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Decoys-Misc & Accessories

Auto Jerk Decoy Motion System
One portable system that moves up to 12 decoys all day long! The most natural decoy system on the market! Package Contents; 1) motor pole 2) line anchor poles 1) motor bracket assembly pivot arm 14) 35 foot lines with clips on easy reel 1) decoy bands 1) jumbo battery band 1) 12 Volt Battery 1) 1 Volt Battery charger 1) duffel bag carry case
Deadly Decoys 1 Dozen Feeder Head Specklebelly Goose Decoys FACTORY 2NDS
Seconds - The brown paint is a little off on these heads. Could be easily fixed. Feeder Specklebelly Goose Heads: These feeder heads tie into our BackBone® Support giving the head movement and insuring that the heads are always facing into the wind. The intricate detail is fantastic. Made from a formulated Engineered Thermoplastic giving them durability and strength to with stand even the extreme temperatures of late season hunts. We recommend using 20-30% sentry heads in your windsock decoy spread. By using feeder and searcher heads in the rest of the spread you turn your windsocks into a full body windsock spread. These heads are designed to be used in conjunction with our thread on loops and Deadly® Decoys stakes. They can be added to any existing headless decoy with a support. A link to our Assembly Instructions are located on the left side of this page.
Mojo 4 Pack Clip on Dove Decoys
Harvesting Eurasian Dove all year? Capitalize on this excellent product and great pricing! Realistic, hard body molded plastic decoys that, unlike others on the market, are fitted with MOJO’s patented breast peg mounting system that also comes with a clothes pin adaptor allowing the mounting on just about any support, including limbs, wires, branches or support poles. Adds true realism, works well with the popular MOJO motorized decoy. Includes 4 per package.
Mojo Wind Dove
Harvesting Eurasian Dove all year? Capitalize on this excellent product and great pricing! Introducing the MOJO Outdoors® Wind Dove Spinning Wing Decoy. Wind-driven spinning wing decoys are popular in some areas, especially where motorized decoys are not allowed. Mojo, the world leader in such decoys, now offers their popular dove decoy in a wind-driven version: the Mojo Wind Dove. The Mojo Wind Dove spins with the slightest wind. The Wind Dove utilizes the popular patented breast peg and the included support pole. Realistic and effective with Mojo dependability! Manufacturer model #: HW7201. Realistic and effective. Spins in the slightest wind. Includes a patented breast peg and support pole.
Primos Whobblin Whalbit Decoy
Lifelike - Fur Rabbit Decoy, Quivering Motion Imitates Wounded Rabbit. Flexible - Wire Legs and Ears are Adjustable. 2 Stake Positions: Horizontal Action & Upright Posture. Powered by Decoy Heart™. Includes: Rabbit, Stake & Decoy Heart™.
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