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Cleaning Accessories

Allen Gun Cleaning Tool Set
Makes cleaning easier. Solt and crevis pick. small nylon brush. Brass bristle brush.
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$1.99 - $2.49
Solid brass construction. Optimum tight fit calibers. Fit most brands of cleaning rods. Pointed tip keeps patch centered.
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Birchwood Casey Brass Slotted Tips securely holds patches without slipping off while cleaning your firearms. Cleaning power either pushing or pulling through firearm barrel. Offered in three sizes to accomodate multiple calibers. One brass slotted tip in package.
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Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaning Mops are made from high quality components and are effective at applying solvents and lubricants. *Always make sure your firearm is unloaded before cleaning.
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Birchwood Casey Shotgun Thread Adapter adds function and versatility to 8-32 thread cleaning rods. Adapts 8-32 thread to 5/16-27 thread. Allows greater range of accessories to fit most cleaning rods.
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A superior gun oil for all climates, Synthetic Gun Oil Dual Applicator Pen reduces friction between mating surfaces and will not gum up or lose its viscocity under extreme temperatures. Pick between pinpoint tip or brush to apply in hard to hit areas and fits easily in your range bag.
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Barricade® Rust Protection Dauber Pen rapidly drives out moisture from metal pores and deposits a transparent protective coating, which seals surfaces. It's the best way to protect your firearms from rust. Withstands 500 hours in ASTM humidity test and 96 hours in ASTM salt spray test. Barricade® Rust Protection Dauber Pen is also an excellent penetrant for loosening rusty or frozen parts. Take along this new easy to store small pen by keeping one in your range bag or firearms cleaning kit at home
Birchwood Casey Angled Cleaning Brushes
3 Brushes with angled necks allow easy access to all the hard-to-reach places that can cause cleaning headaches. Corners, crevices, gaps and cracks no longer have to be a problem. Two styles of bristles clean thoroughly and safely. Use stainless steel bristles for hard metals and the nylon bristles to avoid scratches on more sensitive surfaces. All three brushes have wooden handles that make gripping a cinch. Solvent and corrosion-resistant.
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Birchwood Casey Utility Brushes come in a 3 pack with different style brush ends. Nylon brush, use on delicate blueing and engraving. Bronze brush, ideal for tough deposits. Stainless brush, use for the toughest removal of deposits.
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$7.99 - $9.99
Birchwood Casey cleaning rods come in multiple calibers to handle your choice of firearms. Coated synthetic steel construction rods with a free floating handle. Comes in a reusable clear tube packaging. Rifle and shotgun cleaning rods in 33 inch length. Handgun comes in 12 inch length.
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$26.99 - $34.99
Keep spent fouling, chemical spills, and dirty patches from getting your entire work area dirty by using Birchwood Casey's Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mats. With a durable, waxed cotton interior, internal padding for protection, and a tough abrasion resistant backer, these mats are designed to keep messes contained and your firearms protected.
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Our durable 8mm drill attachment for our Shotgun Cleaning Kit is constructed of anti-corrosive, high-grade stainless steel and easily attaches to a drill for a high-speed cleaning of your shotgun bore.
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$3.56 - $6.80
Constructed of anti-corrosive, high-grade stainless steel. One-piece universal rod fits calibers .22 and up. Attaches to other fixed or rotating rod sections. Standard #8-32 thread
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Weather-Proof, prevents rust from finger prints and exposure to water. Will prevent your guns, rods, reels, hand tools from the elements.
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Manmade blend of Polyester and Polyamide (a nylon by product) in a microfiber, cleaning/polishing cloth for cleaning gunmetal and stock finishes Great for removing grease, oil, and dust. Safe on all surfaces and is washable. Comes with two (14 x 14) Microfiber cloths.
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Breakthrough® Clean Technologies' Channel Cleaning Tool is designed to provide a simple and effective way to clean the many recesses and cuts inherent to firearm design. It works on any type of firearm; revolvers, semi-auto pistols, bolt action rifles, semi and full auto rifles, and shotguns. The flat tips and square edges reach into edges and corners typically missed using other cleaning implements. The Channel Cleaning Tool is non-marring and will not scratch or damage the finish of your firearm.
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Our safe and easy to use Lens Pen is perfect for cleaning optics, eyepieces, and helmet shields. The BT Lens Pen comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element that is designed to never dry out.
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$11.66 - $19.76
A cleaning mat with a soft polyester top and neoprene rubber backing to keep everything in place and prevent your work surface from sliding around. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from getting to the work surface under the mat. When the mat begins to accumulate too much dirt, chemicals or oil, simply throw it in the wash on a gentle cycle, and allow to air dry.
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$26.96 - $44.96
Breakthrough® Clean Technologies' premium carbon fiber rods offer the safest way to clean the inside of your barrel. Featuring an ergonomic handle and two premium ball bearing sets, the rod can smoothly migrate through the bore of your barrel without binding up under pressure. Its carbon fiber rod offers you the security of knowing you'll never have to worry about scratching or damaging the rifling inside the barrel of your firearm. It's lightweight yet durable carbon fiber construction is long lasting and won't permanently bend or break under pressure.
Bullfrog Emitter Shield
Protect your metal items with the invisible protection of VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor). Ideal for any metal stored in an enclosed area. The use of VCI during shipping has been a popular form of commercial rust protection for years. This protection is now available in convenient strips for business or home use.
Drymate Gun Cleaning Pads
Protects your table and firearms from scratches and spilled cleaning fluids. Perfect for rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and handguns. The clear bonded backing prevents "soak-thru". Keeps parts organized and in place. Durable, stain resistant and long lasting.
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The ERGO Accurizing Wedge eliminates play between an AR-15's lower receiver and upper receiver. The wedge is easily installed by removing the rear take-down pin and inserting the wedge into the rear of the receiver. The wedge can easily be trimmed for a perfect fit in your AR-15.
FrogLube Frog Wipes
FrogLube CLP Wipes are made from bio-based, non-toxic substances that dissolves carbon on contact. Frog Lube penetrates the micro pores in firearm steel to give a long lasting slick surface that reduces friction and fouling, and protects from rust. Wipes are easy to use, and convenient to pack on hunting trips, or tactical missions. The saturated cloth wipes can also be cut down for bore patches. Frog Lube CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant) is safe to use on polymer, urethane, nylon, and wood. Can be disposed of without the need for prohibitive HAZMAT controls, and poses no hazards to user. Contains no petroleum or water. FrogLube CLP Wipes are Bio-Based lubricant made from "USDA Certified Food-Grade". Each resealable pack contains 5 wipes.
Gunslick Universal Roll Cleaning Kit
26-piece kit includes: 12/10 gauge brushes, .22-25/6MM, .270/7MM-.30/8MM, .38-.357/9MM, .40/10MM-.45 caliber, 28/20, 12/10 gauge mops, .22, .30, .38, .45 caliber jagged tips, Rifle/pistol, shotgun slotted tips, Double ended nylon brush, Aluminum shotgun adaptor, 1" X 1" and 1 ½" X 3" cotton patches, 1.25 oz. Ultra Klenz® advanced gun cleaner, and 1.25 oz. Ultra Lube? advanced gun oil.
Gunslick 36
A new 44-inch carbon fiber cleaning rod that eliminates particle pickup and possible barrel damage is now available. Based off our highly effective 36-inch cleaning rods, these new extended length cleaning rods ensure superior and efficient cleaning for longer precision guns. Two versions are available to accommodate the most popular rifle calibers. Ergonomically designed soft grip handle
Hoppes Conversion Adapters
Conversion adapter permits interchangeability with non-standard size threads.
Hoppes Slotted Tips
$0.89 - $1.39
Polymer slotted tips securely hold a patch for solvent or oil application.
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