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Crimping pliers, swagers

AFW Crimping & Cutting Pliers
This tool has three crimping dies designed for crimping AFW's single barrel leader sleeves up to size No. S5. Front diagonal cutter will cut soft single strand and multi strand leader wire. Drop forged steel construction.
AFW Crimping Tool
American Fishing Wire Tools are commited to solid design and construction. These pliers are durable and can become a handy favorite in your toolbox when you need something quick and easy with which to manipulate or crimp. Pocket Sized crimping/cutting tool. Use with AFW single barrel crimp sleeves. Extremely powerful jaws. Cutting Tip great for mono, single strand, soft wire or multi strand leaders. Drop Forged Steel Construction.
Anglers Choice SS Mini Crimper
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Billfisher Hand Crimper
$15.49 - $43.99
Four-position tool crimps wire and mono from 50 lb. to 450 lb. test. Complete with hardened side cutter. The perfect tools for a professional crimp on Sea StrikerĀ® double sleeves. The Deluxe models feature special heat treated satin finish jaws and chrome handles for maximum corrosion resistance. Clam-packed individually.
Billfisher Heavy Duty Crimper
Our highest quality hand tool for crimping copper double and aluminum sleeves. You will be amazed at the leverage of this tool. Our special design, with cross pivot jaws, allows all crimps to be done with ease. The wide crimping surface allows most sleeves to be crimped with a single action. Complete with cushioned EVA grips.
Billfisher Heavy-Duty Swager
This professional, adjustable hand swager by Sea Striker will handle crimps from 1.0mm to 4.2mm with ease. Tool is 16" long with non-slip grips. Crimping head has five fixed positions. Our highest quality hand crimper.
Billfisher Deluxe Heavy Duty Hand Swager
This tool features a special heat treated satin finish on the jaws, chrome plated hardened bolts, and black epoxy finished handles for maximum saltwater protection. Complete with non-slip rubber grips.
Billfisher Heavy-Duty Bench Crimper
The Billfisher heavy-duty bench crimper by Sea Striker has five fixed hole positions. Adjustable tension. Wood base for mounting. Crimps sleeves 1.8mm to 3.3mm. Can be used commercially.
Boone Crimping Tool
10" long, have nickel coated heads and foam, non-slip handles. Hardened cutting edges for clean cuts. Crimps four sizes of sleeves.
Boone Swager Tool
10" long, have nickel coated heads and foam, non-slip handles. Hardened cutting edges for clean cuts. Crimps four sizes of sleeves. Stainless steel frame.
Boone Tool Rigging Kit
Deluxe Heavy Duty 10 1/4" Crimping Tool for four die sizes. This all stainless steel tool has non-slip custom grips. Important...rinse tools, wipe clean and lightly oil hinge for smooth operation. Rigging Kit contains a variety of sleeves and stainless steel thimbles and nylon thimbles.
The 11" Cuda Crimper features an integrated Titanium Bonded Wire Cutter that will stay sharper for a longer period of time. The handles are Cuda scale pattern and allow for non-slip grip. The full tang construction is visible through the handle design.
Calcutta Stainless Steel Crimpers
$13.99 - $22.99
Quality stainless steel constructing. Chrome plated mirror polish finish for superior corrosion resistance. Standard size crimp slots and tag and cutter. Easy to find bright yellow handles. Fresh and saltwater approved.
P-Line 10
$13.99 - $22.99
The perfect choice for any outdoorsman. Our tools come with a comfortable EVA grip or standard non-slip grip.
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