today and a more acknowledgeable student of elk in the future. It includes strategies for where to hunt, when to hunt and how to hunt, new calling tactics and equipment, what to do and what not to do, tailored to an elk world that continues to change.
E.L.K. Elk Talk
Tells you everything you need to know about the calling system. Talks about hunting strategies that guarantee success. Offers a complete picture of the habitat and lifestyle throughout the year of the premier big game animal in North America. 200 pages.
E.L.K. The Elk Hunter Book
"The Elk Hunter" tracks the life of an elk hunter himself and the things he must learn along the way in becoming an expert. You will learn about hunters in the old days, the new breakthroughs and the state-of -the-art methods being used today. "The Elk Hunter" will teach you the when, where, how and why of elk movements and the tactics it takes to become an expert yourself!
Primos The Truth Big Bulls 19 DVD
We like to call it God's Country: the soaring peaks, lush woods, and beautiful meadows we find out here in the Rockies. Taking in these breathtaking sights and being able to hunt these majestic Elk is truly a blessing. This year we got to share that blessing with some longtime friends, as well as with some new friends, including a couple of guys who had never taken an Elk before. Seeing the excitement on their faces as they heard those first bugles reminded us of our first experiences with these magnificent animals. With The TRUTH 19 BIG BULLS, we hope to share that experience and excitement with you. 2+ Hours.
Primos Mastering The Art® Predator Pak
Randy Anderson Teaches You His Techniques of Predator Hunting. Includes: Model No. 44112 - MTA® - Predator - Instructional DVD; Model No. 350 - Lil' Dog?.
Primos Deer Calling Pak
This is the perfect all-in-one teaching tool for deer hunting. It includes a DVD to learn from and calls to practice and hunt with. Pak includes; Mastering The Art®-Deer DVD, Model No. 701 Hardwood® Grunter, Model No. 711 The Original Can®.
Primos Predator Master Pak
The 41121 - The TRUTH® 12 Calling All Coyotes? DVD Shows Hunts and Techniques of Randy Anderson's Calling Style. Includes the Hot Dog? and the Ki-Yi? calls.
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