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Spears, gigs & poles

B&M Skin Packed Fish Spears
$3.39 - $29.99
Hand-forged spring steel, needle sharp points, premium grade.
B&M Stainless Steel Frog/Fish Spears
We've re-created our most popular sized frog and fish spears in brilliant and durable stainless steel. Hand-forged to our specifications with needle-sharp points and barbs, these spears are a "lifetime investment" for the spear fisherman, and designed to perform for generations to come. Blister-packed for attractive and convenient display. includes mounting screw. Spear Handles sold separately.
Cumings Frog Gigs
Black 5-prong solid steel gig. 1-1/8" two-piece aluminum handle.
Eagle Claw Frog Spear
$3.09 - $4.29
Eagle Claw Fish Spear
$5.39 - $9.59
All-metal Fish Spear with barbed prongs. Pre-drilled to accept a stick or pole.
Frabill Deluxe Frog Gigs
$26.99 - $33.99
Lightweight, durable telescopic tubular aluminum handles provide extra reach yet collapse down for easy transport and storage. Both feature extra sharp 2.5" wide 5 tine steel spearhead.
O&H Aluminum & Wood Flounder Gigs
$7.59 - $23.99
3/4" Aluminum handle gigs with stainless steel prongs. 1" Wooden handle gigs with stainless steel prong.
Sea Striker Gigs
$27.99 - $79.99
Stainless steel heads with lathe-sharpened points. Gigs are made to screw into our aluminum handles.
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