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Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve
Features 1-piece riser - made from red Dymondwood®. Limbs - overlaid with clear maple, backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass. 58" AMO Length. Crowned, cut-past center arrow shelf with Bear Hair Rest and leather side plate. Dacron Flemish String.
Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Kit
50-lb. peak draw weight bowfishing bow has deep cam grooves to prevent derailed strings. Includes Cajun Winch Pro reel, fishing biscuit arrow rest, and 2 white Fiberglass Piranha arrows. Constant draw and draw length specific modules and Blister Buster finger pads included. Bow measures 32.25 inches from axle-to-axle and offers a 17- to 31-inch draw length range. Features a 60et off and 7.25-inch brace height for smooth, easy shooting.
Diamond Infinite Edge
A great bow with enough adjustment for small-frame shooters to continue using through adulthood. Custom tune the Infinite Edge bow without the use of a bow press. An adjustable draw length from 13" to 30", and an adjustable draw weight from 5-70 lbs. make this bow ideal for target shooters and hunters of all sizes. Color: Black Ops. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package includes: bow, Three-pin Tru Glo Apex sight, Hostage XL Arrow Rest, Octane DeadLock Lite quiver, Tube peep sight and BCY string loop. Brace Height: 7". Axle-to-Axle: 31". Weight 3.1lbs. Let-Off: 75%. IBO Speed: 310fps.
Diamond Provider
The Provider is a smooth shooting single cam bow that weighs only 3.2 lbs. Features rotating modules for easy draw length adjustments and extreme draw weight adjustability. Draw length settings range from 25.5 to 31. Draw weight settings range from 20-70 lbs. IBO speed 310 fps. Axle-axle 31. Brace height 7.5. Effective let-off 80 percent. Package includes 4-pin sight, Octane Deadlock-Lite quiver, Octane arrow rest, Octane stabilizer, string loop, wrist sling, and peep sight.
Diamond Carbon Cure
Diamond is proud to introduce the Carbon Cure. The high performance you need featured on the lightest single cam we've ever built. Featuring an ultra-smooth drawing single cam and our proven R.A.K system this bow is ready to hit the field. The draw length can be adjusted from 27" - 30.5" on our user friendly rotating module system. With effective let off of 80% this bow is a pleasure to draw, hold at full draw and shoot! Draw Weight: 15-25 lbs. Mass Weight: 3.3 Pounds. Axle To Axle: 32". Draw Length: 27-30½".
Diamond Core Crossbow Package
he Core has separated itself from its peers by redefining what it means to have a smooth draw in a durable bow you can absolutely rely on. Weighs 3.2 pounds with an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches and a brace height of 7.25 inches. The draw length ranges from 25-30" and the draw weight can be set from 40 all the way to 70 pounds. Rotating modules make the draw length adjustable without replacing the cams. The Core ships R.A.K. Equipped, which means it is ready to shoot right out of the box. Included is a 3-Pin Apex Sight, Octane Hijack Arrow Rest, Octane DeadLock Lite Quiver, Comfort Wrist Sling, Alloy Peep, BCY String Loop, and a 5" Ultra-Lite Octane Stabilizer. Draw weight: 40-70 lbs. Draw length: 25-30". IBO Speed:313 FPS.
Diamond Fugitive
Fugitive turns the tables on everything you expect in a single cam bow. First is a blistering 337 fps IBO speed on a 6 1/2" brace height platform. Next, it's R.A.K equipped, includes Throttle Cam Tech with rotating draw length module and weighs just 3.8 pounds. It's as smooth, accurate and solid as you would expect from Diamond. Priced at just $649 MSRP, it's a value you won't beat anywhere else. Fugitive puts every advantage in your hand and leaves money in your wallet. You might want to give the game a head start. It's up to you - we didn't give one to the competition! Draw weight: 50, 60, 70. Mass weight: 3.80lbs. Effective let-off: 80%. Draw length: 26" - 30". Axle to axle: 32". IBO Speed:337 FPS. Brace height: 6 1/2".
PSE Chaos Ad Compound Bows
Redesigned for 2013, the new Chaos™ AD features the new, highly adjustable Adapta™ cams and a riser designed to allow for 8 full turns on the limb bolt. The result is a perfect bow for growing archers. But, this is NOT your typical “kids” bow. The Chaos™ AD uses highly preloaded 12” split limbs just like our X-Force™ bows to deliver the ultimate in speed and performance. Max Limb Bolt Turns From Bottom: 8 Draw Length range: 16 1/2" to 28" ATA/IBO Speed: 298-290 @ 28" Axle to Axle: 32-1/4" Brace height: 6-1/4" Let off: 75% Mass weight: 3.2 lbs .
PSE Rally
Bowhunter's come in all shapes and sizes and the new Rally fits them all. Engineered for maximum adjustability, our revolutionary new Opti Cam offers an incredible 12" of draw length adjustment and has the ability to dramatically increase the draw weight through an easy cam adjustment. We also gave the Rally a new limb and pocket design that allows the limb bolts to be adjusted 10 full turns from bottom! The result is the most adjustable bow ever offered by PSE. But it's not just about adjustability, the new Rally is quick, smooth, accurate and a price that makes it one of the best values in archery today. Available: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo. .
PSE Stinger 3g- Ready To Shoot
The new Stinger 3G is a very quick and accurate workhorse of a bow. We took our extremely popular Stinger and completely redesigned it from the ground up. We gave it an all new machined aluminum riser, new and improved HP cam with posi-lock inner cam for easy draw length adjustment, a new limb with improved flexibility, and a very shooter friendly 7 3/4" brace height. The result is one of the best new bows on the market at a price you won't believe. Try the new PSE Stinger 3G. We think you'll agree! Available in: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity CamoAvailable:60 or 70 draw weights. This Field Ready Package includes factory installed accessories: Gemini Sight, QS Whisker Biscuit, Flexxtech Stabilizer, Mongoose Quiver, PSE Neoprene Sling, Peep Sight, and nock loop
PSE Brute X
This is not a bow to be taken lightly. We have totally re-designed the already amazing Brute incorporating X-Tech technology. This bow has preloaded split limbs, an all new machined riser, new pivoting limb pocket system. Plus re-designed Madness Pro cam that allow for 1/2" adjustments with PSE's posi-lock inner cam. Add in a backstop, multiple sight mounting holes, our Raptor grip and all the other features you expect from PSE. You truly have an impressive bow. Shoot the new Brute X. This bow model ships in the 29 inch draw setting and has an inner cam adjustment range of 25 - 30 inches with a simple inner module adjustment. Available Draw Weights: 60 or 70 pounds. Available Colors: Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo. This Ready To Shoot Package includes factory installed accessories: Gemini Sight, QS Whisker Biscuit, Flexxtech Stabilizer, Mongoose Quiver, PSE Neoprene Sling, Peep Sight and Nock Loop.
PSE Sinster? Compound Bows
Never before has there been a 28" axle-to-axle length, 7 ¹" brace height, single-cam bow that will shoot 327 fps. The new Sinister? bow from PSE is very compact making it the perfect bow for hunting from a tree stand, ground blind or on those long hikes out West. But unlike most short axle-to-axle length bows, the new Sinister? bow is very forgiving and amazingly fast. Max Limb Bolt Turns From Bottom: 10 ATA/IBO Speed: 327-319 fps Draw Length Range: 25½" to 30½". Let off: 75% Mass Weight: 3.9 lbs. .
PSE Bowmadness 3g
At PSE, we are never satisfied with simply making the best bows on the market - we want to make them better. That's why we took one of the best selling bows and re-engineered it from the ground up. We started by designing an all new low-flex riser for consistent accuracy. Then we developed the new Madness Pro single-cam that offers 1/2" draw length adjustments with PSE's posi-lock inner cam AND an optimized draw cycle for better feel. This bow model ships in the 29 inch draw setting and has an inner cam adjustment range of 25 - 30 inches with a simple inner module adjustment.
PSE Prophecy Compound Bows
Features past parallel limbs, a Planar Flex riser, the new Backstop?2 and the fastest single-cam ever created. The new Prophecy? is smooth, accurate and at 340 fps, the fastest single-cam ever made. Max limb bolt turns from bottom: 10 ATA/IBO Speed: 340-332 fps Draw Length Range: 25" to 30" Axle to Axle: 32" Brace Height: 6" Let off: 75% Mass Weight: 4.1 lbs .
Quest Radical Bow Packages
It's size and weight make it easy to handle and it's simple design makes it the most easily adjustable bow on the market. For young hunters today, the Radical makes sense on a lot of levels to prepare for tomorrow. Features forged 6061aluminum riser. Easily adjustable cam system. No bow press needed. String suppressor. Available in Realtree All Purpose camo and Realtree All Purpose Purple camo. IBO Speed: 295 FPS. Axle to Axle: 29.25". Brace Height: 7.125". Weight: 3.25 lbs. Draw Length: 17.5" - 30". Pounds: 15 - 70.
SA Sports Vulcan Compound Bow Set
This Compound Bow is the right choice if you're unsure about having the right fit or if you want the versatility of periodic customizing. Both the draw weight and draw length are adjustable... that means you can easily make this Compound Bow perfect for you and the kid to shoot, or make multiple adjustments as you grow into archery or bowhunting. And with this Kit, you get everything you need to get you out into the field to enjoy your new Bow while zipping arrows out up to 310 FPS!
Winchester Vaquero Ss Compound Bows
Synonymous with the Spanish word for a true cowboy, the Vaquero is strong, tough and reliable. This Vaquero starts with a rock solid and nearly indestructible compression forged and fully machined aluminum riser. Stabil-Lock limb pockets and split, parallel limb design help keep weight to a minimum and performance to a maximum. Easily adjustable 2-Track A.R.C. cams are smooth drawing, allow for quick draw length adjustment and offer variable let-off from 55-80%. Rigged with high performance Stone Mountain strings and decorated with the great looking Reaper Woods camo.
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