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Safety Harnesses

Hunter Safety System Night & Day Trail Markers
The HSS-NIGHT-N-DAY trail markers allow you to easily and quickly mark your trail as you hunt. These bright blaze orange and yellow tags are visible during the day and reflect light at night. Use these to mark your way to your stand or track a blood trail.
Hunter Safety System Crows Foot 3-In-1 Accessory
The patent pending HSS-CROW'S FOOT will quickly become your favorite in-stand accessory. Self-tapping screw allows for quick and easy installation. Three hooks easily adjust up to 180¼, keeping your grunt call, range finder and other accessories tangle free and within reach. Collapsible design protects your gear from the screw's sharp point and easily fits in your pocket or bag.
Hunter Safety System Locking Carabiners
Made of lightweight, high-tensile-strength aluminum, these carabiners have a strength rating of 5,600 pounds with the screw gate in its locked position. These carabiners are ideal for many uses such as replacements for HSS Lineman's Climbing Straps, Life Lines, Quick Connect Straps and Rope Style Tree Straps.
Hunter Safety System Muff Pak System
Contains pockets specifically designed to hold range finders, binoculars, can-style calls, rattle bags, grunt tubes and more, all within reach without unnecessary game-spooking movement. Topping this off is the warm, fleece, hand muff ergonomically angled for comfort while sitting or standing.
Hunter Safety System Quick-connect Tree Straps
Designed to be left through the duration of most states deer seasons, the Quick-Connect Strap provides a fast silent connection at hunting height. Simply install the Quick Connect Strap at the proper height the first time you hunt and leave it in the tree. Heavy duty locking carabiner with web strap stays on the tree and allows instant attachment of the harness tether when you climb to the proper height. Offers convenience and stealth in your favorite locations.To maintain connection with the tree from the time you leave the ground until your return to the ground, we recommend this product to be used in conjunction with our Lifeline System .
Hunter Safety System Rope-style Tree Strap
The Rope-Style Tree Strap is 8' in length. Attached Prussic Knot slides freely for fast adjustment.Locking carabiner is designed for ease of use.
Hunter Safety System Bow & Gear Hoist
The HSS-BOW & GEAR HOIST replaces the crumpled, tangled, knotted mess of pull ropes with a sleek, lightweight pull system. After attaching the carabiner to the bow, clip the HSS-BOW & GEAR HOIST to your harness or place in your pocket. As you climb, the line automatically unwinds. At the top, pull the line up to retrieve your gear.
Hunter Safety System Linemans Climbing Belt
A must for the dangerous job of installing hang-on style tree stands, ladders and tree steps. Designed for use with the Hunter Safety System® harness, the Lineman's Belt features dual, lockable carabiners, heavy duty nylon camo rope and adjustable Prussic slide-cinch knot for easy, one hand adjustments during use. Weight distribution with the HSS Lineman's Belt is integrally spread through the harness, providing more support and comfort and less fatigue than similar products. Package includes a Quick-Connect Tree Strap which will insure that you are connected to the tree at all times. Warranty: 300 lbs. Maximum Weight. Limit This item is to be used only with the Hunter Safety System harnesses.
Hunter Safety System HSS - LIFELINE
86% of treestand accidents occur while ascending or descending the tree or getting into or out of the stand. Stay attached to the tree from the ground to the stand, during the hunt and back again with a properly installed HSS-LIFELINE?. Once properly installed, our HSS-LIFELINE? keeps you connected from the ground to the stand and back again Attach tether to carabiner and slide the Prusik knot up to ascend and slide it back down when descending. All Lifelines accommodate stands up to 30 feet.
Hunter Safety System HSS - Tandem Lifeline
$74.99 - $159.99
The HSS-LIFELINE 3-Pack is perfect for those hunters that have multiple stand locations and setups.
Hunter Safety System Bow Hunter Safety Harness
$89.99 - $104.99
X-1 Series BOWHUNTER The X-1 Series BOWHUNTER is the latest in affordable tree stand safety. BOWHUNTER eliminates dangerous dangling straps and confusing weave-through buckles. Weighing only 2.5 lbs., the lightweight harness allows for all-day comfort and mobility, plus it remains quiet even as the temperature drops. This harness can be worn over lightweight clothes or underneath cold-weather gear for all season use.
Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness
$159.99 - $174.99
Safety harness constructed from durable fabric to handle the rigors of hanging and maintaining stands, installing Lifelines, cutting shooting lanes and other off season maintenance. The two deep, rigid, utility pockets are designed to hold bulky gear, such as steps, straps, Lifelines, trail cameras and other equipment securely and accessible. Convenient side pockets carry snips and handsaws. Additional straps hold climbing steps and other gear. Slide pocket design allows the user to move pockets to the front or rear while working. Harness comes with rope style lineman's climbing belt, suspension relief strap, instruction booklet and DVD.
Millennium Safe-Link Safety Line
It is well known that the majority of treestand accidents occur while climbing into and out of your stand. With that in mind, the Millennium Treestands® Safe Link Lifeline will ensure that you leave and return to the ground safely. This 35' rope comes complete with a prusik knot and carabiner for safe ascension and dissension from hang on, ladder, and climber stands. Stay safe this hunting season with the Millennium® Safe Link Lifeline.
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Stay safely attached to the tree you are hunting out of starting the moment you begin climbing until you reach the ground again with the The Safe-Line Treestand Safety System from Muddy Outdoors®. This unique system consists of a 30' braided nylon rope with 2 Prusik Knots you can attach to. The knots slide up and down the ropes easily while you climb and descend, but will grab the rope and stop you in the event of a fall. Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
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No more risky hunts from the stand; One clip ensures that should a fall occur, you remain safe. Designed for added safety in the field, the stitched nylon belt with steel buckle attachment allows to you safely clip in and attach to the tree for the duration of your hunt. Compatible with any treestand.
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No more taking risks when installing treestands, safe-lines, or any other elevated hunting equipment; the Safety Harness Lineman's Rope reduces the need for unnecessary hazards. Includes prusik knot and one-handed lockable carabiner combo, the Lineman's Rope has an easy to use, quick-clip design for added ease in the field.
Muddy The Safe-Line
A Unique System that Allows the User to Stay Attached to the Tree at all Times! Two Prusik Knots; Slides Easily Up and Down the Rope During Ascent and Decent and Stops You IMMEDIATELY Should a Fall Occur.
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Stay safe in the treestand this hunting season with the Muddy® Magnum Pro Safety Harness. Complete with padded shoulder straps and waistbands for additional comfort while in the field, the Magnum Pro also features a rugged tether to reduce your chances of injury, should a fall occur this season. Additionally, the Magnum Pro boasts easily adjusted torso straps and noiseless leg buckles to ensure no metal on metal contact and unwanted noise.
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Rugged tether reduces chances of fall/injury. Air-flow mesh for breathability. Extreme silent material to keep you undetected. Easy cinch adjustable chest strap. Padded waist. Extra cushion; padded shoulders = comfort & endurance for long sits. Easy cinch adjustable chest. Quick-release leg buckles with adjustable leg straps
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$114.99 - $129.99
Safety harness is sized to fit with no extra bulk for superior comfort. Constructed of light weight padded nylon, weighing only 1.9 lbs. Has a flexible tether for 360 degrees of movement. Features cam leg buckles. Weight rating: 300 lbs. Includes Lineman's rope, tree strap, suspension relief strap, and carabiner.
Muddy The Diamondback
Flexible Tether Allows 360 Moment-Mesh Design Provides Breathability and Comfort for All Day Hunts. Binocular Straps for Quick and Easy Access to Binoculars. 2 Gear Loops for Instant Access to Gear-Silencer Sleeves for no Metal on Metal Contact. Easy to Use, No-Tangle Design. Quick-Release Leg Buckles.
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Diverge Harness Sitka Optifade Edition
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Stay safely attached to the tree you are hunting out of starting the moment you begin climbing until you reach the ground again with the The Safe-Line Treestand Safety System from Muddy Outdoors®. This unique system consists of a 30' braided nylon rope with 2 Prusik Knots you can attach to. The knots slide up and down the ropes easily while you climb and descend, but will grab the rope and stop you in the event of a fall. Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
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$189.99 - $229.99
The Muddy Crossover harness comes feature and accessory packed with the Ultimate Hunt-Ready Package, Includes the Crossover Harness, Lineman's Rope, Tree Strap, Suspension Relief Strap, Carabiner and a Safe-Line. With optional sizing, a lightweight design, gear friendly accessibility and overall comfort and convenience, the Crossover Harness is sure to be a favorite. Constructed of lightweight padded nylon, this vest has numerous features including built-in binocular straps, six instant access gear pockets, a flexible tether and a one-hand carabiner clip among other, this is the last harness you'll ever need.
Summit Shoulder And Tether Strap
Provides suspension while packing yor stand and allos for eas while ascending and descending from the tree.
Summit Safety Harness Sport
Before heading out to your treestand, make sure you're wearing the Summit Safety Harness. Designed with padded, adjustable shoulder straps to provide the perfect fit, this safety harness comes with a lineman's climbing rope to help keep you safe as you ascend and descend.
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