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13 Fishing Scamp

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13 Fishing Scamp

The 13 Fishing SCAMP squarebill features an Airfoil Carbon injected bill that is thinner, stronger, and more sensitive than any bill in its category. The tie-down is in direct contact with the bill, so the angler can feel everything the lure encounters. This bill also excels at deflection and produces an erratic hunting action that triggers strikes. The SCAMP's high buoyancy design gives it the high float characteristics of balsa with the durability of injected plastic. High-buoyancy not only enhances deflection and hunting capabilities, but it delivers a fish attracting high rising retreat. The SCAMPS's body is tapered toward the tail hook to prevent the body from blocking solid hook ups.

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    Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
    E-SC15-DG / No 817063029417 E-SC15-DG BRS-5275-0687
    E-SC15-DS / No 817063029318 E-SC15-DS BRS-5275-0688
    E-SC15-ES / No 817063029349 E-SC15-ES BRS-5275-0689
    E-SC15-FS / No 817063029479 E-SC15-FS BRS-5275-0690
    E-SC15-FT / No 817063029523 E-SC15-FT BRS-5275-0691
    E-SC15-G-S / No 817063029547 E-SC15-G-S BRS-5275-0692
    E-SC15-GL / No 812543031072 E-SC15-GL BRS-5275-0693
    E-SC15-GO-S / No 817063029455 E-SC15-GO-S BRS-5275-0694
    E-SC15-GR / No 817063029486 E-SC15-GR BRS-5275-0695
    E-SC15-LF / No 817063029578 E-SC15-LF BRS-5275-0696
    E-SC15-MP / No 817063029400 E-SC15-MP BRS-5275-0697
    E-SC15-NL / No 817063029332 E-SC15-NL BRS-5275-0698
    E-SC15-OC-S / No 817063029448 E-SC15-OC-S BRS-5275-0699
    E-SC15-OG / No 817063029424 E-SC15-OG BRS-5275-0700
    E-SC15-PN / No 817063029493 E-SC15-PN BRS-5275-0701
    E-SC15-R / No 817063029356 E-SC15-R BRS-5275-0702
    E-SC15-S / No 817063029325 E-SC15-S BRS-5275-0703
    E-SC15-TB / No 817063029387 E-SC15-TB BRS-5275-0704
    E-SC25-BR / No 812543031102 E-SC25-BR BRS-5275-0705
    E-SC25-DG / No 817063029707 E-SC25-DG BRS-5275-0706
    E-SC25-DS / No 817063029608 E-SC25-DS BRS-5275-0707
    E-SC25-ES / No 817063029639 E-SC25-ES BRS-5275-0708
    E-SC25-FS / No 817063029769 E-SC25-FS BRS-5275-0709
    E-SC25-FT / No 817063029813 E-SC25-FT BRS-5275-0710
    E-SC25-G-S / No 817063029837 E-SC25-G-S BRS-5275-0711
    E-SC25-GL / No 812543031096 E-SC25-GL BRS-5275-0712
    E-SC25-GO-S / No 817063029745 E-SC25-GO-S BRS-5275-0713
    E-SC25-GR / No 817063029776 E-SC25-GR BRS-5275-0714
    E-SC25-LF / No 817063029868 E-SC25-LF BRS-5275-0715
    E-SC25-MP / No 817063029691 E-SC25-MP BRS-5275-0716
    E-SC25-NL / No 817063029622 E-SC25-NL BRS-5275-0717
    E-SC25-OC-S / No 817063029738 E-SC25-OC-S BRS-5275-0718
    E-SC25-OG / No 817063029714 E-SC25-OG BRS-5275-0719
    E-SC25-PN / No 817063029783 E-SC25-PN BRS-5275-0720
    E-SC25-R / No 817063029646 E-SC25-R BRS-5275-0721
    E-SC25-S / No 817063029615 E-SC25-S BRS-5275-0722
    E-SC25-TB / No 817063029677 E-SC25-TB BRS-5275-0723
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