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Steelhead Worms

Berkley PowerBait® Floating Steelhead Worm
Excellent baits for Steelhead. Suspend below a float, added to a jig or use to tip a Salmon sized plug.
Berkley PowerBait® Power Floating Trout Worm
Lively action gives a life-like presentation. Replicates the trout-attracting movement and appearance of small worms and other forage.
Berkley Gulp!® Alive! Fat Floating Trout Worm
A Trout worm that can rigged or used on a traditional floating trout rig. It is 2" in length. You can "Recharge" the bait by placing used bait back in powerful Gulp! Alive! attractant.
BnR Tackle Holey Worms
BnR Tackle is proud to present our new series of Holey Worms designed for bass. We use the same Holey technology for a worm that is more natural in the water, quick to rig, and lasts cast after cast after cast. These worms are versatile. They can be rigged Carolina or Texas style. You can put a bead in front of the hook to nail those short striking fish or bury the hook into the worm for a weedless application. You can also leave the bead off and bury the shank into the worm for a more streamlined presentation. With a light wire hook these worms sink very slowly and are deadly in a topwater application over the weeds. Good fishing!
E-Z Eggs ? Worms
$3.69 - $5.29
The same great material EZ eggs? are made out of that comes six to a pack.
Mad River Worm Jigs
The pre-rigged Worm Jig comes with Painted Jig Head made with OWNER X-Strong wire Hooks. Worms are unscented and packaged with extra replacement worm.
Mad River Trout Worms
These worms are hand poured in the U.S.A. with "Super Soft Plastic" and have a special trout specific shrimp scent. (Measures 2 1/2" in length, 10 pack)
Mad River Steelhead Worms
Shrimp scented. Super soft floating plastic. Attractive colors.
Made from the highest quality plastic available which is extremely clear yet durable. We have also enhanced it with our exclusive 365 nano-meter UV process making these the only worms of their kind. The colors are so bright and vibrant its hard to capture them with a camera.
XFACTOR Shrimp Tail
These Shrimp Tails are literally Hand Poured one at a time. Salmon and Steelhead fisherman have been fishing with shrimp tails and whole sand shrimp for years, this bait is designed to replace that. These baits are very effective for float fishing or drift fishing as well as running them down the river behind a small diver. Salmon, Steelhead and Trout just gobble these up like an easy meal. There are 8 shrimp tails per bag. This is an Artificial Shrimp bait with a NATURAL Shrimp scent and other natural ingredients that we have kept a secret (we can't give away all of our tricks).
XFACTOR Trout & Steelhead Worms
These Steelhead and Trout Worms have been fished just about everywhere in the world where Steelhead and Trout are present and both beginners and expert fisherman have had success with them. They have been drift fished, float fished, back bounced, fished behind a diver, cast and retrieved and even fished like a jerk bait. They have been fished in BIG rivers, small rivers, tiny streams, ponds and lakes. One common theme keeps reappearing; Fish just want to eat them.
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