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Power Augers

Eskimo Stingray Auger
The Eskimo® Stingray? has all of the features you need in an ice auger while being easy on the wallet. It is rugged, dependable, and has fast-cutting Quantum? Blades, ideal for re-drilling holes with its unique centering ring. The Stingray's comfortable handles are covered in foam to absorb vibration and its primer button allows for quick response starting. The Stingray is powered by a reliable 33cc Viper® Engine that starts in the coldest of weather. At 28 lbs, the Stingray is Eskimo's lightweight, yet it has the power to drill out an 8 hole quickly and easily.
Eskimo F1 Rocket Auger
$409.99 - $449.99
This thing rips! we took our proven 33cc engine, maximized the peak power and efficiency, and paired it with a new high-speed all-metal transmission. An all-new cast bottom perfectly aligns both blades for even and consistent drilling, resulting in incredibly smooth cutting and breakthrough. Altogether, the F1 with 10 inch Rocket auger bores through the ice at an incredible pace. We streamlined this auger to be as lightweight as possible, weighing in at a mere 24 lbs while remaining highly durable and reliable.
Eskimo Mako Auger
The Mako? power ice auger runs on a high-performance, 43cc Viper® engine and offers you easy operation with a fingertip throttle control and foam-grip handlebars. It's set-up with a primer button for quick starting and also includes a see-through gas tank for easy fuel level detection. In addition, it features Quantum? Blades and a precision transmission to ensure your ice auger performs every ice fishing season.
Eskimo Shark Auger
The Shark? Z71 is the most powerful ice auger in the world. It features a 71cc Viper® two-cycle engine specially designed for Eskimo ice augers. With high torque and RPM, you'll have a Viper engine that overpowers the competition but remains easy to start and operate. From top to bottom, the Shark Z71 has the strength you need on the ice.
Jiffy Model 30 XT Auger Assembly
$419.99 - $439.99
Engine - Jiffy 3500 Series - The Ultimate in Power and Torque. HTT (High Torque Transmission) - Jiffy's proven heavy-duty clutch and optimum gear ratio, transfer more energy for additional torque. Enlarged Power Point - Grabs the ice for a positive guide to smooth, easy cutting. See-through Furl Tank. One Year Warranty. Ideal for initial drilling and redrilling of ice holes. Available in 8", 9" and 10" drill assemblies.
Jiffy Gasoline Commercial Grade 4-Stroke Engine
$559.99 - $569.99
E-Z Start in Cold Weather. Quiet but powerful 4 Stroke Engine. No oil to mix with Gas. HTT Transmission. Stealth STX Cutting Technology. Jiffy STX 1-2-3 Limited Warranty. Available with 8", 9" and 10" STX Drill Assemblies.
Strikemaster Lazer Mag Augers
$139.99 - $229.99
Features twin serrated stainless steel lazer blades, power point center blade tufflite Dupont Zytel® handle. System* LT-296 transmission with heat treated gears. 2.0 H.P. Tecumseh 2 cycle engine air cooled 170 RPM auger rotation at full load 65 ft. lbs. Auger torque 25:1 gear ratio and powder coated paint.
Strikemaster Chipper Lite Power Auger
The StrikeMaster® Chipper Lite, a lightweight, all-around 2-stroke auger easily handles rough ice. This economical unit is designed to make fast work punching new holes or re-opening holes that have frozen over. The super sharp chipper blade tip keeps the unit from jumping around the hole.
Strikemaster Chipper Magnum Power Auger
$479.99 - $509.99
Dependable as daylight, the reliable workhorse. Great for reopening holes. 42cc, 2.5 Horsepower Solo® Powerhead engine. 2-Year Warranty on Solo® Engine. Boron Steel Chipper Blade. AMERICAN MADE TRANSMISSION. 40:1 Transmission/Heat Treated Steel Gears. Features: Polymer Gear Casting. Yields Lightweight power. VANDAR® long filament. High impact handles.
Strikemaster Lazer Pro Solo Engines
$559.99 - $669.99
Fortified by a well developed 54cc, 3-horsepower Solo motor, starts effortlessly and runs perpetually. A 40:1 gear ration converts that energy into a rapid-paced, yet silky-smooth race to the bottom of the hole. Incredibly, power of this proportion weighs in at only 29 pounds.
Strikemaster Strike-Lite Auger
IT's technologically advanced 4-stroke motor purrs power and packs a punch while touting the industry's lowest emission rating. Don't let it's tri-athlete physique and weight fool you though. at 23 lbs., with amazing muscular definition, the Strike-Lite's sturdy Lazer drill drives twin blades like an Olympian. Say hello to the world's first athletic auger. 40-1 Gear Ratio. Polymer gear casting reduces overall weight. Metal lazer drill unit. Twin stainless steel lazer blades. LT-296 Transmission with heat treated gears. Emission certified engine. High impact composite handle compound. 4-Cycle 35cc Robin Engine. 170 RPM Auger rotation as full load. Air cooled. 65 ft. lbs. of auger torque. Environmentally friendly. No mixing fuel, this auger uses unleaded gas only.
Strikemaster Honda Lite
Honda 35cc 4-Stroke OHC Engine. VANDAR Long filament high impact handles. Signature StrikeMaster steel drill with twin serrated stainless steel lazer blades. Polymer gear casting yields lightweight power. Environmentally conscious, emission certification.
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