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Misc. ice fishing

Bait Up Baiting Needles
Our baiting needles are manufactured with a moderate taper and an exaggerated oblong eyelet. This lessens damage to baitfish upon threading.
Bait Up Live Bait Container
$20.99 - $24.99
Perfect for the walking and wading angler, the Bait Up? Live Bait Container is a handy sidekick to tote around minnows, leeches and other small bait. Just attach the lanyard to your fishing vest, belt loop or however you'd like to carry it! The ultimate portable bait container!
Beaver Dam No Freeze Grease
Re-lube your tip-ups and get them spinning like they did 25 years ago! One tube of grease will re-lube up to 3 tip-ups. Size: 1.75oz
COLD SNAP Tooth Pick Hook Remover
The slim design and beveled tip of the Toothpick Hook Remover from Expedition Inc. allows you to quickly remove small jigs and hooks from your catch. Ideal for bluegills and other small-mouthed panfish. Round paddle area is easy to hold onto with mittens and gloves. Strong copolymer ABS plastic. Lanyard hole. Length: 5-1/8".
COLD SNAP Toothpick
$4.29 - $8.89
The slim design and beveled tip of the Toothpick Hook Remover from Expedition Inc. allows you to quickly remove small jigs and hooks from your catch. Ideal for bluegills and other small-mouthed panfish. Round paddle area is easy to hold onto with mittens and gloves. Strong copolymer ABS plastic. Lanyard hole.
Catch Cover Lid Bracket Wall Mounted
Turn the Catch Cover lid into a shelf or store lids flush against the wall. Able to hold up to 10-pounds, the Lid Bracket mounts perfectly next to the hole and is a great spot to set your fish finder. Lid not included.
Catch Cover Safety Cover
The Catch Cover Safety Cover keeps kids, phones, keys, and pets out of the ice hole. It simply rests in the Catch Cover ring and prevents things from falling into the open ice hold. The vented design maintains airflow so the hold does not get skim ice on it. It also has a slot that runs to the center of the screen for fishing with a rattle reel or bobber rig. That slot also works great for suspending transducer and underwater camera cables. The Catch Cover Safety Cover can be used with or without Hole Sleeves.
Catch Cover Cup Holder
Securely holds all cans, bottles, and koozies. Also makes a handy minnow container! Includes QuickDisc Wall Mount and is interchangeable with Multi-Flex Rod Holders and Rattlesnake Reels.
Catch Cover Pro Snake Rod Holders
It's flexible! The Catch CoverTM Pro Snake Rod Holder positions your ice rig just right with its multi-flex design. C-clamp mount for portable, fabric fish houses that fits onto round or square tubing up to 1".
Catch Cover Permanent Multi-Flex Rod Holders
The Multi-Flex Rod Holder adds both sensitivity and versatility to your "dead-stick" ice fishing rods. With an ingenious pivoting head design, the Multi-Flex securely cradles the rod, allowing the tip to rotate downward on a strike. The result is immediate bite detection, minimal tension on fish, and higher catch rates. This same pivoting mechanism lets you tap the rod handle to effortlessly impart a continuous jigging motion to your lures. For permanent ice fishing houses. Solid universal wall mounting system. Swivels and adjusts to virtually any position.
Catch Cover Portable Multi-Flex Rod Holders
Catch Cover MF02 Rod Holder Portable Multi-Flex. This product is a durable and designed for ice fishing applications. Provided by Hawkeye.
Catch Cover Sleeves
$23.99 - $44.99
Prevent cold drafts from sneaking up through your ice fishing hole with this Catch CoverĀ® Hole Sleeve. It seals out the cold while sealing in the warmth to keep you warmer, longer. You'll notice the difference! Saves on propane, too. Designed to fit flush with your shelter floor. Easy-to-follow, molded-in 1" trim lines make it easy to cut the sleeve to the perfect height for your fish house. Plus, this Moon Glow model glows in the dark, so it's perfect for night and sight fishing.
Catch Cover s
$24.99 - $26.99
The Square Hole Cover by Catch Cover is most often used to retrofit fish houses with homemade hole covers already in the floor. The rough floor cut-out is 12-3/4? x 12-3/4?. The flange is 1 7/8? tall. Like the Original Round Catch Covers, the Square Hole Cover is injection molded from the proper blend of cold weather materials making it practically indestructible on the ice. The lid snaps into place and won't pop out over the roughest roads, keeping snow and road salt out of your house and all your gear inside the house!
Catch Cover Rattlesnake Multiflex Rattle Reels
Simply screw it into the wall of your fish house, somewhere out of the way but right over the top of your hole and lower the line. The flexible neck holds it steady yet allows you to adjust it all over the place. Comes with a quick-release bracket and easy-crank reel. It rattles like a chinese baby-toy and the best part is that it cranks up one foot of line per turn. Just rig it up with some tip-up line and a 3 foot fluorocarbon leader.
Catch Cover Slush Bucket
Specializes in molding plastic parts for deluxe fish houses. Develop new fish house accessories that make your ice fishing experience more convenient, productive, and fun.
Clam Hang Hook
Velcro Strap for attachment, sold as a two pack.
Clam Rectangle Pocket Lights
$6.69 - $13.99
Great for use in any fish house, as a work light or any situation where added light is needed. Small in size, big in brightness. Both feature 24 L.E.D. bulbs providing efficient bright white light. Small light also had 3 L.E.D. end-light. Magnetic back, Velcro strap and built in hook for attachment. Small uses 3 AAA batteries - not included. Large, uses 3 AA batteries - not included. Small sold individually item # 9035.Small & large together item # 9036.
Clam Rod Rocker 2
Now you can fish and not worry about losing your extra ice fishing rod down the hole or stepping on it! The NEW Clam Rod Rocker II provides just that and then some. Constructed of solid steel with rubber coating on top. Super simple to store, transport and use!
Clam Floating Ice Picks
Compacts lightweight 5" picks feature sturdy handle for optimum grip. 30" Nylon cord connects picks.
Clam Rod & Reel Tape
Includes 10 feet of tape 1" wide Approx. enough for 10 reels No adhesive - self bonding 300% stretch for tight, strong fit UV Resistant Multiple uses
Clam Battery Bracket
One of the challenges of ice fishing is powering all of your electronics. The Clam Power Center helps you do just that with a battery bag that holds a 7, 8, or 9 amp battery, a battery bracket that mounts to the inside of any sled, and a long lasting 8 amp battery.
No Image
Sometimes the little things make all the difference in the world. In some cases, "in" means a more successful day on the ice. Clam has you covered enhancing your presentation with our Bright Blue LED Light to glow jigs. Key chain clip with swivel.
Clam Rod Slick
Protects Rod & Guides. Keeps Line Tangle-Free. Slides Easily On & Off. Keeps Lures from Snagging Fabric. The Rod Slick by Clam Corp is a rod-length sheath designed to cover the rod, line, and lure, keeping one combo safe from another and exposed hooks from snagging exposed fabric. 2 pack.
Clam Pro Tackle Rubber Dipped Hemostats
The hemostats are popular with all anglers and ice fishermen and steelheaders. Anyone who needs to operate on fish and tackle.
Clam Jig Box
Small & compact design. 40 Individual precut jig slots. Sport silicone for waterproof seal. Inner cases with convenient one-touch buttons.
Clam Ice Anchor Kit
Clam Corps Ice Anchors are engineered to keep your portable shelter secured in place. The self tapping, specially tooled spikes drive easily into the ice. Each spike is then hooked to the fish house sled with a quick-release nylon strap. Ice Anchor kits come with two spikes and two nylon straps and mounting hardware. Secures portable shelter in the wind. 2 self-tapping spikes. 2 quick-release nylon straps. Mounting hardware included.
Clam Ice Anchors
Clam Ice Anchors, 3 Pack. Need a few more anchors? Lose one down a hole? Pick up a three pack for additional stability or for backups. Three self-tapping ice anchors. Works with any hub style shelter with tie downs or grommets for securing to ice.
Clam Ice Armor Two Sided Jig Box
Two-sided boxes with clear covers. Small and compact design. 250 Slots in the Medium and 146 Slots in the large.
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