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Tip Ups & Accessories

Arnold Tip-Up Rigging Kit
Freeze-proof coated wire.
Automatic Fisherman AF27C Package
$46.99 - $84.99
The AF27C unit has a 4bb reel with a fold down handle and winter lube. The unit includes a 27" solid fiberglass Medium light rod with five guides built specifically for smaller fish and the ability to have a nice fight from the fish. The Automatic fisherman base and all the hardware are included. A new product that eliminates the line from freezing in the ice has been added to the system, it is called the Ice Stopper. The solution for the ice stopper product is included, it consists of a 8 oz. bottle of -50ΒΌ solution that goes inside the reservoir and stops the line from freezing in the ice hole. This is a great system for Perch, Crappie, Blue-gills and shallow water Walleye and Northern, because you can adjust the slack of the bobber to match the mood of the fish from day to day.
Beaver Dam Tip-Ups Accessory Hook
Beaver Dam Tip-ups hook holder is added to the base of the flag rod to keep your leader in straight and your hook in a safe place when not in use. Comes as a 3 pack. Height: 3 1/2" Width: 1/2" Weight:0 Lb(s) 2 Oz.
Beaver Dam Wax Tip-Up Line
The tightly braided nylon construction makes the Beaver Dam Wax Tip-Up Line exceptionally strong and manageable while allowing for soft, supple handling. The synthetic wax coating minimizes moisture absorption while reducing abrasion, shock and freeze-up. You won't find a tip-up line with more hooksetting power. 50-yd spool. Made in USA.
Beaver Dam Tip-Up Flag Assembly
$6.19 - $10.49
If you lose or damage your flag on your tip-up no worries, we have the tip-up replacement flags and rod assembly.
Beaver Dam Beaver Grip
Keep your tip-ups and ice rods secure and untangled next time you venture onto the ice with Beaver Dam's Bucket Brackets. When mounted on a bucket rubber straps keep everything secure even when traveling over bumpy trails and ice on your ATV or snowmobile. Mountable in your ice house or garage for tangle-free storage. Per 3.
Beaver Dam Round Tip-Up
10"Beaver Dam round-style tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the ever-increasing demand for better ice fishing equipment. Handmade and assemble, one at a time. It's made in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with pride. Each tip-up is Freezeproof, Windproof, and Foolproof allowing you to enjoy your time on the ice. Actual size 10.25", covers 8"hole.
Beaver Dam Tip-Up
Freeze, wind and fool proof. Large seamless steel tube filled with a special freeze proof formula.
Beaver Dam Tip-Ups
Beaver Dam tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the ever-increasing demand for better ice fishing equipment. The Original Beaver Dam Tip-up is ALL handmade, and assembled, one at a time. It's made in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with pride. Each tip-up is Freezeproof, Windproof, and Foolproof.
Beaver Dam Jolly Rogers Tip-Up
Handmade and assembled one at a time. Freezeproof, windproof, and foolproof. Built to pass the test of time. Built in USA.
Beaver Dam Tip-Up Bag
100% waterproof. Won't mildew or fade. Holds your favorite tip-ups and accessories. Shoulder strap for carrying on and off the ice. Handy storage pocket for pliers, jaw spreaders and tip-up winder. Holds 6 tip-ups.
Berkley Bottom Finders
Packed 100 No Break.
Clam Blue Ice Tip Up
L 18 x W 4.5 x 4.5 14 Flag shaft w/High Vis Green Flag Durable Polypropylene Base. Adjustable Shaft. Dual trip settings. High capacity spool. Higher quality hardware w/wingnut adjustments. Low Temp Lube for smooth operation. Molded in 16 inch ruler.
Clam Blue Ice Pike Tip Up
The Clam Blue Ice Pike Tip-up is the perfect rig for giant toothy critters. The high visibility flag gives anglers that extra edge when watching an entire set of tip ups, that really comes in handy during nasty weather. These quality tip ups fold up neatly to easily fit into a five gallon bucket. Tip up comes pre-spooled with line.
Clam Arctic Warrior Tip Up
Let this tip-up do the work for you by alerting you when there's a fish on the line. The Arctic Warrior tips down when a fish tugs and the flag goes up. Just grab the rod and reel, set the hook and fight the fish. Use as a second line for walleye, northern pike, lake trout and jumbo perch. Rod and reel not included.
Clam Trophy Thermal Tip-Up
Frozen over holes can be common when you are using tip ups. Check out the NEW Trophy Thermal Tip Up from Bigtooth Tackle. Thermal foam liner is completely sealed for durability and comes with a handy tackle compartment that has its own secure spot on the tip up. A bit larger in diameter in size it fits over a 10 inch hole completely insulates and seals the ice hole. Rigid high vis green flag for a maximum visual indicator from a distance.
Clam Lunker Deluxe Wood Tip Up
High quality hardwood with a natural finish, the NEW Lunker Deluxe Wood Tip Up is a great addition for any seasoned tip up hard water angler. Complete with high quality components, it is easy to use, durable & works in the coldest of temps with ease. A long stem shaft with a high-vis green flag will not leaving you guessing when that trophy fish smashes your bait!
No Image
$48.99 - $89.99
Double H Tip Up Locker?
Organize and protect your valuable gear with the Tip Up Locker?! Designed for any 5-6 gallon bucket. Fits up to six tip-ups along with several fishing tools like skimmers, pliers, and minnow nets. Available accessories can be added to the Tip Up Locker for additional storage solutions.
Eagle Claw Tip-Up Line Marker
Line marker tip-up. Ideal for marking your line. Helps maintain depth on tip ups. Can be used as bobbers.
Eagle Claw Parallel Tip-Up With Vertical Adjustment
Wind resistant and freeze proof.
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