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$37.99 - $54.99
Bismuth Waterfowl is high performance non toxic shot. 24% more dense than steel. Superior wind resistance. Clean Burning. Safe in any choke and won't harm barrels. Bone-Crushing Knock-down Power. 25 rounds per box.
Kent Tealsteel
Hunters facing the unique demands of hunting teal have traditionally had shotshell options that fell short. Kent TealSteelĀ® was born out of the idea of creating a no-compromise, dedicated teal shotshell. Hunters now have a small game shotshell designed specifically for teal. 25 rounds per box.
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Value priced performance, ideal for high volume shooting. 25 rounds per box.
Kent Bicycle Tire
$7.69 - $16.49
Replacement tires.
Kent Fasteel Precision Upland
Steel non-toxic shotshells. Proven choice for upland hunters. 25 rounds per box.
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Top quality components and stringent manufacturing processes ensure tight patterns and consistent performance. Nickel plated heads provide smooth and reliable ejection. Custom blended powders turn clean and minimize felt recoil while providing consistent velocity. 25 rounds per box.
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$16.49 - $26.99
High Performance Base Wad. All Weather Performance. Optimal Velocities for consistent patterns. Precision Plated Steel. Designed to function reliably in semi-automatic firearms. 25 rounds per box.
Kent Fasteel Precision Waterfowl
$12.99 - $26.99
Steel non-toxic shotshells. Proven choice for duck and goose hunters. 25 rounds per box.
Kent Ultimate Turkey Diamond Shot
$7.39 - $9.89
In patterning percentages and velocity, Kent Turkey loads are favored by seasoned shotgunners over equivalent lead loads. 10 rounds per box.
Kent Ultimate Fast Lead Diamond Shot Upland
$14.99 - $20.99
Upland and pheasant shooting is a challenging experience. These loads are designed to perform in just about any situation you or your dog can handle. Shooting experience in Europe, Britain, and the United States were combined with our patented Diamond Shot to satisfy the needs of serious bird hunters. 25 rounds per box.
Kent Child & Adult Universal Collar Style Life Jackets
$44.99 - $49.99
Designed for extended survival in rough waters where rescue may be slow in coming, this life jacket is required on commercial craft. Can turn an unconscious person to a vertical or slightly backward position. Features bright orange fabric with reflectors for high visibility. Attachment loop for safety light. Weight range - CHILD: less than 90 lbs., ADULT: 75lbs. and over.
Kent Type Ii Life Vest
Basic flotation for the boating enthusiast. Designed specifically to provide minimum buoyancy and turn most unconscious wearers face up. Less bulky and more affordable than a Type I offshore life jacket.
Kent Stowage Bag W/4 Type Ii Life Jackets
Keeps your vests in one place and provides convenient storage. Stored in a clear bag for easy viewing. Contains four adult universal sized Type II U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets. Convenient strap for carrying ease.
Kent Latex Bulk Tubing
$34.50 - $84.50
Elasticity- memory is maintained even after repeated stretching. Smoothness-unique dipping process eliminates die lines and seams, allowing smooth I.D. and O.D. surfaces. Sterilization-compatible with steam, ETO or gamma radiation. Translucency and uniformity of color-provides an unobstructed observation of liquid flow line. Gripping power- enables the tubing to grip tenaciously to connectors. Latex sensitivity-all products are extensively leached, washed and chlorinated to minimize protein levels-99.99% protein free.
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