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AFW Tooth Proof® Wire Cutter
Tempered steel blades shear spring hard wire and cable clean leaving a flat, safe-to-handle straight edge. Spring operated hinge provides comfort by reducing fatigue.
Anglers Choice Forceps & Spool Lanyard
5" stainless steel locking forceps with 18" retractable wire spool lanyard. Spool attaches to vest, belt or shirt. Great for quick release and hook outs.
Anglers Choice Fisherman'S Forceps
A must for deep hook removal. Stainless steel progressive lock and grooved jaws. Soft cushion grips. Available in 5" straight or curved.
Anglers Choice 5.5
Straight stainless steel big finger loops with progressive lock.
Anglers Choice 5
Stainless steel construction 90° fine taper split nose design to easily open split rings.
Anglers Choice Big Loop Forceps
7" curved stainless steel forceps with big finger loops, deep jaws and cushion grips.
Anglers Choice Stainless Steelpromo Pliers
Slimline pin hinge design with vinyl grips. Hand sewn heavy-duty nylon, closed end belt sheath.
Anglers Choice Lead Posting Tools
$12.99 - $15.49
All stainless steel construction. H.D. Pin-hinged head design. Under-head hollow core cutter. Under-head lead flattener. Case hardened posting pin. Overhead-head crush-side cutter. Lead pincher needle nose. No-slip grips. Split-ring nose option. LPS-766: 6.5" stainless steel Lead Post Plier with vinyl grips. LPM-677: 6.5" stainless steel Posting/Split Ring with vinyl grips.
Anglers Choice Split Ring Pliers
5" stainless steel split ring pliers. Comes with 10 each #1 - 1A thru #6 stainless split rings in a 7 compartment storage box.
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Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Stainless Steel Scissors
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Curved Tip Forceps
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Stainless Steel Forceps
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Fisherman's Pliers
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Stainless Pliers
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Long Nose Pliers
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Anglers Choice Lead Post Pliers P.O.P. Kit
6.5" Stainless steel pin hinge design pliers have a box hinge design, pliers have a case hardened lead posing pin, an underhead lead flattener, pincher and an overhead core/crush cutter. Use to build custom break away rings. Packed 12 No Break.
Baker Stainless Steel Straight Forceps
$3.89 - $6.49
This 5 ½" Forceps is easy to use in retrieving small hooks and flies from your catch. Made of stainless steel with serrated jaws allows for a firm grip on hooks or flies. Forceps are designed with a long nose and locking handle with serrated jaws to provide a powerful grip. Plus these Forceps easily fit in your tackle box or fly vest.
Baker Scissor 'N Forceps
These multi-purpose 6 ½" Scissor / Forceps work great for hook removal, weight crimping and de-barbing hooks. Made of saltwater resistant stainless steel this tool offers three locking positions to maximize leverage. Plus, Scissor / Forceps are sized to easily fit in tackle boxes or fly vests.
Baker Plier/Forcep Kit
Includes stainless steel pliers and 6" forceps.
Baker Plier Combo
Includes 6" pliers, line nipper and forceps. The small diameter needle point pliers are designed with a line cutter and serrated jaws for a firm grip. Forceps also have serrated jaws and locking handle with extra large finger loops. Both are stainless steel tools and have coated handles. Line nipper is designed with a Jig-eye punch and fishing line clipper in one tool.
Beau-Mac Spring Grip Long & Bent Nose Pliers
Quality long or bent nose pliers features spring grip, black nickel finish, comfort grip and lanyard. functions include split ring tool, cuter and sleeve crimper.
Beau-Mac Lead Post Pliers
Beau Mac Lead Posting Pliers - These pliers are designed for steelhead and salmon fisherman to cut, flatten and punch lead wire. These quality posting pliers feature a spring-loaded grip, black nickel finish, rubber comfort grip, and lanyard.
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