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Decoys & accessories

Auto Jerk Decoy Motion System
One portable system that moves up to 12 decoys all day long! The most natural decoy system on the market! Package Contents; 1) motor pole 2) line anchor poles 1) motor bracket assembly pivot arm 14) 35 foot lines with clips on easy reel 1) decoy bands 1) jumbo battery band 1) 12 Volt Battery 1) 1 Volt Battery charger 1) duffel bag carry case
Filthy Fowl EZ Decoy Cleaner Filthy Fowl EZ Decoy Cleaner 1 pound
$14.99 - $329.99
Filthy Fowl E-Z Decoy Cleaner is a blend of biodegradable chemicals, which breaks down organic build up that adheres to the decoy throughout the season. Through rigorous testing on major manufacturer decoys, E-Z Decoy Cleaner has been proven to be hard on scum build up, while having no effects on the paint. Filthy Fowl is a spray-on, wash-off method which eliminates almost all of the physical labor of scrubbing dirt, scum and organic material of your decoys. You can clean up to 8 dozen standard decoys in less than an hour . Just spray the chemical on the decoys, wait 2-3 minutes to allow the chemicals to work, rinse and bag for your next hunt.
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