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Lure rigging accessories

AFW Copper Rigging Wire
$2.89 - $42.99
Soft copper wire is deal for rigging live bait, artificial baits and is the traditional method for rigging ballyhoo.
AFW Stainless Steel Split Rings
Spring temper stainless steel Split Rings are rigid and strong. You can attach them quickly to other components using the handy AFW Split Ring Pliers. Available in Stainless Steel finish.
Atlas-Mike's Bait Sac Floaters
$2.19 - $3.59
Used especially to tie egg or bait sacs. Replaces 25% of bait with floaters. Keeps bait off the bottom. 300 per bag.
Atlas-Mike's Spawn Nets
$2.29 - $5.39
Soft nylon netting for cluster or single egg spawn sacs. Single eggs, clusters, cheese, liver, etc. Makes up to 40 average-size sacs. Available in nylon rolls and 4" squares.
Atlas-Mike's Spawn Sac Ty'R Kit
Keeps bait on hook longer. Kit includes everything needed to tie spawn or other types of bait sacs. Sac tying machine, two rolls super soft nylon, "Magic" thread, bait sac floaters, along with easy to use instructions.
$6.99 - $11.99
Keeps bait in place when casting or trolling. Bait will not slip back causing miss hits. Bait Buttons are perfect for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Bass and other Game Fish. The easily re-fillible dispenser comes pre-loaded with Bait Buttons.
Beau-Mac Wedgies Stops
Position Chaters, drift bobber, beads and strikers on fishing line.
No Image
Soft Bead Oval sz 4 (sm) Glow Pink, 25 per card
No Image
Soft Bead Oval sz 5 (lrg) Glow Pink, 20 per card
Billfisher Luminous Beads
$2.69 - $2.79
10 mm oval-shaped luminous glow beads. Packed in vinyl tuck bags. (20 Pack)
Billfisher Rigging Wire
$3.09 - $4.39
Soft copper wire is ideal for sewing bait or rigging ballyhoo. 50 pieces of 9" wire in a plastic tube. Tubes are packed individually in a hang-up poly bag with header card.
Billfisher Rigging Needles
$4.29 - $12.49
Stainless steel open-eye rigging needles. Packed in reusable hang-up poly bag with header card. 0029-1517
Billfisher Rigging Spring
$4.59 - $5.99
The stainless steel rigging spring is the ideal item to quickly rig ballyhoo, cigar minnows or other natural bait fish. Eliminates the need for wire or rubber bands. Allows you to rig a bait in seconds and keep the bait's mouth tightly closed while trolling. Complete with instructions. With header.
Blue Water Candy Rubber Bands
$10.49 - $12.49
Rubber Bands
Brad's Roe Bead Pegs
Brad's Roe Bead Pegs - Secure your beads or other weights so they don't slide on the line with the Brad's Roe Bead Pegs. Be prepared and get a pack of these and have plenty to spare as you put together your terminal tackle for those fishing trips.
Brad's Roe Bead
$2.59 - $4.39
Whether free drifting or pegging, these beads are a perfect match for variable water conditions and situations.
Brad's Reflective Tape
$2.89 - $4.19
Three 6" pieces per pack.
Brad's Replacement Foam Scent Pads & Bands
$3.79 - $5.69
Replacement foam scent pads and Bands for Brad's super Bait. Use with your favorite scents.
Brad's Tee Beads
Not only do they dress up rigs, but Brad's Tee Beads also protect rod tips from swivels and keep debris off your sinkers. Per 10.
Brad's Split Rings
$4.59 - $4.99
Split Rings
Braid Trolling Harnesses
$14.49 - $14.99
4 feet of multi-strand cable connects to a McMahann style swivel and rubber sleeve, making this a quick and effective way to rig your high-speed trolling lures.
Buzz Bomb Bumpers
For Buzz Bombs, Zingers & other free-sliding lures.
Buzz Bomb Zing L Hooks
Positions its self to correct angle behind all free sliding lures.
Calcutta Rigging Beads
Can be used for a variety of rigging applications. 10mm beads, 20 per pack
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