Kysek Kittles Outdoor Extreme Cold Cooler

Kysek Kittles Outdoor Extreme Cold Cooler
$250.00 - $649.00
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We sell coolers that work the way you wish they would.
Our goal was to have our partners build The Ultimate Ice Chest cooler. The "Extreme Cold Series" ice chest was born out of necessity and high demand. We wanted a product that would withstand whatever customers could throw at it, hold ice longer, and be easy to use for everyone.
Quality, consistency, and usability is what makes this cooler so desirable. The Extreme Cold Series coolers represent those core values and delivers a cooling power that you'll be proud to own and use for years to come.

Extreme Cold Series Features

Keeps ice for up to 10 Days
Durable rotational molded construction
Efficient thick wall insulation
Dual recessed lock points, SS reinforced
Sonic welded rubber lid gasket
Rope handles
Heavy duty rubber lid latches
Strap guides
Non skid feet
Drain system (3/4? petcock with standard hose connection)
Anchor points
Stainless Steel hinge pin
Built in cutting board lid
Fish Ruler, US & Metric
Unique serial number on cooler
Capacity on side of cooler



The Ultimate Ice Chest

Extreme Cold Coolers sold by Kittle's Outdoor - the ultimate cooler.