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Tactical Flashlights & Weapon Lights

Glock Tactical Light
Designed specifically for duty use under extreme circumstances. The high-resistant polymer casing holds Xenon-technology electronics packing high luminous power, available at the touch of the ergonomically-placed "Soft Switch."
GreatLite Cree 500 Tactical Flashlight
Made of durable aircraft aluminum. Solid, powerful and waterproof. Especially suited for outdoor and emergency use. Light but tough.
NcStar ATFLB (3-w Flashlight)
All Aluminum construction; 3 Watt Ultra-Bright LED. 65 Lumens peak output. Momentary and Constant on/off cap switch (compatible with AFWS pressure switch). Includes Weaver Style Ring Mount. Uses 2 CR123A Lithium Type Batteries (included). Dimensions (INCHES) 4.64Lx1Wx1.12H. Weight: 5.7oz. with batteries.
NcStar 150 Lumen LED Compact Flashlight QR w/Strobe
Quick Release Mount that will fit most Weaver/ Picatinny type rails. This model will fit Weaver/Picatinny type rails found on most mid size and compact semi-automatic pistols (not Sub-Compact and Pocket pistols). Push Button Rubber Switch on the left side of flashlight and a Push Button Rubber Strobe Button on the right side of the flashlight. 3 Watt Bright CREE LED 150 Lumens Peak Output.
NcStar DRGB135 Red/Green/Blue Dot Sight
Solidly constructed black anodized aluminum sighting system, featuring 3 levels of intensity for each dot color. This cantilever scope provides fast and accurate aiming in any lighting situation. The scope also offers unlimited eye relief and a wide field of vision, making it easier to quickly acquire and take down targets. The 30mm cantilever mount's height allows for dual usage of iron sights and the 1x35 red/ green/ blue dot. Provides greater accuracy and faster target acquisition.
NcStar Flashlight/ Laser Combo
The QR tactical green laser-flashlight set allows you to quickly switch back and forth from a Green. Laser to an LED flashlight by just changing the front assemblies. The tactical green laser-flashlight is an ultra bright green laser or a blinding 35 lumen LED flashlight in a compact sleek design. With a quick detachable Weaver style mount, you can quickly install and remove the powerful green laser or flashlight in seconds and mount it onto virtually any of your firearms without the use of tools. Precise windage and elevation adjustments on the green laser head, keep your shots on target. Constructed of solid anodized aluminum, this QR tactical green laser-flashlight set is tough as nails.
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3 Watt Bright CREE LED, 250 Lumen max output. Bezel mounted Mode Selector Ring. You can quickly switch between High and Low Intensity and Strobe feature. Strobe Flashlight feature will disorientate your target and extend battery life.
NcStar Vert Grip w/Strobe Flashlight & Red Laser
Ultra Bright 3W 200 Lumen CREE LED Flashlight with Crenellated Bezel with new Strobe feature for the flashlight and laser. Lightweight Glass Reinforced Nylon Ergonomically Textured Grip. Fully Adjustable (Windage & Elevation) Red Laser. 3-way Toggle Mode switch for: Flashlight Only, Laser Only, and Both Flashlight and Laser modes. Momentary and Constant On/Off Buttons.
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Quick Release Laser Designator Box with Green Laser and 4 Color LED NAV Lights. Fully adjustable Green Laser on the Left Pod that can be activated in three different ways: 45 degree angled Momentary Switch, Push button On/Off switch, or the included Remote Pressure Switch. Right Pod is 4 Color LED NAV lights: White, Red, Green, and Blue LED lights.
Predator Tactics Velcro Strap Shotgun Mount
Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hook & Loop Strap Shotgun Mount (Easily at attaches light to shotgun barrels without scratching service of barrel).
Predator Tactics Tactical Rifle Mount
Mounts to Picatinny Rail. Mounts to Scope. Aluminum Alloy. 1 inch ring. 70mm height (Mount Size).
Predator Tactics Scope Stabilizer Mount
$19.95 - $49.99
Mounts to most scopes and stabilizers. Screws down for a great fit. Minimum Size is 1 Iinch (25mm). Maximum Size is (30mm).
Predator Tactics Tail Cap Pressure Switch
Pressure switch tail cap threads into your bow stabilizer bushing. Attaches to the grip of your bow to allow activation of the light on demand.
Predator Tactics Rechargeable Batteries
18650 Li_Ion batteries. 2-4 hours of continuous use.
Predator Tactics Wall / Vehicle Charger
Wall and car charger. 12 volt input. 3.7 volt output.
Predator Tactics Red Coyote Reaper
The Coyote Reaper? is packed full of features that makes it superior to any hunting light kit on the market. Whether you are hunting fox in the timber, coyote hunting in the prairie or hog hunting in the mesquite, the Coyote Reaper? will adapt to any hunting situation. The Coyote Reaper? hunting light will allow you to flood the beam wide for cutting through the timber or tighten the beam down for those long range shots.
Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper IR Light Kit
The Coyote Reaper IR Light Kit by Predator Tactics comes with great features that will help maximize the distance on your Night Vision Optics. The Coyote Reaper IR light features the adjustable focus with an 850nm IR LED. Pushing 1000mw this IR Light will surely get you extra long range distances helping assure you of your targets identification. The Light is equipped with a push button tail cap and intensity control switch for controlling your IR intensity from 0% to 100%. This IR Light Kit is the perfect choice for Hunting Coyotes & Hogs with Gen 1 & Gen 2 Night Vision as well as digital Night Vision.
Predator Tactics Killbone Gunner's Edition
The KillBone Gunner's Edition makes for a great choice for your next Coyote Light. The Gunner's edition has 3 different mounting options included. So whether you need a Predator Light to attach to your scope, rail or shotgun this kit has you covered. The Quiet Intensity Control On/Off Remote Switch allows you to control the beams intensity from 0% to 100% brightness for those light shy predators. The adjustable focus is a must when Hunting Coyotes in tight spots and you'll excel at the game by being able to flood the beam for scanning with minimal movement. This little light will reach distances that will blow your mind when tightening down the beam, giving you target identification out past 225 yards and eye shine out past 600 yards.
Predator Tactics Killbone Hog Hunters Edition
Bowhunter's are fired up about the capabilities of the KillBone Hog Hunter's Edition with the Elevated Bow Rail Mounting System. The Quiet Intensity Control On/Off Remote Switch and the pair of Vibration Dampeners make for a silent assault on hogs where other Hog Lights fall short. You are able to control the lights intensity from 0% to 100% brightness letting you ease the intensity of the beam on those close range hogs so they don't spook. Included bonus is the Light Ring Rail Mount will attach to your firearms picatinny rail turning your bow light into a long range Coyote Light or Hog Light. This edition has set the bar high for Hog Hunting Lights.
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