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Personal defense products

CAA Lady Jean Pepper Gun
The Lady Jean pepper spray gun provides a reliable, effective and reloadable self-defense solution. It features a tilted barrel and conical spray pattern, so when used, the pepper is sprayed over a wide area, toward the upper part of the body, making it hard to miss. Lady Jean provides up to 5 one second bursts of spray, with an effective range of up to 8.5 feet. Practice makes perfect, so the Lady Jean package includes an inert training canister, so you can train at home and be prepared. Sleek and elegant, the Lady Jean Pepper Spray Gun is non-lethal, and available in black, blue or pink.
CRKT Tactical Pen
The tactical pen is a high-tech writing instrument that can be used as a self-defense enforcer if need be. Made from precision-machined aluminum and hard-coat color anodized, they offer long lasting durability and toughness. Available in non-reflective tactical black finish. With some basic instruction or knowledge, one can readily use the pens against an assailant or attacker to inflict notice, pain or injury. And, they're just plain great writing instruments as well.
Counter Assault Pepper Blitz
$5.49 - $8.59
Approx. 6 one second shots. Projects a dense stream 6-8 feet. Includes Quick Release Key Chain. Net Contents 11grams.
Counter Assault Pdf-2 Personal Defense Sprays
8-10 foot cone-shaped FOGGER. Continuous spray of 2-3 seconds. Can measures 4.125" x 1.375". 1.4 ounces net content. 1.75 ounces total weight with JOGGER FOGGER holster. Designed for easy portability when jogging, bicycling or participating in other activities.
Counter Assault Sd-2 Personal Defense Sprays
Dense liquid STREAM fires up to 15 feet. Contains approx. 25 short bursts of 1/2 to 1 second in duration. 1.4 oz net content (40g). Includes Jogger style holster.
Counter Assault Police Jogger
3/4 ounce Stream Hard Case w/Pocket Clip and Jogger Holster. 8-10 short bursts. Sprays a dense stream 10-14 feet. Police Model MK6 Stream Hard Case with Pocket Clip. Jogger Holster. 15g 3/4 oz. 10-14 Feet.
Counter Assault Pdf-4 Personal Defense Sprays
10-12 foot cone-shaped FOGGER. Continuous spray of 4-5 seconds. Can measures 5.875" x 1.5". 3 ounces net content. 4 ounces total weight. Twice the volume of PDF-2.
Counter Assault Bear Keg
$22.99 - $59.99
Counter Assault's Bear Keg, bear resistance food container is made of an extremely durable and highly visible proprietary polymer blend to safely store 6-8 days worth of food. The Model BK-914 is approximately 3.5 lbs. and has 716 cubic inches (about 3 gallons) of volume. The lid is secured with three latches that can be easily opened/closed with a coin or key.
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Counter Assault was produced from a research study at the University of Montana that included bear biologists and then was extensively field tested by bear management specialists. During the development stages, Counter Assault carefully listened to wildlife management specialists, outfitters and individuals that were involved in bear encounters. During the original testing, guidelines were established based on their experience with black and grizzly bears. Counter Assault's performance specifications were also based on spraying extremely agitated bears that were removed from our parks and forests for being too aggressive. Counter Assault has continued to monitor the suggestions and recommendations from bear experts who work for our state and federal agencies and have reaffirmed these recommendations over the past 18 years.
Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
$36.95 - $84.95
Contains 2% Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids, the maximum allowed by law. Works on all bear species to deter bears from attacking humans. Great for Backpacking and Hiking. Counter Assault Bear Spray's NEW innovative formula produces the optimal combination of spray time and spray distance. Deploys a high volume, powerful, atomized blast of highly concentrated pepper spray to deter a bear attack. Registered with the EPA, and meets the requirements of the EPA Significant new Alternative Policy (SNAP) of the Clean Air Act relating to ozone depleting substances.
Counter Assault Pentagon Eletric Fence
8000 Volts 0.12 Joules output energy Stored Energy 0.16 Joules. Mesh Poly Wire Fencing. 30-40 Days Continual Operation. Easy Setup and Take Down. 53 Feet Orange Mesh Fence.
Mace Key Case 10% Pepper Spray/UV Dye
Attractive hard key case model fits easily in pocket or purse. Features glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap and keyring. 11 gram stream unit sprays up to 10 feet. Contains 5, one second bursts.
Mace Keyguard Pepper Spray
Mace KeyGuard Hard Case models are tough and feature a flip-top safety cap trigger that is quickly locked and unlocked with a simple thumb turn. Additionally, the molded hard case with built-in belt clip makes it easy to safely wear and carry in a pocket, purse, or backpack.
Mace Hot Pink Pocket & Purse Models
$9.99 - $11.99
Pink just got hotter with Hot Pink Mace Defense Spray! The 10% pepper spray formula is one of our hottest (1.4% capsaicinoids concentration.) These pepper sprays contain oleo resin capsicum - a naturally occurring substance derived from cayenne peppers. The OC pepper formula creates an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat, and causes an attacker's eyes to slam shut upon direct contact. Hot Pink Mace Defense Spray also contains an invisible UV dye, which marks the assailant and may aid in identification. Pocket models also available in orange.
Mace 10% Peppergard®
Superior formula of high-grade OC Pepper used by police. Offers powerful protection against attackers. OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut, uncontrollable coughing and choking and a painful burning sensation. Personal model features MSI's flip-top safety cap and finger-grip dispenser plus keychain. Leather Plus model features a leather-like case and keychain.
Mace Muzzle Canine Repellent
Safe, humane and effective canine repellent provides protection against aggressive dogs. Ideal for joggers, cyclists and walkers. Features flip-top safety cap and finger-grip dispenser, keychain and belt clip.
Mace Triple Action Personal Model
$10.99 - $11.99
Combines premium quality OC Pepper with CN Tear gas along with a UV marking dye. UV dye marks assailant and can aid in identification. Personal model features safety flip-top, finger grip and keychain. Leather Plus model features leather-like case and keychain.
Mace Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray
Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray is our newest defense spray model. The maximum strength pepper spray formula contains 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration. The personal model features a flip-top safety cap that prevents accidental discharge and the finger grip dispenser helps with accurate aim. Contains 10 short bursts with an effective range of 10 to 12 feet.
Mace Keyguard®
Approximately 3" long, the compact design makes it convenient to carry - perfect for on the go. It includes a key ring that can be easily attached to your house, office or car keys! This model also features a hinged safety cap that flips open to reveal the actuator button, and an orientation tab that allows you to feel when the unit is properly aimed.
Mace Police Model
The Mace 10% PepperGard Police is the same size model used by law enforcement personnel. Ideal for auto or home use. Velcro attachment included. Features flip-top safety cap, fingergrip dispenser, belt clip and keychain. 18 gram stream unit sprays 8-12 feet. Keychain included. Contains 10, one second bursts. Oleoresin Capsicum or OC Pepper is a naturally occurring substance derived from hot peppers. OC Pepper formula is intended to cause an attacker's eyes to slam shut upon direct contact. Also causes an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat.
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The alarm is activated by depressing the button on the front of the alarm, but a different button on the back of the unit is the only way to deactivate and silence the alarm. In situations where seconds make a difference between life and death - the ease of activation combined with the hidden off button make this alarm an easy to use, and hard to defeat personal alarm. (3) x 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.
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Designed to be placed in the outer pockets of a purse or backpack, this 130dB personal alarm can also be hand carried by joggers. The alarm is activated by simply pulling the pin, which deters attackers or intruders but also functions to draw attention to you if you need medical attention or help. Use of a personal alarm switches the element of surprise from the attacker to the potential victim. It also includes a miniature LED light, activated by a separate on/off button, for a quick and small illumination of a walking path, car door lock, or other low light situations. (2) x 1.5V AAA batteries are included.
Mace Jogger Model
Now Pepper Mace comes in a convenient "Jogger Model," designed with a velcro-like strap to fit snugly around hand. Great for runners and walkers. 18 gram stream unit contains 10, one second burst. Sprays 8-12 feet.
Mace Peppergel Spray
$13.99 - $14.99
A Patent Pending formulation which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream. This Gel formulation results in several advantages, longer distance, stronger pepper, sticks like glue, less contaminating, and non-flammable. Ideal for auto, personal (walking, running, etc.), or home use.
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