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Wingsetter 8 in 1 Whistle
The Wingsetter game call attracts whistling waterfowl such as Pintails, Teal, and four species of quail. Available in Wingsetter 8 in 1 and the Wingsetter EZ Flutter. Wingsetter calls were designed by Mickey Saso, 25 times Pacific Flyway champion duck caller, the Wingsetter is standard equipment for many waterfowlers.
Wingsetter EZ Flutter
Wingsetter EZ - Flutter whistle was designed by Mickey Saso in the Central Valley of California. After great success with the Wingsetter 8 in 1 game call he saw a need for a whistle for those that had a hard time fluttering their tongue. So he built the Wingsetter EZ -Flutter! Great for beginners to call wigeon, teal and pintail.
Wingsetter Raspy Hen Duck Call
The Wingsetter Raspy Hen Duck Call should set the wings on those ducks- with a double reed it has been used in many areas overwhelming success. Wingsetter Calls were originally manufactured by 25-time Pacific Flyway Calling Champ Mickey Saso, this sweet-blowing call will have ducks turning your way. The Wingsetter Raspy Hen is a double-reed mallard call that makes the seductive sounds of a raspy hen.
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