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Tripods & Window Mounts

Bushnell Car Window Mount
The traveling birder's secret. You'll see these mounts holding spotting scopes on car windows from Puget Sound to the Everglades.
Leupold Window Mount
For rock-steady viewing from your vehicle, use the window mount with nearly any spotting scope. Includes a detachable mounting plate that's interchangeable with Leupold® tripods, so you can make a quick switch from vehicle to field viewing.
Weaver Window Mount For Spotting Scope
With this handy mount, you can conveniently scout for wildlife from a vehicle using a spotting scope, camera or binoculars. It's made from aircraft-grade aluminum and other durable materials, and is also coated with tough, black matte finish. Its padded mounting paddles protect window glass from marring, and a standard, locking, threaded post screw attaches securely to the optics. Its squeeze handle pans smoothly for viewing all directions. Not limited to car windows, this mount attaches to other flat, vertical surfaces such as a hunting blind wall. Its standard mounting screw is also compatible with various commercial tri-pods.
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