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Barska Plinker-22 Rifle Scopes
The Plinker-22 series is engineered specifically for your .22 rifles and rimfires to provide striking performance. Made for plinking and general hunting, these scopes offer bright clear optics and the durability of scopes costing significantly more. We even provide the 3/8" rings as a bonus. Built to withstand the rough outdoors, the Plinker-22 is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. With fully coated optics, a 30/30 reticle, included 3/8" dovetail rings and scope caps.
BSA Air Rifle Scope
BSA Air Rifles Scopes are built to handle the unique reverse recoil of today's magnum spring power air rifles. They all have adjustable objectives that focus down to 10 yards which is a necessary feature. All AR Models have target-style turrets with finger adjustable 1/4 MOA clicks for windage and elevation.
BSA Special Rimfire Riflescope
BSA Optics Special Series Rimfire Riflescope S39X32WR is specially made by BSA Optics to work with rimfire, centerfire and air rifles. Your shooting setup will be complete with a BSA rifle scope. BSA Optics Special Series Rimfire Scopes come complete with scope rings that mount to 3/8" bases. BSA Special Series Scopes 3-9 x 32mm come in a Matte Black finish, and are shockproof, waterproof and fogproof.
BSA 17 Super Mag Scope Series
Designed specifically for the Winchester 17 Super Mag Cartridge and feature a patent pending drop compensation reticle engineered for the 20gr. and 25gr. bullet. The new products adhere to BSA Optics rigorous quality standards while offering outstanding performance and optics clarity. All models include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
BSA Edge Rifle Scope
ParallaX Set at 50 yds. Click Value is 1 MOA. Simple & Effective. Black Matte Finish. Light Weight.
BSA Sweet Series RifleScope
Hot New Scope that is catching on Fast with Varmint and Target Shoots. They feature a quick change turret system specially calibrated for multiple grain weights for the calibers: .17HMR, .22LR, .223, .243, .270, .30-06. FEATURES: Calibrated for the .17 HMR. Adjustable objective. Includes 17gr turret drums. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
BSA Sweet 17 Series Riflescope
The zoom ring has an inner drum with markings, and a fixed inner ring with a window cutout. Only the outer ring and markings will turn when adjusted. The window is always facing the shooter. Features: Calibrated for the.17 HMR. Adjustable objective. Includes 17gr turret drums. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
BSA Sweet 22 Series Riflescope
The elevation turret has on outer fixed wall with two window cutouts. Compensation markings for the bullet weight are shown through these cutouts. The elevation turret has an inner drum that turns when adjusted. The outer portion of the turret is fixed with the window cutouts which will always face the shooter directly when the scope is mounted. Features: Calibrated for the .22 LR. Adjustable objective.
BSA Sweet 22? Rifle Scope
The main features of the Sweet 22? are their ability to compensate for bullet trajectory by specific grain weight. The elevation drum will compensate for .22cal grain weights of 36, 38, and 40.The Windage and Elevation turrets have zero reset with Allen screw. Each model in the Sweet 22? series have an adjustable side parallax setting of 7.5 to infinity (With the exception of the model S22-618x40SP which is 10 to infinity).
Bushnell Banner Riflescope
$64.99 - $144.99
Bright. Accurate. Dependable. Deadly. Both of terrain and darkness. We'll assume your stand is in the right spot and suggest our Banner®Dusk & Dawn®series to capitalize on the latter. With their Dusk & Dawn Brightness? (DDB) multi-coated lenses, these riflescopes cast clarity and brightness on that line between night and day. This line includes two models with ballistic reticles to give you a long-range accuracy advantage with a muzzleloader or centerfire rifle. Based on a 100-yard zero, the MZ 200 reticle provides dead-on holds to 200 yards with a muzzleloader. The CF 500 is optimized for centerfire rifles with aiming points out to 500 yards.
Bushnell Trophy
$154.99 - $279.99
Trophy Riflescopes deliver an unbeatable combination of edge-to-edge clarity, best-in-class light transmission and affordability. With seven configurations and six reticle options, there's a Trophy to fit every hunting application. The shorter 1-piece tube stays out of your way while fully multi-coated optics provide a brighter, clearer image. Their Fast-Focus eyepiece and side parallax adjustment make dialing in your next trophy as easy as deciding which end of a backstrap to eat first.
Bushnell AR Optics Rifle Scope
$164.99 - $279.99
Features include target turrets for pinpoint precise adjustments, plus caliber specific reticles. Available in 6 configurations from 22 rimfire to long range 223/5.56 firearms. Fully multi coated optics and new Drop Zone ballistic reticle with aiming points out to 500 yards. Forged to ultra tight tolerances. Matte Black finishes.
No Image
$179.99 - $579.99
The Engage? riflescope represents the latest evolution in Bushnell® optics. The new Deploy? MOA reticle features 1-MOA windage and elevation hashmarks, and can reach short and mid-range targets. Dialing in the scope is easy too, with the Tooless ZERO Reset Locking Turret. Find out why Bushnell's clarity and glass are best in class with Engage? .
Bushnell Trophy Xtreme
$249.99 - $389.99
Delivering the clarity of riflescopes costing hundreds more, this new lineup is built for hunters who demand performance, not pomp and puffed-up claims. Its 30mm tubes and larger objectives deliver class-leading brightness. Side parallax focus and Fast-Focus eyepiece make for simple functionality. Its more powerful 4X magnification ratio brings the clearest image in its class closer than ever. And Rainguard HD lens coating keeps your view clear when conditions aren't. With all this, and your choice of four reticles two new long-range options, one of which is illuminated it's everything for every reason you live to hunt.
Crosman Targetfinder Rifle Scope
This 4x15 mm scope has turret sight adjustments and precision coated optics. It also adjusts for windage and elevation and easily mounts on air rifles with 3/8 inch dovetail grooved receivers. Not recommended for break barrel rifles.
EOTech Vudu 1-6X Precision Rifle Scope
The EOTech line of Vudu rifle scopes is where durability, precision and versatility meet. Our rifle scopes are engineered and constructed to meet the most rugged demands of the serious precision shooter. Starting from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with the highest quality AR-coated (HD) glass and surgically precise turret systems, the Vudu line of rifle scopes lets you deliver that critical shot when it matters most. Vudu 1-6x is compact, yet fully loaded. Crafted with the 3-gun and serious hunter in mind, this is an optic that feels as much at home on the AR platform as it does on your favorite bolt-action rifle. The EOTech Speed Ring reticle allows for fast target engagement at low power, but at higher power provides the resolution and accuracy required to tackle longer shots. The Vudu 1-6x is the perfect solution for short to medium range applications that require the highest level of durability and accuracy.
EOTech Vudu 2.5-10X Precision Rifle Scope
Want the perfect medium range precision optic? We've got it! The 2.5-10x Vudu rifle scopes provide the perfect combination of speed and accuracy to tackle those tough shots. The extremely clear XC? High-Density glass and first focal plane optical design allows you to range and shoot with the utmost speed and precision. When precision, accuracy, durability and image clarity matter most for your mid-range engagements, the Vudu 2.5-10x is the ideal option. FEATURES: First Focal Plane; Flat Black; Type III anodized exterior finish; Push-button illumination controls; CR2032 battery.
EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x Precision Rifle Scope
The Vudu 3.5-18x provides a robust 34 mm tube, XC High-Density glass, and is loaded with other performance features required to take that precise long-range shot. The oversized and precision-machined turrets, with EZ Chek zero stop feature, let you quickly dial adjustments and return to zero, even in low-light conditions. The side-mounted parallax adjustment allows you to dial the reticle focus in for the most difficult long-range shots. FEATURES: First Focal Plane; Flat Black; Type III anodized exterior finish; Push-button illumination controls; CR2032 battery.
Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope
Ultra-compact Tact-Zone scope is the ideal match and comes as standard equipment on Excalibur's compact Matrix Series crossbow's. The Tact-Zone scope is loaded with features including a new updated reticle design, a 30mm tube, red/green rheostat illumination and a multi-coated lens for exceptional clarity. The new Tact-Zone scope is adjustable for speeds between 275 fps and 410 fps and features half-inch click adjustments at 20 yards for easy sighting in. Tact Zone scopes are also sold separately and, due to the speed adjustment dial, are the perfect upgrade scope for any crossbow. Tact-Zone scopes are also sold separately and, due to the speed adjustment dial, it's the perfect upgrade scope for any crossbow.
Gamo Air Gun Scope Varmint Hunter Kit
4x32 W/Laser Sight & Flashlight
Keystone Crickett 4X32 Rimfire Riflescope
Designed to be used with Crickett rimfire rifles. Stationary Mount Base is required to mount scope to rifle
No Image
$179.99 - $349.99
With the VX®-Freedom? you get best-in-class optics and unbeatable accuracy. It's also everything you expect from a Leupold: designed, machined, and assembled in our Oregon factory, tested to the same ruggedness standards as our top-tier riflescopes, and guaranteed for a lifetime of performance. FEATURES: 3:1 Zoom Ratio; 1/4 MOA Finger Click; Waterproof & Fogproof; One inch Maintube; 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum; Twilight Light Management System; Scratch Resistant Lenses, 1" tube diameter.
Leupold VX®-1 Rifle Scope
$219.99 - $409.99
No other scope in its class comes even close to the quality, performance, and value of VX-1. With our revolutionary Quantum Optical System, with lead-free glass and Multicoat 4 lens coatings, the result is up to 92% total light transmission, and a sight picture that is incredibly bright, clear and razor sharp. Leupold's classic lockable eyepiece for a secure focus. All VX-1 scopes are oxygen purged and nitrogen filled for decades of waterproof and fog proof performance. Finger-adjustable dials (1/4-MOA per click) allow for quick and easy zeroing and adjustments in the field. Your VX-1 is covered for the life of the scope. The LR Duplex reticle is part of Leupold's exclusive Ballistics Aiming System and is available on select VX-1 models. For more information on the LR Duplex.
Leupold FX-I Rimfire Scope
Leupold® Rimfire riflescopes are built and tested to the same high standards as all Golden Ring® riflescopes. FEATURES: Multicoat 4; Classic/Standard Lockable Eyepiece; Micro-Friction 1/4 MOA; Rimfire Parallax; Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process; One inch Maintube; 100% Waterproof and Fogproof.
Leupold FX-II Ultralight
When every ounce counts, Leupold® Ultralight riflescopes offer the lightweight, high-performance optical power you need.FEATURES: Index Matched Lens System; DiamondCoat; Classic/Standard Lockable Eyepiece; 1/4-MOA field-click adjustments; Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process; One inch Maintube; 100% Waterproof and Fogproof.
Leupold Rifleman® Rifle Scope
$279.99 - $339.99
We designed the Rifleman® to surpass all of your expectations. This is one razor-sharp optic, and like every Leupold riflescope, the Rifleman was designed, machined, and assembled in our Oregon factory. We test it to ensure it's absolutely rugged, 100% waterproof, and we guarantee it for a lifetime of performance. FEATURES: Multicoat 4; Classic/Standard Lockable Eyepiece; 3:1 Zoom Ratio; BAS (Ballistic Aiming System); Micro-Friction 1/2 MOA; Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process; One inch Maintube; 100% Waterproof and Fogproof.
Leupold FX-II Scout IER
The ideal choice for scout rifles, lever action rifles, or any time you want to mount your optics in front of the receiver. There's no secret to the enduring popularity of Leupold's fixed power riflescopes. Their simplicity, rugged performance, and supreme accuracy speak volumes. We put nearly a century of optical know-how into each one, for brightness, contrast, and resolution that has to be seen to be appreciated. FEATURES: Generous Eyebox; 1/4-MOA field-click adjustments; Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process; One inch Maintube; 100% Waterproof and Fogproof.
Leupold Mark AR® MOD 1 Rifle Scope
$299.99 - $549.99
The Mark AR® MOD 1 is proof you don't need to spend a fortune to turn a basic AR into a badass. We designed this series to squeeze every last bit of performance possible from your AR, MSR, or bolt-action rifle, so you can be on the front line of performance. FEATURES: Multicoat 4; 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton Waterproofing; FireDot Illumination; MARK AR® MOD 1 P5 Dial.
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