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Bait cont., traps, livewells

Berkley Floating Wire Basket
Styrene float trap door. Spring loaded bottom trap door. Bottom reinforcement ring and sturdy wire handle.
Boone Poly Chum Bag
Holds chum that`s needed to attract fish to your boat and line. The bag is made from a poly material and keeps chum contained.
Boone 5 Gallon Chum Bag
Boone has a Chum Bag strong enough to hold your 5 gallon special recipe. This heavy duty chum bag holds up to 30 lbs of chum. This 23" long by 12" diameter chum bag made with heavy duty nylon coated material and has extra weep holes for increased scent distribution.
Challenge 5-Gallon Minnow Lid
Our original lid converts a five gallon bucket into a minnow bucket with an easy to open lid, aerator bracket and air hose inlet hole.
Challenge Eliminator Lid
The tackle box Eliminator Lid fits all five gallon buckets and stores cut bait, terminal tackle, etc. in its three compartments of varying depths. The fourth opening allows access to the contents of your bucket.
Challenge Minnow Trap
Two-pieces are easily assembled to facilitate minnow catching and disassembled for space saving storage. Natural polypropylene material takes on the color of the surrounding water and never rusts.
Challenge Tornado Seat
Built with the highest quality materials, this durable lid turns with a quiet ball bearing swivel action and converts a bucket to a storage/seat combination that is ideal for anglers, hunters, mechanics and hobbyists.
Eagle Claw Belt Bait Box
2 Compartment. Snap lid.
Eagle Claw Wire Fish Basket
$8.49 - $15.99
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Baskets are a great way to keep your catch fresh and alive for a whole day of fishing. These baskets feature tough styrene floating trap doors to keep them above water, wire mesh construction, and spring-loaded doors on the top and bottom.
Eagle Claw Bait Traps
$9.59 - $9.69
9" diameter X 16-1/2" long. Black.
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Basket
$9.99 - $18.99
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Baskets are a great way to keep your catch fresh and alive for a whole day of fishing. These baskets feature tough styrene floating trap doors to keep them above water, wire mesh construction, spring-loaded doors on the top and bottom, and are fully collapsible for easy storage.
Eagle Claw Galvanized Minnow Trap
9" diameter x 16-1/2" long.
Eagle Claw Chum Pot
This heavy gauge wire mesh chum pot is a must for all anglers and is made to drop evenly, every time.
Flambeau Belt Mate
Wormproof bait carrier. Vented, snap-latch cover. Attaches to any belt up to 2 1/2" wide. Keeps live bait cool, fresh and within reach. Light grey. 7" X 3 5/8" X 3 1/2".
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Our Black Torpedo Minnow Trap is made up of a black vinyl to offer some camoflauge in the water. Held together with a line hook to also attach rope to the shoreline or secure object. Top and bottom half conveniently fit inside of each other for easy storage.
Frabill Cricket Cage
$6.69 - $7.39
Use crickets with greater ease, less loss. The wide-open top on #1280 is designed for easier access. #1285 features a tubular shape, flexible funnel to deliver crickets one at a time. Cricket loading is simple with Frabill's sliding bottom access lid. Tough, long lasting galvanized metal/polystyrene construction. Built-in carrying handle.
Frabill Lil Fisherman
The Lil Fisherman is the perfect insulated container to transport your worms to your favorite fishing spot. Bait is always on top with the unique twin top system. Comes complete with Super-Gro? Worm Bedding.
Frabill Leech Tote
Twist off bait strainer allows easy sorting and selection. Long lasting molded polystyrene construction. Compact size for a better fit in coolers and live wells.
Frabill Worm & Leech Lodge
$9.39 - $11.49
Both containers come with an insulated foam insert and easy open twist-lock top with ventilated lid. Yellow/white.
Frabill Crawfish Traps
$10.99 - $35.99
Traps feature heavy-duty steel mesh construction that's vinyl coated to help protect the mesh. Camouflage black color blends in underwater. Both traps feature inverted funnel shaped cones with 2.25: entry holes. Crawfish can enter easily but can't escape. Model 1272 features a convenient two-piece design that opens in the middle for easy baiting and removal of your catch. Model 1273 features a three-piece design for larger capacity catches. Come complete with heavy-duty spring clip closures.
Frabill Deluxe Minnow Trap
Special heavy duty steel mesh construction. Trap is vinyl dipped to help protect the mesh and provide a smoother surface to reduce algae build-up. Black color provides a camouflage effect blending in underwater so the trap is less visible to bait and over curious passerby. Popular torpedo shape works well in slack water or current. Special diamond mesh pattern will not collect debris and allows free flow of water through the trap. Two-piece design allows easy access to baitfish and makes it a breeze to bait-up. Comes complete with heavy-duty spring clip closure.
Frabill Leech Bag
Ideal for short term storage and transport of leeches. Fresh water flows easily through the mesh bag, keeping leeches lively throughout the day. The all-important hook and loop closures seal off escape routes from these skilled contortionists. Dual tabs make opening fast and simple.
Frabill Habitat Worm Boxes
$13.49 - $22.99
Constructed of thick foam, Habitat containers maximize bait survival by keeping baits insulated and cool. Each Habitat features aeration vents that supply a constant exchange of fresh air to keep bedding and bait fresh. Habitat's come with a supply of Frabill's Super-Gro worm bedding. Tight fitting insulated lids assure that no bait escapes and the bedding does not dry out.
Frabill Galvanized Minnow Trap
2 pc. design for easy baiting & removal of catch. Heavy-Duty galvanized steel mesh construction. Torpedo shape works in current or calm waters. Complete with spring clip closure.
Frabill Crawler Cribs
$18.49 - $23.99
These rugged bait containers are constructed of a non-corroding frame and fiber walls that "breathe." The small sized container features doors on opposite sides to make bait retrieval easy. The large box has an extra large opening on one side. Both with one door.
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