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Ice fishing rod holders

Berkley Bucket Ice Rod Holder
Berkley Classics Ice Rod Holders are a no hands solution to keeping your rod in place when on the ice. Powder-Coated Steel. Convenient Size Fits MOST Ice Rods.
COLD SNAP Ice Shack Clamp On Rod Holder
Expedition CSRHR Ice Shack Clamp-On, Expedition Outdoors instills every encounter to be enhanced with engineered designs, tested materials and lifetime finished products with a goal of performance outcomes.
Catch Cover Ice Combo Rack
Use a Catch Cover Ice Rod Rack to protect your gear and help keep your fish house uncluttered. It securely holds up to 6 ice fishing rod and reel combos without the need for extra straps or foam. Simply set the handle into place and glide your rod into the T-lock channel. Mounts easily on the wall or roof of your ice palace.
Clam Can Bait Holder
Screw top lid. Perfect compact bait container.Fits in most pockets.Great for any type of bait or for general storage of smaller ice fishing gear.
Clam Rod Rocker Rod Holder
The Clam Rod Locker is easy to use, but effective. Simply position Rod Rocker against wall and insert an Ice Rod (so that the rod tip is directly above the hole) and lightly screw it to the Permanent Ice House wall. Now place your rod into the Rod Rocker, set the depth and sit back and fish with your other Rod etc. When a fish bites, the Rod Rocker will pivot, your rod tip will dip downward, pick your rod out of the Rod Rocker and set the hook. It will detect even the slightest
Clam Single Mountable Rod Holder
Weight: 5 pounds. Strong polypropylene and steel construction.Works great on a bucket, or remove the bucket bracket and affix directly to your shelter base.Either lock the reel in a center oriented position or flip the holder over to have the reel be able to spin 180 degrees.
Clam Multi Position 4 Rod Holder
Dims: 16.5"Lx 5"H x 2.75"D.Weight: 1.5 lbs. Strong polypropylene construction. Either lock the reel in a center oriented position or flip the holder over to have the reels be able to spin 180¼. Riveted pieces allow you to store the rod/reel combos vertical or at an angle.
Croxton Ranger 2 Combo Bag
This pack is engineered with a rigid tube for the ultimate in protection and can hold two ice combos. Two outside pockets provide plenty of room for tackle and all your accessories. A shoulder strap makes easy carrying. Measures 37" x 9½" x 7½".
Croxton Combo Bag
Give your gear extra protection with our original two combo case. It's made of semi-rigid plastic and is outfitted with an exterior pocket and shoulder strap for easy carrying. Measures 36" x 6½" x 4½".
Croxton Trek 4 Combo Bag
Carry and organize up to four rod and reel combos plus accessories in this two-pocket bag. The main pocket is equipped with Velcro® straps to keep your gear organized. Comes with a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. Measures 34" x 8" x 5½".
Croxton Explorer Combo Bag
Carry six ice combos, tip-ups, tackle and more in our mid-level three compartment pack. An exterior nylon mesh pocket keeps essentials at your fingertips. Comes equipped with a carrying handle and two pack straps. Measures 34" x 8" x 8½".
Double H 45 Degree Rod Holder
Add the 45 Degree Rod Holder to your ice fishing bucket for a convenient jig pole holder. Clips to inside or outside of bucket for versatility. Small, but innovative notches on the 45 Degree Rod Holder also allow mounting to portable ice shack frames if jigging is more your fort!
Double H Beverage Holder
The Beverage Holder will clip on the inside or outside lip of your bucket for convenient storage of your refreshments. You may find it quite useful with all those fish you will be reeling in...
Double H Universal Rod Holder
The Universal Rod Holder is aptly named due to its many uses clip onto the edge of any bucket, or snap into one of the many available slots on the Tip Up Locker? for storage of your ice fishing rods. Or, mount to any portable ice shack frame to hold your extra poles!
Double H Portable Shelter Rod Holder
Portable Shelter Rod Holder to be used with portable ice shelters.
Double H Tip Down Rod Holder
As an alternative to bulky, expensive options, the Double H Outdoors Tip-Down Bucket Holder simply clips onto a bucket handle for ultrasensitive tip-down fishing. Three mounting positions offer perfect balance for nearly all ice-fishing rod combos.
Eagle Claw Rod Holder
An ice rod holder made to sit on the ice with the rod at a 45 degree angle for easy rod pickup. The rod holder sits 7.5" high and comes in Eagle Claw red.
Eagle Claw Bucket Rod Holder
A bucket rod holder that works on buckets up to five gallons. This rod holder is 7" long and comes in Eagle Claw red.
Eagle Claw Wire Rod Holder
Attaches to rod tip or flag stem. Blinks green for night visibility, flashes red on strikes.
Eagle Claw Pig-Tail Folding Rod Holder
Attaches to rod tip or flag stem. Blinks green for night visibility, flashes red on strikes.
Eagle Claw Adjustable Bucket Rod Holder
Bucket Rod Holder, coated to avoid corrosion and easy handling. Easy to use.
HT Lock-On Rod Stand
Wire form. Foam protects rod handle or blank from wire form. Clips to any size rod handle or blank.
HT Wire Rod Holder
$1.69 - $2.79
Great for holding that second jig rod securely, yet the rod is still easily accessible when a fish strikes. Neon orange.
HT Coiled Rod Holder
Specially design to easily unfold for quick set-up. Holds all types of rod/reel combos. Collapses to easily fit into any fishing bucket.
HT Pail Wire Rod Holder
Holds second jig rod securely, yet the rod is easily accessible when fish strikes. This holder attaches to the rim of almost any kind of pail. Made of the same quality material as the regular wire rod holder.
HT Little Jigger Rod Stand
Keep your ice combo secured off the ice with the HT Enterprises Little Jigger Rod Holder. Not only does the Little Jigger act as a rod holder, but its unique design keeps your set-up slush-free for optimal performance. Plus the Little Jigger Rod Holder is lightweight and collapses for convenient storage and easy transport.
HT Power Ice Rod Holder
10" Screw Down
HT Bucket Master Storage Organizer
Organizes your bucket, Keeps your rods tangle free, Easily clips on your bucket, Foam pad helps protect and secure
HT Icemaster Folding Rod Holder
The Ice Master Folding Rod Holder conveniently folds to fit easily into a pail yet sturdy enough to hold any ice rod combo.
HT Lift N' Hook Rod Holder
Folds for easy portability & storage. Lightweight & Stron. When fish strikes, grab you rod and set the hook.
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