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Tree Stands-Fixed

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The Captain features steel construction and a flip back seat. Stand Weight: 15 lbs. Weight Rating: 300 lbs. Seat: 14x8. Foot Platform: 20x27.
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The Captain XL Treestand is a Fixed Position stand with a 24" W X 30" D Platform, Flip Up Padded Seat, Footrest.
Big Game The Warrior Pro
The Warrior Pro is lightweight and a staple to simplicity. Standing tall at 16, this Big Game Bronze Series Ladderstand is for the driven, keeping you focused on the hunt. Boasting a 19 Wide x 10 Deep foot platform and a 20 Wide x 13 Deep seat, this stand is designed to keep you focused and alert. Weighted at a mere 40 pounds, this stand holds a weight rating of up to 300 pounds. Included is one TMA-Certified full body harness.
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Hunt in total comfort with Big Game Treestands' The Warrior DXT Ladder Stand. The 19"W x 10"D platform with flip-back footrest provides ample room to stand and shoot your bow. Or, remain seated and fire from the padded flip-up shooting rail during gun season. Sturdy square-tubing steel construction with adjustable support bar provides a sturdy, stable platform. Includes one 1" ratchet strap and two 1" stabilizer straps. 9" minimum tree dia. Product meets industry standards recognized by TMA and includes a full-body safety harness with Suspension Relief Devise (SRD).
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If you hunt "only when you're alone or with someone," the Big Game Guardian XLT? 2-Person Ladder Stand is for you. This all-steel 18'H stand offers the space and comfort needed for hardcore dawn-to-dusk hunting; lightweight yet sturdy, it gives you a stable, open position from which to take your trophy shot. The 38"W x 12"D Flex-Tek flip-back bench seat and 36.5"W x 12.5"D foot platform are sized to accommodate one or two hunters; the system includes a padded, adjustable shooting rail that flips out of the way for bow hunting. Easy to install; for use on trees with minimum 9" diameter. Includes support bar, 1" ratchet strap, two 1" stabilizer straps, and 2 TMA-Certified full-body harnesses. Height to shooting rail: 18'. Weight: 53 lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs.
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The Striker XT 16' Ladderstand features a flip-up Flex-Tek seat and a fukll platform.
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The Hunter Ladderstand will bring your hunting experience to new levels! Measuring in at 18' 6 to the shooting rail, this steel constructed ladderstand offers four 17 wide ladder sections made of oval tubing with rock solid stability. The 23 wide x 18 deep flex-tek seat flips back for full use of the 23.5 wide x 29 deep foot platform with a flip back footrest for added comfort. The innovative shooting rail is padded and adjustable to guarantee the perfect shot. It can also be flipped back out of the way to provide an open lane for bow hunters. The hunter weighs in at 65 lbs with a 300 lb weight rating. One full-body harness included.
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The Spector, a two-person ladder stand that comes fully loaded with a padded, flip-back shooting rail, flip back seat, extra deep and extra wide foot platform and two detachable gear bags. This platform has it all and aside from its features, its size is a step above the rest. At 17' Tall, The Spector keeps you up and out of sight of wary prey. Measuring in with a foot platform at 44" Wide x 30" Deep and a seat at 44" Wide x 13" Deep, this stand is as spacious and comfortable as it gets. Weighted at 85 pounds, this stand boasts an overall weight rating of 500 pounds. Included are two TMA-Certified full body harnesses.
Big Game The Apex
The Apex 13' Tower Stand. No trees? No problem! Tree Stand useless on your favorite hunting grounds? The Apex solves that dilemma. This 13' Deluxe Tripod offers innovative design and comfort in ANY location! With a seat and shooting rail that quietly swivel for 360 degree sightlines, you'll get optimal viewing without spooking game. Bow hunting? Flip back the padded shooting rail for an obstruction-free shooting lane. Sling-style seat and padded armrests offer all-day comfort. Adjustable legs mean a sturdy set-up, even on uneven ground.
LONE WOLF Assault Ii Hang-on
Weighing in at a mere 11-pounds. Its 26" x 19.5" one-piece cast aluminum platform provides plenty of room. Distinctive 3-D camo platform design. In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows. Accepts E-Z Hang hook accessory. Backpack straps included. Fits trees 4" - 22" in diameter. 14" x 12" seat, 21" height. 350-pound weight rating. Just 11 pounds. Includes TMA Approved 6-pt Fall Arrest System.
LONE WOLF Alpha Ii Hang-on
Huge 30" x 19.5" one-piece cast aluminum platform. Distinctive 3-D camo platform design. In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows. Large, contoured foam seat pad for great comfort. Fits trees 4" - 22" in diameter. Seat size 14" x 12", height 21". Backpack straps included. 350-pound weight rating. Just 14 pounds. Includes TMA Approved 6-point Fall Arrest System.
Millennium Steel Loc-On
The lightweight M25 HangOn Stand allows hunters to set up wherever the action heats up. Providing a deadly combination of comfort and roominess, the M25 offers remarkable maneuverability in any direction, while remaining rock solid under foot. The M25 is the ideal design for setting up a quick ambush in tight cover or for packing into unknown terrain.
Millennium Steel Loc-On With Leveling Platform
Lightweight, quiet and easy to use, the M50 HangOn features a convenient self-leveling seat and platform for an ideal hunting setup. The M50 accepts the CamLock Receiver system, which allows users to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging.
Millennium Microlite Loc-On
The Millennium M7 has a capacity of 300 pounds with platform dimensions of 11 inches x 20 inches. Constructed with super strong, yet lightweight aluminum, the M7 Microlite weighs just 8.5 pounds, so it's a breeze to carry in and out of the woods and to get it up in a tree for placement.
Millennium Aluminum Hang-On
The M60U Ultralite Hang-On stand from Millennium is perfect for the hunter who values more platform and seat room, yet still wants a lightweight stand that is not a back-breaker getting in and out of the woods and in the tree. At 13.5 pounds, the M60U Ultralite Hang-On also has a capacity of 300 pounds, and it has a spacious 24-inch x 33-inch platform and a seat that is 20 inches x 16 inches.
Millennium Loc-On Lite
20% lighter than the original m100, "The best just got better" The M100u is the next evolution in comfort and innovation. Weighing in at just 11.5 pounds, the M100u is the lightest and most versatile lock on stand that we have made to date. The newly designed seat and platform offer comfort for all day hunts and enough room to feel stable on those awkward angle shots.
Millennium Single Ladder Stand
$309.99 - $449.99
Our single ladder stands are complete hunting packages. Designed for all day comfort, they are loaded with hunter friendly features. Both stands come equipped with ComfortTech Seats, fully adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests. The L110 has all of the standard features of the L100, but possesses a larger platform and a fold-up ComfortTech Seat, making it ideal for standing shots with a gun or bow. The L100 and L110 are also height adjustable. Simply remove one or more of the ladder sections to customize your height from 8 to 21 feet.8 to 21 feet.
Millennium Leveling Adj Loc-On
Millennium's new M150 Monster. Designed with everything you could want in a lightweight, portable lock-on stand, the M150 Monster is ideal for the hunter on the move. Similar to the M100, the M150 Monster features V-Brace Technology to minimize weight without compromising strength and stability. But, unlike its predecessor, the M150 Monster is designed with an adjustable seat height of 17" - 20" and 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. The M150 Monster boasts a capacity of 300 lbs, weighs 19.5 lbs and has a large and roomy platform measuring 37" x 24".
Millennium 18' Double Ladder Stand
The L200 Double Ladder Stand is ideal to share a day in the woods with your family and friends. With a 500 lb capacity, it is perfect for introducing that young hunting partner to the sport. The L200 is fully equipped with ComfortTech seats, adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests.
Millennium Aluminum Tripod Stand
Super light-weight and portable, the aluminum T100 Tripod is ideal for the bow or gun hunter. 10 ft. tripod: Durable powder coat finish: T101 tripod foot rest included. 36 pounds overall with a 300 pound capacity.Adjustable leg for uneven ground. Non-sink, no slip foot. Easily folds for transportation. Millennium patented, Comfortech seat that spins 360ΒΌ. Large easy to climb sure footed steps. 3 Year Limited Warranty.
Millennium 17' Ladder
Featuring a 360 degree swiveling ComfortMax seat, the L360 from Millennium will give you a full range of motion and silent operation. The extra-large platform gives you plenty of viewing and shooting opportunities, allowing you to quickly and quietly cover all the way around your stand with the included camo concealment skirt. Don't let that big buck come in behind you and prevent you from taking him home, swivel around and make the shot with the L360 ladder stand. Includes a Safe-Link 35' safety line to ensure safe ladder ascent and descent.
Millennium Double Ladder Stand
Designed for two person hunting, our double ladder stands feature ComfortTech Seats, fully adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests. The L220 is sure to follow the success of the L200 as a favorite for two person hunts. The L220 has all of the standard features of the L200, but with a platform that is twice as big as the L200 and fold-up ComfortTech Seats. The L200 and L220 are also height adjustable. Simply remove one or more of the ladder sections to customize your height from 7 to 18 feet.
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Features: 9 wide, square steps; Silent cam-buckle fastening system; Steel bark biters attach to the tree; Steel construction; Ladder-like climb for extreme stability; Durable powder coat finish. Product Specs: HEIGHT: 20' TALL; WEIGHT: 27 LBS.; WEIGHT RATING: 300.LBS.
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Features: Flex-tek seat. Seat flips back for full platform use. Silent straps, no metal on metal contact. Wide stance platform with flipback footrest. Product Specs: CONSTRUCTION: STEEL; FOOT PLATFORM: 24W X 30D; FOOTREST: FLIPS BACK; STAND WEIGHT: 16 LBS.; WEIGHT RATING: 300 LBS.
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The Boss Fixed Position Treestand features a 24" W x 30" D platform and Flex-Tek Seat filps up for full platform use.
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Flex-Tek seat for All Day Comfort! Wide Stance Platform with Fixed Footrest. Seat Flips Back for Full Platform Use.
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