Aerojig Twitching Death Jig

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Not all twitching skirt jigs are created equal. We powder paint every Death Jig because it can be seen through the skirts. This helps achieve deeper colors not otherwise achieved with plastics alone. The Hawken 4/0 Gamakatsu Beak Point Hook is designed to give you the best chance at landing fish. The scent pad is there for color and absorbing your favorite brand of scent (ProCure). Most importantly the eye-popping colors and patterns of the skirts will ultimately help you catch more fish.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
TDJ12001 / No 831611013284 TDJ12001
TDJ12002 / No 831611013253 TDJ12002
TDJ12003 / No 831611013277 TDJ12003
TDJ12004 / No 831611013475 TDJ12004
TDJ12005 / No 831611013352 TDJ12005
TDJ12006 / No 831611013376 TDJ12006
TDJ12007 / No 831611013390 TDJ12007