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Misc & Accessories

American Hunter Hog And Predator Snare
A simple, yet effective snare. As soon as any pressure is put on the trigger plate, it launches the braided steel cable around the leg of the activator and firmly holds them in place. Trap system includes two 6.5" metal stakes that secure it in place.
Berry Thin White Replacement Reeds
$5.39 - $9.89
Works great produces a wide variety of pitch easy to use. (medium bull) came install on your both Mini and Thunder Bugle.
Berry Thunder Bugle
Features a thin replaceable reed that snaps into place in seconds. What makes this call so good is how easy it is to use and the great sound that comes out of it. A original design by Glen Berry. Works with your top lip or bottom lip you can even place our tongue against the RT reed and gently blow through the call and get good sound. Tube 1.5 x 28 long. Camo cover pattern varys.
Cass Creek Electronic Mini Predator Call
The Cass Creek Mini Predator Electronic Game Call is a big game call in a small handheld call unit. You get the full sized predator sounds you need to be successful in your hunting with a pocket size call. The Cass Creek Mini Predator Electronic Call is small but big in stature with over 200 yards of effective sound. It is user friendly and built to last and feature a handy compact design, one handed operation, four calls in one unit, ergonomic design, sure hold rubber grip and lanyard loop. Sounds included: Rabbit - A low pitched distress call with drawn out tones. Rodent - Sharp series of squeaks and drawn out squeals. Woodpecker - Shrill and piercing repetitive wail. Coyote - A communication call announcing territories, luring other canines.
Cass Creek Woodland Whisper ll Hearing Enhancer
This Bluetooth style ear bud is a discreet hearing enhancement and amplification device. You can hear the slightest sounds up to 100 ' away. The Woodland Whisper II Plus not only aids your hearing, but provides noise suppression from really loud sounds as well. And it can fit either ear too. The battery is provides noise suppression from really loud sounds as well. And it can fit either ear too. Comes with the Woodland Whisper II Plus unit, 2 batteries, multiple ear tips, 2 ear hangers and felt pouch for storage.
Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Crow Call
The Cass Creek Electronic Crow Call is a lightweight and compact call that gives you five realistic crow sounds in the palm of your hand. Overlap/interrupt technology allows you to instantly change sounds without having to wait for the sounds to finish, and easy push button operation allows you to keep your eyes on the game and still operate the call. This electronic game call comes with a convenient belt clip and has a natural bark camouflage finish. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included). Included Sounds: MacDaddy - An attractor call lures with mournful pleadings. Crow Distress - An urgent call for help draws individuals and flocks. Crow/Owl Fight - A flock of agitated crows battles an owl. Crow Frenzy - The pandemonium of large flock calling. Hawk Attack - Aggressive crow and hawk fighting cries.
Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Predator Call
The Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Predator Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Predator Call features real live predator calls. The sounds are high quality and effective to ensure you call in the predator you want.The Ergo Predator Electronic Game Call has five calls on one unit, auto interrupt feature, and a handy on /off and volume thumb dial. Included Calls: Coyote Locator- The locator call of an adult female coy; Coyote Food Fight Coyotes fighting over food; attracts all other coyotes; Cottontail Distress The high pitched squeal means an easy meal to a coyote; Baby Jack Distress The eerie sound of a baby jackrabbit in trouble. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included/installed) and comes with a convenient belt clip.
Duel Dominant Coyote Howler
Larger, single reed call with a flex tube design. Creates coyote howls, barks and pup distress calls.
Duel Open Reed Jack Rabbit/Coyote Howler
Features a larger, single reed flex tube design. It makes coyote barks, howls, pup distress and jackrabbit distress. Nothing fools a coyote better than an emotional call. You just can't get emotion with an electronic call. That's why veteran predator callers use hand calls. And, nothing sounds as real as a DUEL Predator Call with Dual Chamber Technology. Convince more predators with a DUEL. Comes with a lanyard.
No Image
Distress calls are some of the best ways to call predators in on your position. The DUEL Game Calls Micro Cottontail Distress Call is the perfect tool for this job. This distress call perfectly mimics wounded or trapped game, and is a surefire way to increase your odds of a successful hunt.
E.L.K. Call Replacement Bands
$1.19 - $2.39
Replacement bands for the Cow Talk, Larynx Bull, Deer Talk, Turkey Talk, Antelope Talk, Hi-Pitch, Power Bugle, Royal Bugle and Deluxe Cow Talk calls.
E.L.K. Protective Power Cap
Fits the "Power Bugle" elk call. Protects the band on the call and has a storage area for extra bands.
The Squeaker is a useful tool for close-up predator calling. It has a loop that can slide over the finger or slip over the gun barrel for easy access. Also great for calling gophers.
E.L.K. Grunt Tube With Camo Cover
The Grunt Tube has a smooth bore interior for better sound waves. The special cuff is for the "Larynx Bull Call" to fit into, and the elastic will hold the "Cow Talk Call" call. The Grunt Tube comes with camo cover.
Realistic howls, barks & canine distress sounds can easily be reproduced with the "Yote Howler" coyote call. Replacement bands are "The Green Bands". Lanyard included.
Comes with a retractable lanyard, protective cap and two extra bands. Being designed from the famous "Power Bugle" elk call allowed us to use "Power Bands" for both calls.
E.L.K. Mini Grunt Tube
The "Mini Grunt Tube" is compact & quiet. Measuring only 9 inches in length, it will fit in your pocket when not in use. Being made of rubber, it quietly stretches to over three times its original length making the "Mini Grunt Tube" the most versatile grunt tube on the market. The "Mini Grunt Tube" fits both the "Power Bugle"&"Royal Bugle" calls or it can be used with any diaphragm call.
E.L.K. Power Bugle Kit
The new Power Bugle Boxed Kit includes the World Famous "Power Bugle®" elk call, a Power Bugle® Protective Cap, (1) Gray Hi-Pitch Power Band, (2) White Regular Power Bands and a lanyard, plus the 60 minute instructional dvd, "Elk Calling", FREE!
E.L.K. Elk Bugle
Elk Bugle w/ Interchangable Mouth Pieces
Extreme Dimension Ruffidawg® Predator Call
A high-volume call that replicates a jackrabbit or fawn in distress. This loud, raspy sound is designed to grab the attention of any predator! Specially designed by Les Johnsonrenowned coyote caller, predator hunter and host of Predator Quest® TV. Made in USA.
Extreme Dimension I-Hunt XSB Game Call
The iHunt XSB Bluetooth speaker is the only speaker optimized to work with the iHunt game call app (which is free with the speaker). Choose from 47 different species and over 650 different animal sounds on the iHunt app which is provided free with purchase. Turn your iPhone or smartphone into the ultimate game call.
Extreme Dimension I-Hunt By Ruger Ultimate Game Call
The iHunt by Ruger Bluetooth speaker is the only speaker optimized to work with the ihunt by Ruger ultimate game call app (which is free with the speaker). Choose from 50 different species and over 700 different animal sounds on the iHunt app which is provided free with purchase. Loud - up to 115db of sound.
Extreme Dimension Ihunt Bluetooth Predator Call & Decoy
Extreme Dimension offers a combination Game Call and a Decoy to bring predators in close. Both the calls and the decoy are controlled with your smart phone. With over (150) predator calling sounds available with the iHunt app and a lifelike moving tail, coyotes are sure to come into range. Dual speakers are loud enough to bust through any weather conditions-up to 110 db of sound. The iHunt app with over (700) calls from over (50) species of animals is free with purchase. 50 yard range. Create an unlimited number of playlists of any duration, set delays, play multiple sounds simultaneously, adjust volumes and more. Includes daily updated Solunar tables, current weather, compass and other great hunting tools. The decoy has a wide platform for stability on uneven terrain. Requires (3) D cell batteries (not-included).
Faulks Double Style Lanyard Card
Double Style Lanyard Carded. Stainless Steel Springs.
Faulks Squirrel Call
Rubber bulb with metal sound device. Simple to operate. Tap lightly to produce effective chatter.
Faulks Cottontail Predator Call
Imitates the high pitched scream of a cottontail. Can be used for long range or short range calling.
Faulks Deluxe Squirrel Call
Rubber bellows with metal sound device. Simple hand-operated call. Produces effective squirrel chatter.
Faulks Adjustable Predator Call
Fine walnut finish, precision reed and adjustable ring to produce distress call of jackrabbit, cotton tail and squeaker. With instructions.
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