Kysek Kysek Outdoor Extreme Rover Soft Sided Bag

Kysek Kysek Outdoor Extreme Rover Soft Sided Bag
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Flip Back Top: allows for easy access to your goods inside.
Extra-Cushioned Strap: adds a layer of comfort making the Rover easier to carry.
Top-side Flex Rope: stretches to secure light gear
Rawhide Skin: high-frequency welded, virtually impenetrable, full-immersion protected…these features combine to not only make the Rover one of the most durable bags on the market, butalso easy to clean.
NyWeb Straps: heavy-duty straps that are designed to last.
Latch Guard Buckles: snap firmly into place to keep contents secure even at maximum capacity.
InternaShield Interior: flexible, lightweight, tough and waterproof. Its UV resistant properties assist in extending ice life.
Holds 32 12 oz. cans or 18 lbs. of ice (alone) and features a 3-Year Limited Warranty