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Crabbing Nets & Supplies

Adventure Sea Shell Collection Bag
The mesh bag allows sand to escape and it's easy to rinse the shells while in the bag.
Anglers Choice Crabbin' Kit
Kit includes: Four 25' crablines with throw weights and clips to hold bait. One size fits all no-slip handling glove, and 1 pair of long handled tongs with big finger loops.
Crab Master Crab Meat Picker
Patented machine designed to extract meat from the Atlantic blue crab. If used as directed, the Crabmaster is guaranteed to perform as advertised. Just place the crab in the machine, pull the lever and rake out the crabmeat. After you get familiar with the Crabmaster, you can get the meat out of about 3 dozen crabs in 15 to 20 minutes. With the Crabmaster, you get more meat and less shell per crab than when boiled or steamed and hand- picked.
Cumings Promotional Crab Net
$7.89 - $40.74
Polyethylene netting. 7/8" wood handle. Galvanized steel frame.
Cumings Aluminum Crab Net
Aluminum handle and bow. Lightweight for continuous use. 1 1/4" polyethylene netting. 13 1/2" X 14" bow size. 16" net depth. 10', 2-piece handle.
Down East Clam Rakes
$35.99 - $54.99
5' clam scratch rakes. 4, 6 or 10 round teeth and a 60" varnished wood handle. Available with or without basket.
E-Z Catch Non-Folding Crab Traps
$11.49 - $13.49
This trap is fully assembled and features PVC coating. It is constructed with no compromises assures complete satisfaction. It features weighted doors and built-in bait clips. Choose from red or yellow.
E-Z Catch Pvc Coated Folding Crab Trap
$14.49 - $20.99
Fully assembled, this patented E-Z Catch design means hassle-free crabbing. 2 weighted doors & a large bait holder make it easy to set the trap right every time. Bright colors add appeal.
E-Z Catch Weekender 2 Door Trap
Fully assembled, PVC coated traps come in a variety of colors and sizes for every fisherman's appeal. Superior construction with no compromises assures complete satisfaction. Features weighted doors and built-in bait clips. Other colors available through special order only.
E-Z Catch Lead-Free Chum Pot
Made with PVC coated wire mesh. Zinc bar replaces polluting lead. Simple and practical design.
Eagle Claw Crab Trap-Chum Pot Line
48 foot all purpose braided poly cord. Abrasion resistant and super strong. Also great for camping and hunting.
Eagle Claw Crab Trap Bait Bag
Made of strong plastic. These bags extend the "life" of the bait and will therefore increase the catch.
Eagle Claw Crab Snare
Allows you to catch crabs where you weren't able to before. Places like jetties, rock walls, the surf, and breakwaters are no longer a problem.
Eagle Claw Crab Trap Gates
Reset the crab trap with the Eagle Claw ® Crab Trap Gate replacement. These replaceable gates are designed for the 10160-016 6-door crab trap. You can quickly replace the gate to ensure that the keepers will not escape.
Eagle Claw Crab Trap Bait Cage
The Eagle Claw ® Crab Trap Bait Cage is designed to hold your bait in place. This square, black steel cage releases undersized crabs as well as other small animals. Crab Trap Bait Cage attaches to any standard crab trap.
Eagle Claw Crab Traps
$7.19 - $7.99
Square and star shaped crab traps made of heavy gauge, black finish steel wire.
Eagle Claw Clam Nets
Catch clams with ease.
Eagle Claw Crab Rings
Harness 3-Arm
Eagle Claw Crab Float
Eagle Claw Clam Rake Baskets
Clamming is great fun, easy to do and has delicious results. Handle and teeth are coated with a corrosion-resistant finish.
Eagle Claw 6
Round tines. Two piece handle for easy storage.
FJ Neil Snap Trap Crab Trap
Two side entry design. Comes completely assembled and ready to use. Collapses flat for easy storage and transporting. Simply pull on the take-up lines and the trap magically assembles itself and is ready to use.
FJ Neil Crab Trap
Box-type crab trap.10 1/2" X 10½" X 10½". Black.
Folbe Crab Pot Pulley
This heavy-duty multi-use crustacean pulley is made of glass-filled nylon for tasks requiring the toughest equipment. It features a nylon sheave with an Oilite bushing and stainless steel hardware. The unique open block configuration means quicker work. Comes with a nickel-plated brass swivel or hot-dip three-link chain.
Foxy-Mate Crab Trap
$9.09 - $10.99
Catch more crabs with the easier-to-assemble FOXY-MATE. Its patented low-profile design and lower center of gravity, trap lowers into the water without toppling over. Sides close faster, too. Folds flat to take up a minimal amount of space in boat or storage area. Includes four cable ties to secure the top to the upright and a large reusable cable tie bait holder. Made of fully galvanized wire; line included. Individually packaged in illustrated, sealed plastic bag.
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