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Trolling motor accessories

Minn Kota Hp Motor Prop Unit Kit
$7.19 - $7.79
Each kit contains two prop nuts, lock washers and drive pins. Three kits handle virtually all Minn Kota® trolling motors.
Minn Kota Quick Connector Plug
For wiring where a plug and socket cannot be used. Heavy-duty 10-gauge connectors.
Minn Kota Replacement Rope & Handle
Fits Minn Kota cable steer bow-mount motors. Ergonomic soft-grip handle. Durable, abrasion resistant 48" nylon rope.
Minn Kota Digital Battery Meter
Monitor the voltage level and "state of charge" of any 12 volt battery with an LCD display mounted on a compact frame that's easy to store anywhere. Includes LEDs that indicate full, 2/3,1/3 or 0 "state of charge".
Minn Kota Power Props
$16.99 - $26.99
Delivers extra power to push through heavy vegetation. Fits 3-1/4" (MKP-2) and 3-5/8" (MKP-25) diameters.
Minn Kota Weedless Wedge Prop
$17.99 - $40.99
100% weedless. Unique, patented design pushes weeds away to conserve battery power. Easily moves through heavy vegetation, even at slow speeds.
Minn Kota Extension Handles
$20.99 - $41.99
Provides easier steering and speed control for all hand-control motors. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, easy to attach and remove.
Minn Kota Transducer Mounting Kit
Allows mounting on lower unit of bow-mount motors. Rugged, durable construction. Fits transducers of all major manufactures.
Minn Kota Trolling Motor Quick Connect Plug
Heavy-duty connector has positive snap-lock design for 6- to 12-gauge wire. Kit includes two plug halves, four contacts and four solder plugs for securing wire leads into the contacts (wire not included).
Minn Kota Weedless Wedge 2 Propellers
$27.99 - $54.99
100% fully weedless prop. Swept-back, flared blades "wedge" weeds away, allowing you to pass through heavy vegetation at any speed, without draining valuable battery power.
Minn Kota Charger Output Extension Cable
Use this 15' extension cable when your standard charger cables don't reach the bow, center or transom battery compartments. The cable features WAGO® Wall-Nut? quick connectors (UL listed), and fused (30 amp) positive and negative leads.
Minn Kota Universal Sonar 2 Adapter Cables
$30.99 - $41.99
Choose from any of the following plug in adapters to connect your motor to your favorite brand of sonar or fishfinder. IP68-rated waterproof connectors are metal tipped to prevent sonar interference.
Minn Kota iPilot Link Charging Cable
i-Pilot Link's wireless remote charges like a cell phone. This spare or replacement charging cable features a USB terminal that lets you choose between AC and DC power (AC and DC adapters not included).
Minn Kota Circuit Breaker
Protects trolling motor from electrical damage. 60 amp rating with manual reset. Fully waterproof. Compatible with all 12-, 24- and 36-volt systems.
Minn Kota Replacement Prop
Weedless Wedge 2For 112lb Thrust ModelsThe next generation of the industry's only 100% fully weedless prop. Swept-back, flared blades "wedge" weeds away, allowing you to pass through heavy vegetation at any speed, without draining valuable battery power.
Minn Kota Wireless Copilot System
$54.99 - $179.99
CoPilot is a patented wireless remote steering system, designed specifically to work with selected Minn Kota electric steer motors such as Riptide with AutoPilot. It features a small wireless remote, similar to an automobile keyless entry remote, that can take full command of your boat's steering and speed control. With CoPilot, you not only get a clean, uncluttered deck, you also get fingertip control, versatility, and the flexibility to cast and fight fish from anywhere on the boat, including the platform, which is ideal for the precision control necessary for sight fishing. The CoPilot remote packs it all into a small waterproof package that floats.
Minn Kota Quick Release Brackets
$64.99 - $69.99
QRB Base Plate and Mounting Hardware Md: 1854036 Minn Kota MKA 16-03 QRB base plate and mounting hardware for use with all Minn Kota AutoPilot PowerDrive or Terrova Trolling Motors.
Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center
Ideal for small boat, transom applications (boats that do not have battery compartments). Features easy access external battery terminals that allow trolling motor leads and charger leads to be connected without opening the box. Built-in battery meter displays current "state of Charge". Includes two 12-volt accessory plugs. Includes two manual reset circuit breakers: 10 amp for accessory plugs and 60 amp for trolling motor. Fish group 24-and 27-size batteries.
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Reduces motor bouncing
Minn Kota Composite Quick Release Bracket Mount
Allows for easy removal of any PowerDrive or PowerDrive with AutoPilot bow mount motor. High-yield composite construction is super strong and impervious to corrosion. Low-profile design leaves deck clear when motor is removed. Locking handle with stainless steel can be secured with padlock (not included).
Minn Kota Quick Release Bracket
$84.99 - $279.99
Convenient, quick removal of any PowerDrive or AutoPilot? trolling motor. Features Locking Quick Release design for a smooth and easy disconnect. Original patented AutoPilot and PowerDrive design.
Minn Kota Quick Release Bracket Mount
Allows for easy removal of any Riptide® scissor bow-mount trolling motor. Low-profile puck design leaves deck clear when motor is removed. Locking handle can be secured with padlock (not included). Available adapter plate (RTA-20 - not shown) allows hole patterns from previously mounted motors or aluminum quick release brackets (MKA-42, MKA-52/62) to be used with RTA-19 composite bracket.
Minn Kota Corded Foot Pedal
$114.99 - $229.99
Includes foot pedal and instructions. Features side-to-side steering. Momentary and constant on toggle. 8-Feet cable with IP68 rated waterproof connector.
Minn Kota Micro Remote
Put your Minn Kota® trolling motor and Humminbird® fishfinder on speaking terms with i-Pilot® Link?. It delivers fully automatic boat control and the power to find, store and revisit your most productive fishing spots and tracks. And you can take command of it all from either the remote or the fishfinder. It's less time positioning your boat, and more time catching fish. Now we're talking.
Minn Kota Quick Release Brackets
Quick Release Bracket. Easily remove your Riptide SF, Riptide SM or Riptide SE bow-mount trolling motor. High-yield composite construction.
Minn Kota I-Pilot Micro Remote
Minn Kota I-pilot and I-pilot link give you full command of your motor. But when you want simplified, compact control, grab the waterproof Bluetooth Micro remote accessory for quick command of Spot-Lock, speed, steering and advanced autopilot. I-Pilot and I-pilot link can learn multiple remotes.
Minn Kota Electric Steer Quick Release Bracket
Designed for fast removal of any Terrova, PowerDrive V2 or PowerDrive bow mount trolling motor. Cam-lock design features ultra tight tolerances that eliminate bracket movement and noise. Locking lever includes pin and lanyard. Upper and lower plates include slot for securing with padlock (not included). Includes composite cover that attaches to lower half of bracket when motor is removed, keeping the deck profile clean.
Minn Kota iPilot System Remote
The Minn Kota I-pilot remote has a 33 percent larger LCD screen and more intuitive controls, making the I-pilot remote better than ever. Other remotes leave you Flying blind with no LCD screen, but I-pilot's screen shows you everything you're doing. No more guessing. Lots more fishing.
Minn Kota I-Remote Access Pilot Link System
Minn Kota I-pilot link system: feel the power of a touch-screen remote. The Minn Kota I-pilot link remote gives you intuitive touch-screen controls, the biggest color LCD screen ever and a customizable home screen. As if link wasn't Rocket science enough already.
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