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Rod making accessories

Aftco Roller Guide Assembly
Complete assembly which includes the roller, pin, bearing, and screw. Assembled.
Aftco Top Roller Assembly
A replacement assembly for your Aftco roller tops size 8L through 14
Aftco Roller Tip-Tops
$12.49 - $12.99
For all types & standard sizes of saltwater trolling and deepwater rods. Featuring stainless steel rollers, pins, bearings & screws. Highly resistant to corrosion & virtually foul-proof.
Berkley Rod Tip Repair Kit
Three 7/16" diameter replacement tips. Quick-dry cement.
Carlson Fishin' Glue
$5.59 - $7.99
1/3 oz. Bottle of Specialized Low-Viscosity Fishing Adhesive. Waterproof & Scentless. Thousands of Uses Strengthens knots on all types of fishing lines Holds soft plastic baits, trailers on hooks & jigs Repairs cracked rods, loose guides and broken lures instantly No waiting, cures in 2 - 5 seconds on most materials Hunters - secure knots on decoy lines and repair arrow fletching
Eagle Claw Rod Tip Repair Kits
$6.49 - $10.49
Kits includes rod tips and rod cement.
Flex Coat Thermal Plastic Tip Top Adhesive
This adhesive is ideal for installing the tip tops on blanks. It will maintain a high strength bond in all temperatures and retains flexibility when cold. The bond will hold even under extreme heat conditions, such as closed cars on summer days.
Flex Coat Color Preserver
This strong, non-yellowing color preserver provides great penetration and color retention. The easy to use, non-toxic formula cleans up quickly with water. Apply 2 or 3 coats on regular thread. Apply one coat on N.C.P. thread if sealer is desired.
Flex Coat Brushes, Syringes, Cups & Sticks
Non-shedding brushes, color-coded syringes, mixing cups and sticks.
Flex Coat Loaded Syringe Kit
Large 12 cc syringes come filled and ready to use. Enough finish to complete 4 average rods. Kit includes a 12 cc syringe loaded with part "A" resin, a 12 cc syringe loaded with part "B" hardener, 4 finishing brushes, 4 mixing cups and 4 mixing sticks.
Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish
$13.99 - $64.99
Ultra V's unsurpassed UV protection and improved chemical stability results in unequaled clarity and brightness, while maintaining the highest durability and flexibility properties of any finish on the market today. Professionals will appreciate the extended pot life and improved self-leveling properties of these finishes. High Build Formula.
Flex Coat Rod Builders' Epoxy Glue
$15.99 - $25.99
This is a professional, high strength, waterproof clear bonding material. Perfect for gluing reel seats, ferrules, gimbals, handles, grips, roller tip tops, cork rings, butt caps, and general repair. Instructions included.
Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish Super Kit
Kit includes 2 oz. Kit Flex Coat Rod Wrapping finish, 2 color coded syringes, 5 finishing brushes, 5 mixing cups, and 5 mixing sticks.
Fuji Aluminum Oxide All-Purpose Casting & Spinning Rod Tops
$2.09 - $2.19
Aluminum oxide tops, no shock ring.
Fuji Aluminum Oxide All-Purpose Casting & Spinning Tops
$2.09 - $37.90
Description includes Tube size inside diameter.
Fuji Anglers World Hot Melt Glue
For cementing rod tips.
Fuji EZ Rod Hook Keeper
Easy to use, comes with 2 O-rings to fit most blank diameters. Folds down out of the way, so it won't become entangled in the line when casting your lure. Useful with a wide range of hooks. Adapts to any position on the rod. Works as a line keeper, great for when you want to pick up and move quickly to another spot and keep those lines from getting tangled.
Fuji Rod Repair Kit
$8.09 - $12.99
A conveniently packaged kit for use by the fisherman to repair most fishing rod tips. Kit contains three of the most widely used rod tips as well as a tube of Hot Melt Glue. BPOT8 (6), 8 (7), 8 (8). Black.
Fuji Micro Rod Repair Kit
Includes 3 tops and a tube of rod top glue.
Fuji Rod Tip Gauge
Allows you to size rod tips 3.5 to 28.0. Carded.
No Image
Micro Guide repair kit allows quick repairs of damaged running guides on micro rods. Includes most popular 4.5mm black stainless guides to match most micro rods. 3 each 4.5mm BLOG guides.
Fuji Aluminum Oxide All-Purpose Casting & Spinning Guides
$9.99 - $18.99
In addition to being lighter and stronger, these guides are made without a shock ring for better sensitivity.P
Fuji Aluminum Oxide Rod Guide Set
Aluminum Oxide Rod Guide Set
Fuji Aluminum Oxide Rod Guides
$13.90 - $14.90
Aluminum Oxide ring material. Black stainless frame material. Single Foot. Medium Duty. Stripper and/or running guide.
Fuji Aluminum Oxide Casting Guides
$14.90 - $30.90
In addition to being lighter and stronger, these guides are made without a shock ring for better sensitivity.
No Image
Includes 2-part, 10 minute epoxy rod finish, Fuji Ultra POLY Black thread, application brushes and rod repair booklet.
Fuji Concept
$28.90 - $29.90
Concept "O" Micro Rod Guides
Fuji Aluminum Oxide Micro Rod Top
Aluminum Oxide Micro Rod Top
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