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Decoys-Waterfowl & Accessories

Deadly Decoys 1 Dozen Feeder Head Specklebelly Goose Decoys FACTORY 2NDS
Seconds - The brown paint is a little off on these heads. Could be easily fixed. Feeder Specklebelly Goose Heads: These feeder heads tie into our BackBone® Support giving the head movement and insuring that the heads are always facing into the wind. The intricate detail is fantastic. Made from a formulated Engineered Thermoplastic giving them durability and strength to with stand even the extreme temperatures of late season hunts. We recommend using 20-30% sentry heads in your windsock decoy spread. By using feeder and searcher heads in the rest of the spread you turn your windsocks into a full body windsock spread. These heads are designed to be used in conjunction with our thread on loops and Deadly® Decoys stakes. They can be added to any existing headless decoy with a support. A link to our Assembly Instructions are located on the left side of this page.
Greenhead Gear Over Size Black Duck Rester 3PK
The Over-Size series combines larger size for higher visibility with the realism you have come to expect from GHG. Contains 3 Black Duck Rester Floater Decoys, 2D/1H
Sitka Full Choke Pack
FULL CHOKE PACK Intended Use: FULL DAY Shoots At 1,700 cubic inches, the Full Choke is engineered for refuge rats and all-day extraordinaires who require ample storage. Built from rugged 900D Cordura fabric with a Durable Water Resistant outer coating and a waterproof polyurethane inner coating, it easily handles anything mother nature can throw at it. The removable waist belt and hideaway shoulder straps let you turn the pack into a streamlined haul bag, while eight removable nooses make quick work of your bag limit. Volume: 1700 cubic inches Technology: Durable Water Repellent Finish Fabric Details: Polyester Woven & Nylon Woven Reinforcements
Wonderduck Super Tornado Drake
Tornado (Drake or Hen) comes with a 350rpm or 550rpm Motor and can be used with a variety of different colored paddling foot attachments and is available with optional 5 Sec On/Off Timer.
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