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Basin Waterfowl Calls Double Take Double Reed Duck Call
This call is a Mallard Hens worst nightmare. Ultra realistic and ducky. Unlike a lot of doubles, you can lean on this call and it wont get muddy sounding, or squeal out on the top end. It is pure duck. Like its name says, this is the call to make ole Mr. Greenhead do a "Double Take". Acrylic mouthpiece, poly insert. Painstakingly hand tuned for the exact sound of the bird. Now Comes With an Instructional CD
Basin Waterfowl Calls Hot Shot Single Reed Duck Call
The HotShot is a creation of good friend and crew member Dan Mallia. Dan extensively hunts the high pressure refuges of Northern California. He created this call to fool the call shy greenheads that winter there. Not a true single reed, but more of a reed and a stub, this easy to blow duck killing machine will make fools out of high pressure birds. Acrylic mouthpiece and poly insert.
Basin Waterfowl Calls Half Pint
The Newest Creation From Basin Calls. This Little Modified Double Reed Is The Perfect Representation Of A Juvenile Hen Mallard. It Is Squeaky, Snotty, And Will Do An Effortless Cajun Squeal. It Has A Slightly Higher Pitch Making It a Perfect Companion Call To Our HotShot And DoubleTake Duck Calls. It Has A Very Natural Volume Level Making It a Great Marsh, Calm Day, and Foggy Day Call, But Will Still Let You Really Scream With It When You Need To Reach Out, Or The Wind Kicks Up. Comes With an Instructional CD Included Call for Color Options
J.J. Lares Professional Duck & Goose Calls Hybrid
Hybrid Acrylic with T-1 type low end, with higher pitch at the high end including volume comparable to the A-5.
J.J. Lares Professional Duck & Goose Calls T1 Timber Call
Very raspy Complete low-end control Excellent top-end Easy squeals Minimal air necessary Will outperform any other timber call Polished Aluminum Band
Riceland Custom Calls Acrylic 5/8 Speck Call
Easy to blow, all around great call. 5/8 barrel size Arguably one of the best calls on the market. Call store to inquire about color options.
Riceland Custom Calls Acrylic Snow Call
Easy to blow. 5/8 Barrel Size Great sounding call Call Store to inquire about color options.
Riceland Custom Calls Acrylic 3/4 Gut Speck Call
Easy to blow 3/4 size barrel Multiple color variations available - call for details.
Uncle Bob's Widgeon Blaster
In the late 70's and 80's Uncle Bob an avid duck hunter from South Louisiana traveled to many states hunting waterfowl. Choosing the right sounding duck call in his opinion is key to a successful hunt. There are many good sounding duck calls on the market except for one in particular, the widgeon call. So his journey began more than 40 years ago to design the very best pitch perfect widgeon call ever produced. His vision was a true widgeon drake sound that entailed a totally different design but with a user friendly concept. A patent was filed and the creative journey had ended with the birth of the Uncle Bob's Widgeon Blaster. At that time there were only a few that were exclusively produced for some of the top waterfowl guides around the country until now. Get your Uncle Bob's Widgeon Blaster today and check us out on the web at, or ask your local sporting goods retailer. This is an amazing breakthrough in call design. God bless you, as I know he has blessed Uncle Bob's journey!
Wingsetter 8 in 1 Whistle
The Wingsetter game call attracts whistling waterfowl such as Pintails, Teal, and four species of quail. Available in Wingsetter 8 in 1 and the Wingsetter EZ Flutter. Wingsetter calls were designed by Mickey Saso, 25 times Pacific Flyway champion duck caller, the Wingsetter is standard equipment for many waterfowlers.
Wingsetter EZ Flutter
Wingsetter EZ - Flutter whistle was designed by Mickey Saso in the Central Valley of California. After great success with the Wingsetter 8 in 1 game call he saw a need for a whistle for those that had a hard time fluttering their tongue. So he built the Wingsetter EZ -Flutter! Great for beginners to call wigeon, teal and pintail.
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