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Ice Skimmers

Berkley Ice Hole Plastic Scoop
Is Flex Nylon construction with Aluminum Shaft with an Easy Storage Hook Hanger
Berkley Ice Hole Scoop With Chisel
A necessity for Ice anglers. The metal version is a premium ice scoop with 15" ruler and Ice chisel. Features:- Flex Nylon construction with Aluminum Shaft with an Easy Storage Hook Hanger- Solid Steel Construction includes Ice Chisel with an Engraved 15in fish ruler.
Clam Short Handle Skimmer
Constructed with the essential features necessary to ice fishing, the Super Skimmer Ice Skimmer is a tool that anglers pull out again and again. It is made from durable polyethylene plastic with an aluminum rod in the handle for added toughness. In addition, the handle is equipped with measuring tape for checking ice thickness and catch size. The Clam? Super Skimmer Short Handle Ice Skimmer has a deep scoop for moving slush.
Clam Long Handle Skimmer
Not just an ice scoop the New Clam Super Skimmer is built tough. Engineered with durable polyethylene plastic and an aluminum rod in the handle. Complete with a measuring tape for checking the ice and measuring that trophy of a lifetime. A deeper scoop compared to most models for cleaning holes quickly and more efficiently.
Deep Freeze Pro Skimmer
The fastest ice skimmer on the market today! Works great in ice shacks, for tip-up fishing, as well as any set-up that includes a lot of hole popping. Made in the USA.
Eagle Claw Ice Skimmers
$2.89 - $31.08
0848-3867 is a 20" metal skimmer. 0848-3868 is the deluxe model that is a chipper & ice skimmer. 0848-3869 is a 13" plastic ice skimmer. 0848-4918 has an aluminum handle with a flexible plastic cup.
Eagle Claw Telescopic Ice Skimmer
36" Long Durable telescopic metal scoop.
Frabill Ice Skimmer
Extremely durable. Polypropylene/reinforced nylon construction. 30" engraved ruler on the handle. Large scoop to remove ice shavings more effectively. Long handle design prevents stress on your back.
HT Poly-Flex Ice Skimmer
$2.99 - $3.99
Plastic cup making it perfect for cold weather. Ice can be squeezed off the plastic flex-cup without breaking or losing shape even in the coldest weather.
HT Metal Skimmer
Economy metal skimmer featuring a 18'' handle with 6'' ladle.
HT Iceman Skimmer
16" ruler on handle. Ice chipper on end~ XLG holes in cup. 22" long handle-5 'Ice off' coated cup.
HT Chip'N Dip Skimmer
Heavy-duty metal handle with a ruler stamped into it. The long lasting riveted construction and durable metal cup make it perfect for fishing in cold weather. The heavy duty welded chipper is ideal for opening old holes or removing skim ice.
HT Telescopic Polar Skimmer
All-around sturdy skimmer. Telescopic feature allows you to skim holes without the need to bend over as far. Collapses for easy storage.
HT 3-In-1 Skimmer
Red hot Tip-up rigs with blood red treble hooks.
Jiffy Chipper-Dipper
$9.89 - $16.99
19'' handle. 4 3/4'' scoop. Durable triple use steel tool-ice chisel, ice chip removal and measuring tool on handle.
Lakco Slush Ice Skimmer
$2.79 - $3.29
Sturdy aluminum handle with soft plastic scoop. Ice is easily removed from this light weight skimmer by flexing the scoop.
Lakco Lifetime Ice Skimmer
Durable heavy duty plated dish with lip for more strength and also more ice capacity. Painted steel handle.
Productive The Little Dipper?
Built to last with a solid ash hockey stick handle and an ultra-tough polymer strainer scoop. The quart-sized strainer/scooper is tough enough to chop light ice. Handle is ruled to measure ice depth and slot fish. Floats.
Productive The Big Dipper?
30" long solid ash hockey stick handle is ruled to measure ice depth and slot fish. The ultra-tough polymer strainer scoop holds 2 quarts and is tough enough to chop light ice. Floats.
No Image
Productive Hockey Stick Big Dipper, 30-Inches. This product is a durable and designed for ice fishing applications. Provided by Productive.
Productive Slush Inhaler
$69.99 - $109.99
Cleans slush from fishing holes easily.
Rapala 34
$13.49 - $27.99
0285-6141: Large fold-in scoop removes the maximum amount of slush with a minimum amount of effort. Just the right length so you can scoop a hole without bending over, 34" handle features 30" ruler. Adjustable wrist lanyard.0285-6140: Designed to remove the maximum amount of slush, the handles extends from 15" to 34", eliminating the need to bend over. Extremely lightweight with a fold-in scoop, this is the choice for ice trolling. Adjustable wrist lanyard.
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