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Primos Christ Ashley 1 Turkey
Each of The Team Primos® members has developed their own personal preferences as to what they want out of their favorite mouth call. It may be the call's ability to reproduce a certain sound, it may be volume, it may be the call's ability to be blown softly with extreme realism, or it could be just how easy it is to make the call sound like a wild turkey hen. Features: Three Super-Thin Prophylactic Reeds with BAT-Cut In Top Reed. Includes Two Reed Separators
Primos Box Call Holster
Protect your box call and keep it silent while you move through the woods with the Box Call Holster. The silencer strap separates the lid from the box for quiet carry and is also padded for protection. It features a mesh pocket on the front for extras. Also equipped with a 3-way attachment system for right or left handed use: A swivel snap hook for your vest. A webbing belt loop. A metal spring belt clip. Provides a perfect way to carry and protect your prized box call. Silencer strap for quiet carry. Padded protection. 3-way attachment system.
Primos Alumislate™ Slate Call
ALUMINUM surface produces a high-pitched frequency. 100% WATERPROOF with Acrylic Striker. Includes conditioning pad.
Primos Lil' Jack™
If you have ever wanted big sounds out of a small pot, then the Lil' Jack™ won't let you down. The Lil' Jack ™ is made from Purple Heart Wood and comes with a Custom Laminate Striker. The high frequency glass surface produces high pitched yelps and cuts. The Lil' Jack ™ fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use. Features: Custom-Grade Purple Heart Wooden Pot with High-Frequency Glass Surface. Custom Laminate Striker. Includes: Conditioning Kit, Customer-Striker Red.
Primos Chick Magnet
Primos and Lee & Tiffany Lakosky proudly present you with a twist on the traditional box call that will blow you away. The Chick Magnet™ has an interchangeable paddle that can quickly be changed to go from deep and raspy to high pitched and sweet. The ultra strong magnet that attaches the paddles to the box is strong enough to allow you to cut, yelp, and purr. The Raspy paddle is made from Purple Heart wood and the higher pitched, Sweet paddle is made from Maple wood. The Chick Magnet's™ box is carved out of African Padauk wood. The different wood grains and densities come together to produce amazingly accurate and very dissimilar turkey pitches. Includes:1 Sweet Sounding Paddle. 1 Raspy Sounding Paddle.Double Sided Box.Pouch for Extra Paddle.
Primos Lil’ Heart Breaker Box Call Limited Edition 2013
With its 3D laser engraved lid and select hardwood construction, the Lil' Heart Breaker Limited Edition Box Call from Primos looks as beautiful as it sounds. This single-sided, custom grade box call features a trough-style box cut from single piece of select-grade mahogony. The call's select hardwood paddle features a beautiful 3D turkey scene laser-engraved into the top and comes with preset angle and tension for easier use right out of the box. Part of Primos' Heritage Series of turkey calls, the Lil' Heart Breaker Limited Edition Box Call makes a great gift. Individually numbered and signed by Will Primos.
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