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Arrow Adhesives

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex
Low-temp hot melt for carbon shafts! Instant full strength set-up in cold water! The newest addition to the Bohning insert adhesive line. A super strong, low melt temp. adhesive specifically formulated for carbon arrows. Easy to apply. Heat reversible. 12 gram stick will do approximately 144 inserts.
Bohning Ferr-L-Tite?
Hot melt cement with high tensile strength and a tough, elastic waterproof bond. For adhering steel points to wood shafts or setting inserts or points in aluminum and carbon arrows.
Bohning Fletch-Tite® Platinum?
The next generation in fletching, faster set-up. Provides an extremely tough, durable bond. Remains flexible and water repellent. Provides an incredible bond with Carbon, Cedar or aluminum.
Bohning Blazer Bond? Adhesive
Use even LESS GLUE for maximum adhesion with the Fastest Cure Time! Introducing Blazer Bond?, the newest instant glue for fletching vanes, feathers and nocks. Excellent for all shaft types, clamp time is a mere 15 Seconds with full cure in only 2 hours.
Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive
Welds inserts and outserts to all shaft types. Insert Iron is the adhesive that gives your arrow shaft an "Iron Grip" on all inserts and outserts. Increased impact resistance, increased holding power and easier to apply.
Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig
Accepts "press fit" nock style shafts. Fletches vanes up to 2' in length on a 3° right "helical". Designed for 17/64" (Axis) up to 23/64 shafts.
G5 G-Lock Blu Glu
The new G-Lock Blu GluTM provides a solid yet flexible bond that's ideal for installing inserts and fletching on your arrows. The Blu GluTM provides instant adhesion in seconds. The blue translucent formula makes it easy to see good glue coverage and identify excess dripping before it's too late. Despite going on blue the Blu GluTM will dry practically clear. A tube of Blu GluTM will retail for $16.99 (not for use with hidden insert systems).
Gold Tip Tip Grip-10
Tip Grip is the most reliable adhesive on the market. It is phenomenal with vanes, feathers, inserts, and target points. We believe that it will become your glue of choice.
Pine Ridge Instant Arrow Glue
Our all new Instant Arrow Glue is a great addition to our line of quality adhesives. Available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. bottles, this is anextremely cost effective glue for the pro shop or the individual.The Instant Arrow Glue is excellent for fletching arrows and gluing inserts. In fact, it is the only glue you will need to buy if you are working on aluminum, carbon, and even wood shafts.
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