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Rod holders & accessories

Attwood Bi-Axis Mounts
The bi-axis rod holder mount combination allows for mounting in multiple configurations. This new design offers an improved fit with positive lock for secure rod holder mounting. Can be mounted on side or top of gunwale. Compatible with all Attwood and other leading rod holder mounting patterns.
Attwood Pro Series Rod Holderwith Mounts
Large, easy grip cam lock provides easy 160° vertical adjustment. Deep tooth gear lock.
Attwood Rail Mounts
For use with Bi-Axis mount, Attwood standard side mounts, and other leading rod holder mounts. Complete with all necessary hardware to mount to rail.
Attwood Rod Holder Extension
Increase your odds with easier access to your rod and reel. Extends the height of the rod holder by 6", allowing for faster access when that fish strikes. Made from super tough glass filled nylon. Works with Attwood post mount rod holders.
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304 stainless steel with black plastic liner. Can be used on vertical or horizontal rails. Adjustable for rails 7/8" to 1" in diameter. 9" length, 1 3/4" inside diameter tube.
$14.49 - $14.99
The 3/8"-diameter coated steel rod is tough, strong, and corrosion-resistant. U.V. resistant plastic coating protects the rod butt and handle. And the stem and wing nut are stainless steel for years of corrosion-resistant use. 4" stainless steel stem & wing nut. 5061-3 has a 8" stainless steel stem & wing nut. 5060-3 features a stainless steel shaft (can't rust) and includes 5071 mounting base.
Attwood 5009-4 Rod Holder
Features a new ergonomic design and easy to find rapid release latch mechanism. The large, easy-grip lock-nut offers easy adjustment. 180o vertical adjustment range for a variety of rod tip height settings. Use with casting rods and spinning rods. Includes Bi-Axis mount
Attwood Economy Rod Holder
"2-In-1" are manufactured to rugged specifications with tough, durable polycarbonate. Each holder includes a gear-lock mounting base These patented, "2-In-1" rod holders feature a dual-position locking ring. The ring opens with a snap so the rod is fingertip-ready when the fish strikes. A single up-and-out motion removes the rod and sets the hook. Features fixed vertical angle to optimize rod positioning. Rod throat opening fits most standard and ultra-light rods up to 1 3/16" diameter. Locking ring fits spinning reel handle shanks up to 7/16" diameter.
Attwood Pro Series Rod Holderwith Bi-Axis Mount
The new Pro Series line of molded rod holders takes the Pro Series to the next level with the addition of the Bi-Axis mount. All the Pro-Series unique, patented features you've come to expect, with the ability to mount in multiple configurations. designed for use with casting and spinning rod holders. Heavy-duty, deep-tooth gear lock securely holds rod holder in mounting base. Includes bi-axis mount
Berkley Boat Rod Holders
A classic design. Fully adjustable with 3-way mounting system. Holds both spinning and casting rods.
Berkley Quick-Set Rod Holder
Fully adjustable with mounting bracket. Securely holds all types of rods. Tough polypropylene construction.
Black Marine Sure-Lok Rod Holder
Fits all types of rods & reels. Great for gaffs or brushes. Spring loaded, rods pop in & lock. Fast, simple one-handed removal. Made of solid nylon & stainless steel screws and springs. For overhead or side mount. 2 sets (bases & tips) per blister package.
Calcutta Kayak Rod Holder Kit
Flush mount with gasket. Clam packed.
Calcutta Rod Holder
Rod holder
Cannon Rod Holder
Features a three-position rod holding configuration to deliver the fastest baitcast or spinning rod pickup. A rear position cradle holds baitcasting reels or spinning reels. The middle baitcasting cradle conforms to longer rod butts and shortens the amount of rod extending through the back of the holder. Allows for lightning quick removal. Keeps reel from rotating when trolling.
Cannon Adjustable Rod Holder Dual Axis
10" Rod holder has 6 locking positions up and down and 360° rotation. Pistol grip release provide quick one-hand up and down angle adjustment. 360° rotation with push of a button. Ratcheting adjustment system allows you to pull the rod holder straight up to remove the rod. Track mounting allows flexible mounting positions and easy removal. U.V. resistant end cap protects finish on rod and reel. Clear anodized aluminum & S.S. components for strength and corrosion resistance. Compatible with Cannon, Bert's and Traxstech® track systems.
Down-East Inboard Rod Holder
The D-11 Down-East Inboard Rod Holder is equipped with the D-12 Inboard Mount. This vertical mount is permanently fastened to the gunwales of your boat.
Down-East Standard Rod Holder
The D-10 Rod Holder is equipped with a single clamp mount. This clamp allows you to mount and remount the rod holder in a variety of places. A reinforcing bar attaches to the clamp which prevents the holder from tipping and distributes the stress of the "strike."
Down-East Salty Rod Holder
The S-10 Down-East Salty Rod Holder is equipped with a double clamp easily reversed for alternate mounting positions. These versatile clamps allow you to mount and remount the rod holder in a wide variety of places and are easily secured with a firm turn of the thumb screws.
Driftmaster Flat Rail Bases
$5.79 - $6.99
Li'l Pro Series: For 1" or wider flat rails (ideal for pontoon boats). Can also be used on any flat surface. 3/16" mounting holes. Pro Series: For 1" or wider flat rails (ideal for pontoon boats). Can also be used on any flat surface. For aluminum rails, use 3/16" X 2" bolts; use screws in fiberglass or wood.
Driftmaster Li'L Pro Series Side Mount Bases
Designed for jon boat gunnels where vertical holes can't be drilled. Easily bent in vise to fit many difficult mounting locations. 1/4" mounting holes.
Driftmaster Pro & Li'L Pro Series V-Round Rail Bases
Base has special V-notch groove on bottom to fit any size round rail. Attach with 3/16" X 2" bolts.
Driftmaster Star Bases
$5.79 - $6.99
Li'l Pro Series: 3/8" diameter threaded center hole. Same shape as Pro bases, but slightly thinner. Accepts any Li'l Pro Series holder. Pro Series: Fits any 2" flat surface. Attach with three 1/4" X 1 1/2" screws in fiberglass or wood. For attaching to aluminum, use bolts.
Driftmaster Rail Clamp Bases
$8.49 - $10.49
These Rail Clamp bases are for those who prefer not to drill holes in railing. Pro Series: Round bases are aluminum & square bases are aluminum/plastic for 1-1/4" rails. Rod angle easily adjusted by loosening two nuts and turning the clamp on rail. Li'l Pro Series: Two round rail clamp base models available for 7/8" or 1" rails. Rod can be easily adjusted by loosening two nuts and turning clamp on rail. The square rail clamp base is for square rails up to 1 1/4". Rod angle is not adjustable for this model.
Driftmaster Pro Series Flush Mount Base
3/16" low profile base mounts with mounting surface for a streamlined look. Attach with two 1/4" X 1 1/2" screws in fiberglass or wood. For aluminum, use bolts.
Driftmaster Lean Mean Rod Holder
A simple no-frills design yet nothing was spared in the performance or quality you expect fro Driftmaster. Right thread only.
Driftmaster Li'L Pro Series Rod Holders
$10.99 - $13.99
4" long by 3/8" diameter stem is just the right size for panfishing, but tough enough to handle a "big-un." 5° angle keeps long pole tips from dipping into the water. Favorite for crappie tournaments trolling jigs.
Driftmaster Li'L Pro Series Flatliner Rod Holders
Holds rod tip at 25°. 4" plated steel stems. 3/8" dia. stem.
Driftmaster Pro Squareflush Mount Base
3" Square base mounts flush. (4) 1/4" mounting holes for extra strength. Stainless steel finish.
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