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Marine Lubricants&Access.

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Quickly extract up to 5 quarts of oil from boats. Durable construction and no power or batteries required. Change the oil through the engine dipstick tube. Tank has locking handle, relief valve, and cap for the hose.
Briggs & Stratton 2 Cycle Synthetic Blend Oil
Specially formulated synthetic blend 2-cycle oil provides excellent protection and performance in all 2-cycle injector or pre-mix non VES (exhaust valve) application.
CorrosionX Corrosion-X
$7.99 - $14.99
Use CorrosionX to eliminate corrosion and protect all metal surfaces of your boat, trailer and dockside equipment. Especially recommended for brightwork (keeps stainless from pimpling), hatches, powerheads, antenna bases, hinges and latches.
CorrosionX Aerosol Heavy Duty
Super long-term protection against serious rust and corrosion assault. For those really tough jobs where you need the ultimate protection against moisture. Developed specifically for maximum protection against moisture intrusion.
CorrosionX Rejex®
RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. This very thin film - less than a micron thick - prevents stains and adhesion of common contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime, brake dust, etc. It also makes graffiti easy to remove and can be applied to windshields to repel rain. It's easy to apply and produces a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts the most popular waxes by months.
CRC Starting Fluid
Trigger-fast starts for diesel and gasoline engines at extreme low temperatures and under bad weather conditions. Contains an upper cylinder lubricant to minimize wear during cold starts.
CRC Marine Formula 6-56®
$4.49 - $6.39
Starts wet engines. Lubricates, penetrates, loosens rusted parts, protects against corrosion, fights moisture, and keeps stored tools from rusting.
CRC Marine Silicone®
Won't wash off. Use on anything that squeaks or sticks. Waterproofs canvas. Resists cold and heat, effective from 40°F to 500°F.
CRC White Lithium Grease
Heavy-duty lubricant with Teflon® will not wash off, melt or freeze. Ideal for metal to metal lubrication. Break-in lubrication for bearings, pistons, cams, etc.
CRC Engine Stor®
Protects outboard motors, marine engines and other internal combustion engines. Keeps pistons, rings and cylinder walls corrosion-free to insure longer engine life. Preserves fishing reels, tools and metal surfaces subject to rust and corrosion.
CRC Fuel Stabilizer
$5.99 - $7.99
Prevents corrosion and rust. Prevents gum and varnish build-up. For use in all two and four cycle engines. Keeps stored gasoline and diesel fuel fresh.
CRC Heavy-Duty Corrosion Inhibitor
Forms a corrosion-proof insulating film that will not crack. Seals out salt air and moisture. Easily removed with CRC Cleaner/Degreaser.
CRC Instant Galvanize
Zinc-rich cold galvanize touch up. Fights rust and rust creepage. Offers the protection of expensive hot dip galvanizing.
Invincible Marine Lower Unit Pump
Fill or change your lower unit oil with ease. Attach the pump to your lower drain hole, screw the cap onto any 32 oz. lower unit bottle and pump to fill. Fits most outboard motors.
Johnson JOEV764349 XD30 Outboard
XD30 Outboard Oil Gallon 2-Stroke
Johnson JOEV764354 Johnson/Evinrude
Johnson/Evinrude XD50 2-Cycle Oil Gallon
Lubrimatic E-Z 2 Cycle Oil
No guessing with this handy oil. One bottle treats one gallon of gas, works in any ratio from 16:1 to 50:1.
Lubrimatic 2-Cycle Engine Oil
Formulated to improve performance, extend engine life and reduce plug fouling. Provides excellent wear protection and high temperature performance.
Lubrimatic Marine Corrosion Control & Trailer Bearing Grease
$5.09 - $6.59
Water-insoluble formula. Excellent corrosion protection from saltwater, salt air and atmospheric chemicals. Use on winches, wheel bearings, swivel hinges, pins & anchor chain reels.
Lubrimatic Tc-W3®
$5.99 - $32.99
Formulated from ultra-clean base stock oil to provide superior protection against piston scuffing, bearing wear, spark plug fouling, pre-ignition and rust. Has outstanding lubricity and miscibility for better mixing of fuel and oil, resulting in a cleaner running engine. Contains no phosphorus.
Lubrimatic Gear Lube
$7.79 - $55.08
Ideal for outboards and stern drives. Quart bottle.
Lubrimatic Lower Unit Line Pump
Fits standard quart plastic bottles. Ideal for adding fluids to marine lower units. Flexible hose gets hard-to-reach fill plugs. Complete with metal threaded filler fitting.
Lubrimatic Heavy Duty Midget Grease Gun Kit
Small, versatile gun. Barrel takes 3 oz. grease cartridge or can be suction loaded. Includes push lock plunger, die cast T-handle that locks in place for loading, 5 1/2" straight grease pipe, standard-duty coupler and 3 oz. cartridge of LubriMatic Marine Corrosion Control & Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease.
Lubrimatic Snowmobile Oil
Formulated for use in snowmobiles and other oil injection cold weather equipment requiring ashless TC-W3 oil. Exceeds Category IV low temperature performance requirements (-40°F).
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Lucas Oil Fishing Reel Oil is a special blend of oil and additives specifically designed to lubricate all moving parts in fresh and salt water fishing reels. It penetrates into tight spaces to lubricate small high speed bearings and between tight surfaces. It provides rust and corrosion protection even under the most adverse conditions. Also works great on folding knives. It comes packaged in a 1 ounce bottle with a precision needle applicator for one-drop applications allowing you to put just the right amount of lubricant into hard to reach areas.
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$7.79 - $10.49
Lucas Marine Grease is a premium, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, heavy duty OBCS grease containing unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers with inherent rust and oxidation resistance to provide the highest performance properties. It has been designed to lubricate under the most severe operating conditions in marine applications and because of its adhesive properties, it effectively stays in place.
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A powerful blend of oils and additives that contain no SOLVENTS. Designed to increase power and fuel mileage and also lower exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion.
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