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Landing Nets

Adventure Ego®
Extends with a simple twist. Extends to 5 feet. 12" deep net. Rust resistant wire & handle.
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$54.99 - $69.99
Beckman Landing Nets
$99.99 - $129.99
Brunken Expando Shrimp Net
Expando shrimp net, ideal to use from bridges and piers. 6' Handle telescopes to 12' and 18'.
Coghlans Butterfly Net
Great fun catching butterflies, fireflies, and other flying insects. Simple instructions on package. Sturdy 10 in (25.4 cm) diameter hoop. Deep, secure mesh netting. 42 in. (107 cm) long handle.
CUDA Telescoping Net
$104.99 - $154.99
Cumings Butterfly/Beach Net
Features 20" plastic handle. 9½" diameter bow. 13" deep white nylon netting with super soft fine mesh.
Cumings Aluminum Trout Landing Nets
$8.39 - $10.99
Features stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use. Strong 1/2" aluminum frame. Deluxe quality grips and 3/4" polyethylene mesh.
Cumings Promotional Trout Nets
Strong ½" aluminum frames. ¾" polyethylene trout netting. Scooper style available at no charge. 0354-0227: Deluxe quality grips.Bow Size: 14" x 11". Total Length: 19½". Net Depth: 20". 0354-0228: Deluxe quality grips.Bow Size: 19½" x 14". Total Length: 25". Net Depth: 30". 00354-0229: Deluxe quality grips.
Cumings Shad Sand Flea Nets
$8.99 - $9.39
0354-0214: features; 12"X14" Galvanized Steel Frame, 14" depth White Ace Mesh net, 7/8" Wood Handle, 48" Length. 0354-0216: eatures; 12"X14" Galvanized Steel Frame, 14" depth White Ace Mesh Net, 1" Wood Handle, 60" Length.
Cumings Fish Saver Trout Landing Net
$9.89 - $10.49
1/2" black anodized bows. Deluxe quality grips. Black super soft 1/2" mesh nylon material that will not gill even the smallest trout. Heavy-duty elastic cord. Features stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use.
Cumings Black Trout Landing Nets
Features heavy duty 8" handle with retractable cord with snap. 1/2" or 1/4" Hook free mesh.
Cumings Minnow Nets
Features a heavy galvanized steel bow, quality 54" wood handle and polyethylene netting. Frame diameter: 15". Net depth: 24", 1/4" - 3/8" mesh. Features stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use.
Cumings Bully (Lobster) Net
Heavy duty steel frame. Heavy polyethylene netting. 1 1/8" wood handle with a steel ferrule for added strength. Great for catching lobster. 18.5" bow, 72" long.
Cumings Black Landingpear Shaped Boat Nets
$23.99 - $26.99
1/2" black anodized bows, 1" black anodized diamond embossed handles, black heavy polyethylene netting. Features stainless screws & hardware for saltwater use.
Cumings Crappie Tournamentseries Landing Net
$23.99 - $24.99
Featuring 1/2" heavy duty bows. 1" diamond embossed black anodized handles. Heavy-duty polyethylene netting. Truth-be-told measuring system on handle. Foam grip. Stainless steel powder-coated screw.
Cumings Floating Aluminum Canadian Scooper Landing Nets
$25.99 - $39.99
Scooped bows for ease in handling your catch. 1" anodized, diamond embossed handles. Corked heavy wall handles and bows. Polyethylene netting. Features stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use.
Cumings Limited Edition Boat Net
1/2" anodized heavy bows and self aligning anodized telescoping handles. Heavy polyethylene netting. Stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use. Limited edition color.
Cumings Ez-Fold Boat Net
18" x 17" net features a telescopic handle.
Cumings Knotless Promo Nets
$30.99 - $35.99
PVC coated black knotless nylon that will not harm the scales on the fish.
Cumings Ghost Rubber Wood Trout Net
5-ply laminated fiberglass and bamboo frame finished with a high-glass water resistant finish, American made hardware and elastic cords.
Cumings Salmon & Steelhead Landing Nets
$32.99 - $47.99
Black plastic grips, bulk head bows. Extra heavy 5/8" bows and 48" handles. Black heavy polyethylene net is 48" deep. Slide -A-Way handles. Features stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use. 26-1/2"x30-1/2" bow 48" long 48" depth. 0354-0150: 19x23x12". 0354-0180: Boat net is 21.5"x 25" bow 36" handle
Cumings Pier Drop Nets
Features stainless screws and hardware for saltwater use. Heavy-duty poly for landing game fish. PN-30 - 30" diameter, 1/4" galvanized steel ring. 36" deep, 1" mesh polyethylene netting. PN-36 - 36" diameter, 5/16" galvanized steel ring. 36" deep, 1 1/4" mesh heavy polyethylene netting.
Cumings Telescoping Metal Smelt & Shad Net
Solid steel frame with zinc plated steel collapsible mesh netting. Individually bagged to store flat. 37"-66" handle length, 18" frame dia. with a 18" net depth.
Cumings Bass Tour Series Landing Nets
$37.99 - $39.99
Bicycle Handlebar style grip. Ultra-Lite poly carbonate yoke. Removable slide-a-away (S.A.W.) handle. Black anodized bow & handle. Heavy hook-free netting, stainless screws, springs & buttons, bass specific hangtag & graphics. 0354-0130:17"x21" bow 24" long, 24" depth. 0354-0131:17"x21" bow 30" long, 24" depth. 0354-0132: 19.5"x21"5 bow 36" long, 24" depth
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