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Saltwater Jig

Ahi Assault Diamond Jig Single Hook
$3.99 - $6.49
This bait has all the benefits of a standard diamond jig but with added enhancements designed to improve both performance and durability. Ahi jigs make use of a thicker gauge loop at both ends for extra strength. The hook end has welded rings while the line end makes use of a high strength swivel.
Ahi Assault Diamond Jigs
$4.49 - $14.49
This new bait has all the benefits of a standard diamond jig but with added enhancements designed to improve both performance and durability. Ahi jigs make use of a thicker gauge loop at both ends for extra strength. The hook end has welded rings while the line end makes use of a high strength swivel.
Ahi Live Deception Jigs
$6.89 - $14.99
Live Deception Jigs are designed with real fish images laser printed (not wrapped) onto jigs to highlight the highest level of accuracy and realistic definition. We will have them available in the 3 most popular baits on the California coast - Sardine, Mackerel, and Anchovy. Imagine this.. When fish are keyed in on pinhead anchovies, grab a 2" long, 1 oz Live Deception Anchovy and you'll be sure to hook up. Live Deception Jigs are made with heavy duty hardware, including Mustad 3X hooks, welded rings, and fully wire through construction to ensure you land that trophy fish. This is as real as an iron will get.
Ahi Live Deception Jigs W/Assist Hook
$8.09 - $16.99
Live Deception Assist Jigs are the result of the latest technology and fishing style combined. This new revolutionary process transfers real images of live baitfish directly onto the jig body. The result is an extremely realistic finish paired with the latest rigging style that is certain to fool even the most picky game fish. The laser transfer process not only produces the very highest level of detail and accuracy, but also makes one of the most chip and peel resistant finishes available. Jig, Troll, or Cast: Live Deception Assist Jigs are incredibly versatile and are extremely effective on just about any and all species of gamefish.
Bagley Brite Casting Spoon
$4.49 - $4.89
This lure comes in a variety of colors and will prove successful on the water.
Bagley Weedless Spoon
$8.89 - $9.99
Weedless and can be fished in fresh or saltwater weedy environments. It has a wide wobble and comes with a super strong Mustad hook. For more action, try fishing with a plastic trailer.
Billy Bay Flounder Fanatic Kit
$2.79 - $5.09
Features weedless hook. Instant hook up when the fluonder bites he is hooked. Can be used with cut bait, live bait and artificial bait. rubber live bait keeper is enclosed to keep live bait on hook. Made for drifing, trolling or casting. Specially designed lead body keeps hook in ready position.
Billy Bay Flounder Fanatic Jigs
$4.09 - $8.19
The only jig that fits a flounders mouth.
No Image
$5.99 - $13.49
The Boone Needlefish Jig? is a cost effective product that produces great results on a variety of bottom fish. Colorful abalone finishes are designed to attract and stimulate bone jarring, aggressive strikes. The slim, long hydrodynamic styling allows the Boone Needlefish Jig to drop quickly through the water column.
Braid Slammer Jigs?
Slammer Jigs? feature the look, action and color schemes which generate vicious strikes as never before available in a single line. Features stainless steel split rings, super sharp treble hooks and durable finishes.
Bridgeport Diamond Jigs
$6.49 - $19.49
Blues, stripes, mackerel, cod, pollock, and other game fish are attracted by the Diamond Jig's fluttering action which closely imitates a crippled bait fish. While Diamond Jig's are effective under almost all conditions, they simply can't be beat when the fish are down deep or there is a current. Steel end rig retains shape, even when worked over rocks. Diamond shape has 8 points for maximum light reflection. Tough, Mustad® O'Shaughnessy hooks sized for maximum effectiveness.
Bullet Weights Bullet Jig
$1.59 - $419.76
Ideal choice for both ocean and reverbank fishing.
No Image
$12.99 - $19.99
The aggressive SALTIGA SK JIG falls, spins and flutters to the desired depth. Once the SALTIGA SK JIG has reached the bottom or a targeted depth, simply wind the reel. The unique swimming action of the SK JIG allows the jig to kick and slap throughout the water column. High Quality Assist Hooks.
Deadly Dick Long Jigging Lures
$5.99 - $8.19
High quality hand-crafted lures that are solid brass, nickel-plated and well weighted. Excellent for surf casting, drift fishing, trolling, and mooching. Sleek design and swivel action guarantees success with salmon, cod, bonita, barracuda, blue fish, stripers, walleye, tuna, crappie, and more.
Delta Tackle Big Eye Jigs
$6.59 - $11.99
The black coated head adds longevity to the jig for years of use. Choose your favorite colors and bottom fishing has never been easier.
Delta Tackle Hali Hawg
Injected with Bio X Scent. Easy to rig with our injected center hole and a proven bait for Halibut and Ling Cod.
No Image
Perfect compliment for any soft plastic.
No Image
Goldeneye jig heads are the perfect compliment for any soft plastic, but we prefer the Matrix Shad! 6 sizes to choose from with a 3/0 eagle claw .045dia. hook Perfect for water depths of 0-25.
Fin Strike Smooth Chrome Diamond Jig
$41.88 - $111.48
Assembled with Mustad® hooks.
Frenzy Angry Jig
$6.99 - $9.99
Jigging is one of the most productive fishing methods today. We wanted to deliver a jig that made fish angry and anglers smile. The "Angry Jig" delivers big results for a small price. Rigged with two of our quality assist hooks, this jig is ready to fish. Flutter design, prism flash, and a belly glow strip will ensure you are hooked up.
GOT-CHA ® Koka Jig
$4.39 - $4.89
An exceptional jig for salmon and other species that feed on minnows or small baitfish. These jigs work well on the surface or can go down deep. Featuring vibrant colors and extra sharp red treble hook.
GOT-CHA ® Surf Dart
A great jigging lure for Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish or Grey Trout. These 1 1/2 oz baits have a # 4 treble hook and bright naturalized paint schemes. Lures are bulk packaged 10 per bag.
Gibbs Minnow Jigs
$5.59 - $9.19
"Designed Flexibility" of this sterling silver plated lure allows the fishermen to achieve the desired action simply by bending the lure. The one piece stainless steel wire, 3 extra strong rust resistant hook and extra heavy stainless split ring offer maximum strength to land even the largest gamefish.
H&H Surf Spoons
$3.69 - $9.59
Premium grade finish with super sharp high quality saltwater hooks.
H&H Secret Redfish Weedless Spoon
$7.19 - $12.49
The H&H Secret Spoon was introduced on the market 5 years ago and has proven its name. It is an extremely well crafted twist free weedless spoon. Since introduced to the market there have been thousands sold. s
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