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Rimfire rifles-Pump

Henry Pump Action .22 Octagon
$459.99 - $489.99
Sports a grooved receiver for mounting a scope, and Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sights with standard 3/8" dovetail slots enabling you to change sights if you choose to do so. Beautifully finished American walnut is used for the stock. The .22LR version can hold 15 rounds of .22LR and as much as 21 rounds of .22Short. The capacity of the .22 Magnum is 12 rounds. If you must extract an unfired cartridge from the chamber, we have included a grooved release button at the right front of the trigger guard. When pressed back, the lever unlocks the forend allowing it to be retracted to eject the unfired round.
Remington Model 572? Bdl? Deluxe Fieldmaster®
Richly blued carbon-steel barrel, generously checkered, high-gloss American walnut stock. Will handle .22 shorts, .22 longs and 22 lon-rifle cartridges interchangeably. Other common features include adjustable big-game sights, positive cross-bolt safety with Integrated Security System and grooving on the receiver for scope mounts.
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