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Auto Jerk Decoy Motion System
One portable system that moves up to 12 decoys all day long! The most natural decoy system on the market! Package Contents; 1) motor pole 2) line anchor poles 1) motor bracket assembly pivot arm 14) 35 foot lines with clips on easy reel 1) decoy bands 1) jumbo battery band 1) 12 Volt Battery 1) 1 Volt Battery charger 1) duffel bag carry case
Davis 12 volt Flapper Blade Decoy
12 Volt battery NOT included No remote
Duck Buddy's Wingit
$59.98 - $89.98
Wind Powered Spinning Wing that affixes to individual floating or full body duck decoys. Fits most size duck decoys with an expandable elastic cord. Free replacement bushings for life. Makes any size spread of decoys come to life!
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