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Bulk Hooks-Double,Treble

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
$3.49 - $38.90
4X strong, straight point, Lazer Sharp®. L77BKU Features 4X strong, straight point, Lazer Sharp®.
Eagle Claw Lake & Stream Hook
$24.99 - $74.99
Regular shank, curved point, 2X strong bronze.
Mustad Classic Treble Hook
$1.79 - $59.99
MVL-V1 point technology. Needle point. Standard length shank. Treble hook eye. Nor-Tempered.
Mustad Classic Treble Hook
$2.19 - $13.49
Gold plated and ringed.
Mustad Classic Treble Hook
$2.89 - $25.99
Ringed and reliable treble hooks have durable hook points that penetrate and hold fish. Each 3X strong hook has a ringed eye and terrific strength for hard-fighting fish, and the special Duratin coating provides protection against harsh saltwater conditions. Duratin hooks
Mustad Kingfish Treble Hook
$6.79 - $15.99
Super sharp point, 4X strong, ringed.
Mustad Classic Double Hook
$8.29 - $22.99
Double, ringed, loose.
No Image
$25.99 - $27.99
Big on expediency, Mustad's new kits offer a convenient quick and ready organizing solution packed with Mustad components, neatly organized in a foam-lined waterproof plastic box that measures 5.9 by 3.6 by 1.75 inches when closed. Technique oriented kits (bass, walleye, inshore saltwater and pike) include best-selling Mustad UltraPoint Hooks, Split Rings, and Fastach Replacement Clips (all matched to size) and a pair of Mustad Stainless Steel Braid Cutter/Split Ring Pliers.
Mustad Classic Double I.P. Hook
$114.99 - $129.99
Ringed, extra short shank, extra strong, ringed.
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